I had a light bulb moment the other day

and I wanted to share it.

I have been watching the happenings in our country over the last several months with a keen interest and curiosity as to what exactly is going on. First, let me state that I think the adversary is very involved with all of it. I think he is involved with the plandemic and how it is evolving and effecting all of us. I think he is very involved with the social unrest and protests, both “peaceful” and violent. I am doing my best to prepare myself and my family for what may be to come in the future. The gospel is our foundation, our testimony is our rock. These will help carry us through whatever lies ahead. Anyhow, enough of the heavy stuff…

My lightbulb came on when I saw how the democratic party is responding to the far left, progressive movement that is hijacking their party and taking over. The response has been non existent… no effort to condemn the violence, the law breaking, the chaos, any of it. So where did the light bulb come on for me?

I thought of Utah fans… the fan base has been hijacked by unruly, classless, poor behaving fans and the larger group stands by and says nothing. No condemnation of behavior, etc. which makes it appear as if they are okay with it. Why? are they afraid, like the dems, to say anything?

Just a thought for the day as sports seasons lie ahead… in whatever fashion the liberal, socialists plan to have them.

Great analogy! They aren’t all Utards :slight_smile:

When you watch Fox News, the commentators bring on to their programs Democrats, and many of them are Blacks, that are opposed to BLM and the far left. But, you never see those same professors and civil rights leaders in CNN or MSNBC. Nor, any other media outlet. Then, Fox
Also has liberal Democrats that come on as contributors that say they are John Kennedy Democrats but rarely condemn the violence or Marxist Progressive movement. John Kennedy could never get the nomination in the Democrat Party today. The media wouldn’t allow it unless he cow towed to the far left like Biden is doing.

So true…

I watch Biden as he has waffled over the years saying whatever he thinks needs to be said in order to keep his job. That is all he does. He has no principles, no moral code he lives by and no integrity. We are headed in the wrong direction and I wonder if we can turn it around or not.

The US is fast becoming like every other place in the world. The ends justify the means, no honesty or integrity, no desire to CTR… It is disheartening to watch it happen.

I’m not going to say Trump has any more morals personally. But he does have a clear reason to be President and that is to uphold the Constitution as the law of the land and foster a direction the Declaration of Independence mapped out. Endowed by our creator for the purpose that we have free will and can pursue liberty, freedom and happiness.

Trump is the first president since Reagan to not be part of the ruling class…

That is why the results of his presidency, in spite of the fact that he has been vilified by the career politicians who have done nothing for this country, will go down in history as him being a president who truly believed in the constitution and the ideals this country were founded on.

I can’t imagine how fast the country will fall if Biden is elected.

We all know Trump wasn’t the most righteous man for most of his life. But, I have to believe he’s done a lot of growing as a person in the past few years where once he became President he was able to focus solely on his job and his wife. And, it shows in the way the country benefited. The poor were able to earn more money and the wealth gap between minorities and women and white men shrunk. And, lots more good things.
Biden has always been a molester and racist and he gets the passes by the media and Democrats.


You hit the mark on everything. The only thing I object to is referring to the far left, and then only mildly, and only because the terms right and left when referring to governing philosophy are a deception because conservatives are often referred to as being on the far right and that is not the case when people on the so called left refer to outspoken conservatives as being on the far right. I use the terms loosely myself because it seems everybody understands them, but it puts many conservatives in the same category as Nazis, Fascists, the KKK etc. The right/left dichotomy is a ridiculous dichotomy when applied to movements like the Tea Party lumping them in with Fascist type movements. In the current left/right.dichotomy Communists are viewed as being on the far left and Nazis etc on the far right. An accurate spectrum puts representative Republics exactly in the middle and there is really no right and left as the terms are commonly used. Republics are in the middle, oligarchies are just to the left, and totalitarian governments to the left of oligarchies, or maybe to the right, it makes no difference. Totalitarians include Communists, Nazis, Fascists, and absolute monarchies. The stated philosophies of the various totalitarians may be different but the results are the same; a loss of individual rights, private property rights, freedom of speech, and religion. Although absolute monarchies are often toppled by other types of totalitarians the totalitarians still maintain absolute control of the masses and the results for the populace are no better than monarchies.

Absolute democracies are to the right (or left) of Republics (that have democratic principles) and were never intended by the founders. Majority rule is the next step to mob rule, which is anarchy, and is on the far right (or left) of the spectrum. Anarchy leads to totalitarianism and that is exactly how totalitarians gain power by fomenting anarchy. Absolute governing power with all power to the state is on the opposite end of the spectrum from anarchy. Anarchy leads to absolute control. You can reverse the left/right spectrum and it doesn’t matter. Republics are still in the middle of the spectrum and so called extreme conservatives who want to preserve the Constitutional Republic, established by the founders, are not extremists. They are only extremists in the sense they want to preserve the culture, traditions, and the form of government established by the founders and they are labeled extremists when they are marginalized by the majority. They want to stop the move away from constitutional principles, individual freedoms, and traditional culture.

