How to Avoid the NIT

Not being satisfied with Sundance?

I think you have some serious self esteem issues, have you sought out some professional help? :laughing:

Ah the snow is always better somewhere else-at least when you are young and ignorant🤔

did you grow up around salt lake?

Well, BYU again looks like an NIT team. Can’t beat St. Mary’s in Provo and losing to a bottom feeder. This is a pattern that keeps repeating itself year after year. I was optimistic after the non conference schedule was completed but BYU has reverted back to old habits. No excuse for losing to a team that was 6-10 regardless of the fact that it was a road game. At least they beat Utah this year.

I don’t think there is a talent issue. I think it is a head issue and I am beginning to wonder about some of the coaching decisions. Dastrup gets 5 minutes and Bryant plays all 40 minutes and Childs plays 39 minutes and his stat line isn’t all that great. Perhaps if Dastrup had gotten even 5 more minutes of Child’s time BYU wins. I noticed Dastrup never took a shot. Was his defense that bad? I didn’t see the game just read the summary and box scores. Maybe somebody who saw it could shed some light on why the bench was hardly used outside of Cannon. Surely you can sit Bryant and Childs for a couple of minutes each half and not have things fall apart.

It looks like Haws is doing an Emery on us. He appears to have regressed from his freshman performance.

No grew up around Boise, went to school at BYU and Utah so skied a lot in Idaho, Utah and Colorado

100% agree. Here is why, as you say, Dastrup can’t get time on the floor but he want’s to be on the floor.

Mis managing rests and minutes for key players such as Yo and Eli.

Good players leaving the program and becoming stars at other programs

And the biggest gripe I have is playing inexperienced players in tight games.

I do think that Haws is being managed better but Haws is taking less shots, just better shots if that makes sense.

sounds like we should have, probably, skied by each other a time or two.

I may be misinterpreting Haws reduced production from last year as a regression. He does handle the ball well and makes some great passes. It just seems like he should be scoring more and his shooting percentage is down in the last few games.

Just following in your footsteps. After all, you are the biggest complainer and conspiracy theorist here :slight_smile:

It’s not the same. There are reasons there is a home court advantage. That missed layup at the end by Hardnett would have been made at the Marriott Center. If there is no difference we would have won.

Are you saying we are peeking too soon? We will see. The conference season is still very young. 6 things have to happen:

  1. Childs has to be more consistent and start making the short hook shots that have been coming up short.
  2. Haws has to start making shots and be consistent.
  3. Nixon has to get healthy fast.
  4. Dastrup has to improve when he gets a chance to be on the floor.
  5. Sejlass has to be the shooter he was again.
  6. Players have to stay in front when defending.

More so this year. Have we peeked? :slight_smile:

Had you have been coaching you would have taken Dastrup out. Defense was poor and he wasn’t contributing on offense. I don’t know what his problem was. He hasn’t looked good since the 1st half of the SM game.
Childs is short on his hook shots. He was unstoppable earlier in the season. But now he’s short on everything but 3’s. He still plays defense well.

Inexperienced players in key times? Who? Bergensen shouldn’t have been in, I agree. But who else?

His shooting is down. But, his defense is better. Eli’s defense wasn’t very good against Pacifica.

That’s a long list and Christmas is over😉

It was great wasn’t It? Even skied the Zugspitze in the military😉 have i got BYU over the zags?

blah blah blah reasons blah blah blah missed layup blah blah blah would have blah blah blah…

You mean like when Haws or Seljaas or Worthington, etc. plays bad and gets taken out of the game? You don’t get it, that is why you agree with the coaching decisions that result in last minute bad losses.

Do you not see the pattern that develops and takes place year after year, regardless of how good or bad BYU looks each season? Listen to Aro and some of the other, more astute posters here and you might learn something. You keep sticking to your tired, old ideas and opinions while BYU continues to underperform, have good players leave the program and make no progress in the wcc.

The main on is Childs. He has to stop coming up short on 3 to 5 foot shots. That alone will win games.

Excellent points as always. This is the same thing we watch every year. It is an old act and honestly, fans should be getting tired of it. No matter what kind of talent or potential BYU has every year, the strategy is the same. Focus on a couple players and run them into the ground with minutes, hoping they can carry the team to victory.

I was hopeful that this team was going to be different… that they were going to be an actual TEAM where everyone would or could contribute to a team win. I should have known better. Rose has focused on Childs and Bryant… so if they can get BYU a win it happens. If they don’t, forget about anyone else contributing. Dastrup and his 5 minutes a game, Haws regressing, that new dude being a flash in the pan, Seljaas floundering, Worthington being himself… it goes on and on.

The result is always the same… 3rd or worse in the wcc.