How the Big Boys Play

Again Scott, your reading comprehension is horrible.

NO! he did not reference Nazi Germany (1932-1944), he referenced “EAST Germany (1949-1990)” which was created AFTER WWII by the Russians.

When pmac talks about Stasi, he referring to the Russian backed East German secret police which is much like the Russian KGB.

You are going to be offended, at least know the history of what is being said.

No, they just get expelled from BYU, lose scholarships funding, and branded as being “unworthy”.

Did they sign a contract? If you sign a contract for work and break it, you may be gone too. I signed the contract. Did you? I didn’t break any of it. I saw others who did and they went to another college. If you die through a snitch, you don’t get to go to another world.

As far as the difference between the Nazi’s and the Stalinist Russians is Stalin killed off 30 million and the Nazis 10 million. Snitching on people because they are Jewish and/or poor gypsies isn’t in the same ballpark that letting those in charge of an honor code is being broken, that the student signed a contract, where the student will disciplined or ask to leave the school and study somewhere else.

Now, how the HC is dealt with can be handled differently than just kicking a student out if the student is truly repentant. The Church stopped having Mission Presidents handling moral issues. They stopped that 25-30 years ago. They send them home for the Bishop and local leaders handle the issues.

I just wish the Church would handle some issues at BYU differently.

love this without even reading the article.

from my insider:

Sitake does not enforce the rules on our star players but does on lesser talent on the team…Hill merits discipline equally. take it for what it is.

BYU in the future: From what we saw today, BYU played even with Ok as well as on the road vs. Kansas. We mailed it in on everybody else in the big 12 with exception to the 5 turnover game vs. TTU. Answer: young minds are sooooo impressionable. That will never change. They are too immature.
BYU can beat anyone in the big 12 at home but will struggle in the road. today, tomorrow and forever.