How to completely kill a message board

…by CougarFan.

So what the heck happened?

Yikes a bunch - I was particularly disappointed with the lack of offensive adjustments. NIU D was excellent and we didn’t have an answer. Frustrating

I thought maybe they had taken down the discussion boards. For about a week and a half when I tried to get on I would get a message that the server was not found. I figured it was a temporary glitch. I tried to contact Cougar Fan using the feedback link and contact us link and got a message that the page didn’t exist. I was beginning to wonder if the forum had been permanently closed and they didn’t care to announce it or respond to questions about it. Today is the first day in a week an a half that the forum has been available and it appears that most people have given up on it as I was about to.

The way the season is going it may be that there isn’t much to talk about anymore other than venting about how things are with this team. This is starting to remind me of the Crowton era. It started with a bang and then fizzled to a whimper. I hope this isn’t a repeat.

I thought based on what Tom Lamiar and others posters said that switching to Zack Wilson as QB would solve all the offensive woes…

I mean it was all Tanner Mangum fault that the offense struggled with him at the QB… It was his fault receivers could not catch the ball, the offensive line could not block, the RB’s could not run…

Well, I am glad it is now proven that Tanner was not the issue.

Yep, Reed, I was referring to the discussion boards being offline for almost two weeks. I tried emailing, too, the emails were just kicked back.

It wasn’t all Mangum’s fault, for sure, and as anemic as the outcome was yesterday, I still like Wilson better than Mangum.

I think the Sitake administration is really taking on water, though. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fired if we lose badly to Utah and Boise St., just from a fan and institutional momentum perspective. As bad as New Mexico St. is, does anyone think we’re going to score 40+ on them and beat them by several touchdowns?

Who would be a good HC hire? Ken N. already turned us down (I wasn’t high on him, anyway), and I’d like to start with someone not associated with this administration at all. Think Detmer would come back as a HC? :smile:

Maybe they need to do what they did with LaVell: elevate a high school coach nobody’s heard of, and let him build a staff.

I think Holmoe needs to go, but again, whom do you replace him with? We are lackluster in all sports, now, except for women’s volleyball, and we’re probably going to choke and not win the title in even that.

I like independence, and don’t want anything to do with the MWC under any terms. Our sports programs are so bad now that a P5 invite is more out of the question than it was before the political/religious reasons for exclusion. With our sports so bad, there’s no way. It is going to take years of consistency and competitiveness to restore respect and the fan base. And Cougar fans were quite fickle, as it was.

Seriously? He absolutely SUCKED as OC… and you want him to run the team? Nope!

What about Bevan? the guy was an OC for the Seattle Seahawks? Did pretty good until he had a falling out with Pete Carroll.

He also happens to be LDS.

That’s your exact logic with Mangum, though. Sure, he was really bad, but it wasn’t all his fault. Plenty of blame to go around. I think, in the end, each of us is a partisan of some sort — some for Grimes and Mangum, and others for Wilson (and thinking that Detmer should have had more than one year).

Yet you lay all of the blame for the offensive ineptitude last year on Detmer, but are willing to share it around when it comes to Grimes, Mangum, etc. And make plentiful excuses and allowances for “your guys.” We sure weren’t very “smash mouth” against Northern Illinois, were we?

We have a lot wrong with us right now, and it is bigger than any one person. And whoever gets put in will have tough sledding for a while, and won’t build Rome overnight.

Well, actually he was an issue. But, with a great defense against the run, our play calling was bad. The freshman showed some inexperience and got penalized as we were going in to score a touchdown. But, the real problem was coaching. F-

I’m not worried. We have 8 starters on the offense that are freshman. This team will be very good next year and after that, great!

I believe the Prophet asked us to take a 10 day break or so from social media. I believe that would be there answer. The only issue I have with that is they forced us to take the break and that’s not free agency :slight_smile:

It would have been nice if they had told us they were taking the board down for 10 days or however many they did. If they were following the admonition of the prophet if would have been more polite to post some kind of message that the server would be down for 10 days and then continued on the appointed date, No other explanation would have been needed. Trying to get on to the site and getting a message that the server can’t be found gave the impression that they may have decided to discontinue the forum without notice.

Agreed. It would be nice if they would apologize to the members of the board

Right on ARO. Today, October 30th my Cougar Fan. com finally came on after like you said, about a week. No answers, it just came on. I posted four times to cougarfan, with NO RESPONSES.

Tanner was part of the issue. He doesn’t have the quickness and hand eye coordination as Wilson. The O line died on us against No. Illinois. I am still for Wilson for QB. Kilani still needs a year or two more to show what he’s got. The coaching staff is OK, the players just need more experience, 10 freshman starters remember.

I have never EVER said it was all on Detmer… What most of the posters on this site failed to understand is that most of the offensive coaches under Detmer had little to no experience coaching a D1 level team. The combination of Detmer not knowing what he was doing (getting out coached most of the time) and the lack of experience by his assistants, and the fact that the talent level at BYU was pretty bad (Look at how many starters this year are Freshman) pretty much killed our season last year.

This year we have close to 100 years of experienced coaches. Unfortunately, we also have to deal with the lack of talent that was recruited under Bronco time. Add to that, a new season that depends on motion and timing, well we all see the results.

Here is a tidbit for you McKay, if Detmer was still here, we would not have had Zach Wilson sign with us. He committed to Boise State. The coaches that switched him was A-Rod and Fesi Sitake.

I think I covered the reasons we are struggling… the talent level is not where it needs to be, unfortunately, I am not sure we can ever get that talent level because of our independent status. the BOT needs to make a decision, do we want a football team, or a missionary tool?

Because BYU football as a missionary tool right now is not working…

It the same ole thing Scott… it is called “Lack of Talent”…

I wondered about the board as well. I was asking, “Why kill a board without warning?”

Concerning the state of the BYU football program: Never have I been so apathetic as I am now. The only think I’m thinking about is the identity of the new coach.

And, in many years past, we’ve cracked the top 10 in all of college football. #1 in 1984. How did we do that with lack of talent? The fact is, we do get the talent and sometimes we even develop that talent. We even develop a real team togetherness talent too. Now, how is that done?