I tested positive for the Rona today

I went to work this morning and decided to get tested to make sure. Had a slight fever last night but it was back to normal this morning. I had a bit of mucus and a mild sore throat too. Also some headache but advil took care of that. So I test and it was positive. I have to stay home for 6 days and can retest then or wait until the 7th of Feb and return if symptom free.

I was going to get a booster today as well but that is not an option at this point.

My brother in Utah tested positive as well, a couple days before I did. He says it is pretty common there right now.

Glad I got the Omicron one (I think anyway) as it seems to be relatively mild symptoms.

Why am I posting this? I was at stake conference Sunday, just curious what others might have had or felt and am bored out of my mind. :joy:

Ya, your a boring guy. Architects usually are. So, I don’t know if I’ve had it or not. Sometimes I have a stuffy nose and think I may but then it goes away. I didn’t go on Sunday. Julie is more fearful of being in large crowds although was with me Saturday night session of SC. We watched on ZOOM.

You should let your doctor know in case he wants to get you an antiviral drug or monoclonal antibodies if available. Especially if you have high blood pressure, Diabetes, big head or still overweight. :disguised_face:

Stay well. I’m getting tired of funerals.

Oh for crying out loud…

Why did I know you would post immediately and well, say nonsensical things…

Ugghhh :roll_eyes:

To keep you from being bored! Just trying to help. I could bring you some cheese balls for Thursdays game!

My mother 94 years old living in assistive living center got the Omicron virus for almost 2 weeks. it was a mild case and she did had her vaccine but not the booster because she refused to get one.

Since pandemic started we only attend church zoom meeting because my wife has a lousy immune in her health She teach Elementary school in Utah not too far from where Floyd live and so far Covid free and she hasn’t been sick very much since the pandemic started. Mask does work to protect her.

Anyway JC just stay home and get better

The booster is found not to stop the spread of Omicron. May or may not help with the symptoms either. It’s more mild than Delta. There’s a new variance of Omicron in Texas. Not known whether it’s even less dangerous or not yet.

The COVID-19 vaccine booster shots from Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna were found to be 90% effective in preventing Americans infected by the omicron variant to end up in the hospital.

Omicron is different than Delta or the original Covid-19 virus. The booster shot (assuming you have the first two) was found to help “Reduce” the effects of the virus on you body, when you catch it.

COVID booster shots can stop severe omicron symptoms, CDC data says - Deseret News

CDC COVID Data Tracker

From what I understand about the Covid-19, is that omicron is not as strong as the previous two. If that happens, then they can move us from Pandemic to Epidemic phase, which will lead us to need to have yearly vaccine shots much like flu.

Sorry to hear that you caught this stupid virus. Hopefully you will have a short time to recover from it.

My favorite “sickness” remedy is plenty of chicken noodle soup and lots and lots and lots of popsicles!

Popsicles makes life so much easier! :open_mouth:

For crying out loud Floyd! I never said anything about hospitalization! The vaccines do not prevent infection from Omicron.
I’d also question the hospitalization because Omicron isn’t nearly as bad as Delta. 90% unvaccinated aren’t going to end up in the hospital either. The reason for the high numbers of hospitalization is because it’s 70 times more contagious than Delta.
The vaccine nor the masks prevent infection of Omicron. That’s a fact proven by Israel, Great Britian and other countries and now the U.S. Time to end the mandates, masks, shutdowns…You want to stay a shut-in that’s your business and right. Time to stop shaming people unvaccinated and not wearing masks. They don’t prevent a darn thing anymore. You aren’t protecting anyone else with a mask or vaccine. Stop shaming people. That’s a Democrat and liberal thing to do.

No MEDICAL PERSON EVER said you would not catch Omicron if you got vaccinated!
They HAVE SAID that if you get the shots, the affects of the virus would be greatly reduced!

What you are spewing is conspiracy theories that has nothing based on FACTS!

It much like the flu shot, you get the shot, but then you catch the flu… Does that mean the vaccination did not work? **NO!

Why?** because the flu virus caught was not in the group that the vaccine was for.
Added to that, the affects of the flu that you caught are lowered because you have “some” protection from your virus.

I had the vaccine but it was way back in March of last year. I was planning to get the booster the very day that I tested positive… ironic. I am not sure about the mask thing preventing infection… it didn’t seem to do so for me. I wore my mask at school like I should but it didn’t keep me from being infected.