Listen to a Democrat talk about our form of government sometime and they always refer to our system as a democracy and rarely mention that we are A Republic. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY!! They really don’t even want a democracy. They want a pure oligarchy at best (which is closer to what we are now than a Republic). Of course totalitarian dictators are often the child of an oligarchy. The statists want power consolidated in the hands of an elite ruling class (an elite ruling class runs an oligarchy) governed by their godless religion which is their progressive political philosophy. They view themselves as the chosen oracles who know what is best for the masses and a lot of these fools really believe that they are enlightened. They want a Green New Deal, a “woke” (what a stupid foolish word) populace, economic equality for all guaranteed by the state, and a populace programmed to think the way they do with no tolerance for individual thought. They talk about defunding the police but that idea will eventually lead to is a police state which is what a lot of them probably want for those of us who are not politically correct enough to meekly stand aside and bow to their nonsense. The dupes who buy into this miss the rich irony somehow. Lenin was alleged tho have said that the masses were useful idiots. It seems nobody has ever been able to find a source tracing the comment to Lenin but it describes pathetic, uninformed, social justice warriors who really do sincerely want equality based on their altruism but they don’t understand the evil behind movements like BLM. The idea of BLM seems innocent, and even virtuous to some, but those behind it have an evil agenda. The real influence behind these movements is to topple our Republic and culture. Those movements are pure evil and Satan is at the foundation of them. If you put God out of your life something has to fill the void because nearly everybody needs some purpose for their existence.

As you stated Jesus Christ is the answer. There would be no need to speak of inequality, racism, sexism, and so forth if the clear majority was grounded in the gospel.

This is really long and I have a lot more I would like to say but I will save it for another time.


I just don’t know how a true patriot and lover of the U.S. can vote for any Democrat. That Party has succumbed to the Marxist/Fascists in their Party. A minority but everyone else are followers and fearful of the angry mob. Anyone who wants to fundamentally change the country hates the country.

Keep on a preachin brother Aro. You bring it every time. And yes, We are NOT A DEMOCRACY. WE ARE A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC.

Sorry are you talking Jazz or U of U?

I will say this. I have been going to BYU/Utah games for 4 decades. Never met anyone like what you said, EVER! Not saying it has not happened, but never seen it personally.

I hear about it, I also have heard and seen what some BYU fans do at games. So I am not sure either side is clean.

As for politics, In my opinion both parties are corrupt and leading down the path to hell as talked about in the BOM.

That is why i have refocused my attention to the scriptures and Conference talks. I think the old adage "follow the prophet"is more important as ever.

Man, I don’t know. One time I was at Utah for BYU / Utah game and a Ute fan dumped beer over my head and BoM. :rofl: :joy: :innocent:

Both parties are light years different.
Republicans: small government, low regulations. Low taxation, patriotism love of country, Love of Constitution and Declaration of Independence, All Lives Matter, pro police and military.

Democrats: Big totalitarian government, high strangulation regulations, high taxation, Hate the country, Destroy all founding documents and founding fathers, only Black Lives Matter, Defund police and military.

There’s a lot more. The two parties are now polar opposites.

Never a BOM, but beer back in the old days was not uncommon… some fans just can not contain their excitement! :open_mouth:

I know people has experienced some bad behavior, but you can not judge an entire group on just the actions of the few…

Back when I was younger, my wife and I would go to the Utah/BYU at Utah. My wife graduated from Utah and of course I cheer for BYU. She would be all decked out in “Red”, Me in Blue. One year our tickets were in the same area as the Crimson club… A “Sea of Red” with one tiny blue dot in the middle.
My wife told them I was her “token cougar”, everyone laughed. Met some really good people there, they shared some hot chocolate with us and had a fun time bantie back and forth… Best thing was the cougars won that day!

There are really good UofU fans (the university) but without exception almost I have found that they are unwilling or afraid to stand up to the horrible fans… I have seen it many times.

That is what I was speaking of.

I believe it was in the 80s when both of you and I were young that BYU football was dominating against Utah. Good old days. I went to for the first time at Utah football first game in 2004 against Texas A&M at utah and I was sitting in the Utah’s student section which was kind of weird to me.
My oldest son was in the Utah marching band that when urban Meyer was the head coach. That was the only game I went to that stadium for the first time. I did saw one Utah student wearing very inappropriate T-Shirt that was written on his shirt that showed A large flipping bird to with BYU in the middle of it and it didn’t make any sense because it was end of August not a rivalry game Some weird people.
I was planning to go to a game this September 3 but decided not to go because C19 But it didn’t matter anyway because it was canceled for the game. My youngest son going to the U and we were going to that game but not this year.

I try to stay from the student section for both Utah and BYU for that exact reason… the normal fans are great and contrary to what JCoug said, they do stand up to the students when they misbehavior. I should mention that this is second hand from my friends who are long time ticket holders for Utah.

I was coming out of a game at BYU probably somewhere 1985-1990 time frame with my two sons. My 12 yr old son tripped into a BYU student. The student started swearing at him, calling him names and threatened to kick the S*** out of him. That was until I walked up to him all 6-1, 285 lbs of me and said “If you touch my son, you will experience pain, real pain that you have never experienced before in your life, So my advice is keep walking!” The dumb kid ran off…

That experienced showed me students no matter where can misbehave.

You can condemn the silent majority when they do nothing to stop the small mob. Democrats are allowing the mob to make all the decisions and we see the leaders cave to them. There is nothing moderate about what the entire Democrat Party is doing. If they were they would be clamping down in the mob.

And that translates to what is going on in the Democrat Party.

BYU student said that to your son? I wonder if HC kick him out of school.

Strike Three! You are out of here!
Good thing for you he ran. You would have had to back it up!
Was you 12 year old 6 feet yet? Maybe the BYU fan thought he was older?