Well, not true. Commodore Fauci has said that the vaccine will prevent transmission. He’s also said that masks don’t work, they work, they don’t work, they work… it’s all political now for those tyranny loving Democrats like Governors, mayors, teacher unions and so on… the CDC has also shifted gears as well. Everything I wrote has been substantiated by other countries and so not conspiracy theories. Enough of shaming the unvaccinated and massless people and making them second class people. Life has risks. People can make up their own minds whether to go outside or live in fear and tyranny.

Stop lying Scott…

His actual words were:
“Currently, we do not have enough data to be able to say with confidence that the vaccines can prevent transmission. So even if vaccinated, you may still be able to spread the virus to vulnerable people.”

Remember to have some popsicles… They cure all types of illnesses… :open_mouth:

When my kids were sick when they were little, we gave them popsicles to help put fluids into their system. The Kids even 25 yrs later when they get sick buy popsicles to help them “feel better”.

WOW! What an abusive language unbecoming a Saint. Fauci has said many things over two years flip flopping numerous times. Try looking on a site other than CNN or ultra liberal ones. You will find it several times. He’s a tyranny fascist leftist who helped unleash Covid19 on the world by funding gain of function Wuhan even when Obama said it to.

When Hopper “lies”, which I don’t think he does, it doesn’t have the same impact on society as it does when someone like Fauci does. From the beginning I have not believed or trusted one thing Fauci has said. He is a selfish egomaniac whose only interest is in self promotion and being in the spotlight as some kind of expert. I agree with Hopper on the collaboration theory for this plandemic, which doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

He has NO accountability in this life but there will be plenty there in the next one.

Also, the recovery process for me has been strange and unlike anything I have experienced. It is like a roller coaster. For the most part when you get sick with something you sense it might be coming and then you get the various symptoms, which last a day or two or more and then it starts to get better. This has not been like that. I barely knew I had symptoms and only tested to make sure before going to work yesterday. Since the onset of symptomatic feelings I have never been sure… sometimes I get a headache and it passes, sometimes I get muscle aches and then it passes, then it’s a dry sore throat and it passes. The time of each of those is random… it could be a few minutes or an hour. It is so inconsistent and random. At this very moment I feel like I could be at work no problem. I feel fine.

So there you go. I think it is all by design by those who started this thing more than 2 year ago. Science is very advanced. We can do things we never thought possible. To me that is scary for all of us. Those who are in charge of everything are not very good people. Thank goodness we have a prophet, who is a good man.

I read things, and listen to doctors and scientists, on various media who have said isolating to flatten the curve in regards to Omicron is not the thing to do. They imply that people should be out and the faster this thing spreads the better because it will usher in herd immunity and that is far better than vaccinations. They also say it is probably already in the endemic stage and is here to stay and it is a matter of living with it and treating it and it is behaving like most viruses do in that as it mutates it becomes weaker. Some have said the Omicron for most people is no more than a cold. It is true it could be serious for some people but for some people any little illness can be the one that ends their life. I think it is about time to treat this thing like any other illness. It has risks like anything else but it is time to move on. Unfortunately it has been very lucrative for the drug companies, mask makers, and the Democrats. The Democrats seem to not want the thing to end until they can use it to completely control the populace and then they can claim victory. In my opinion Covid gave us Biden and a Democratic majority in the Senate. I think the Democrats view Covid as the gift that will keep on giving. I am not talking about the average Democrat voter. I am talking about many of the office holders at the top levels of their party. Unfortunately most of the media are completely on board so it is a real problem.

In schools in Virginia kids were forced to eat lunch outside in freezing weather over the Covid hysteria. I still occasionally see people here in Texas walking down the street outdoors, with nobody within fifty yards from them wearing masks. I saw a church member at a local pizza buffet who always wears a mask and spouts the Democrat lines about wearing masks and getting vaccinated. I said hello and he said he had recently tested positive for Covid but was feeling a lot better but he wouldn’t be at church Sunday. I guess he thought he could still be too contagious to go to church but ok to be in a restaurant. In his defense nobody was within 6 feet of him :laughing:. I didn’t question him about his logic but I did find it a bit humorous. As long as the statists, and their cheerleaders in the media, can keep people panicked they will do so because it has been paying off for them.

My wife caught it and was feeling lousy for several days but is on the upswing. I am almost sure that I had it before she did. We had both been exposed and started feeling a little ill and we both got tested and the test was negative but we were told the test wasn’t fool proof. My wife ordered the self test in the mail because she continued to feel ill and the self test was positive. I didn’t take it because I have almost no symptoms and I don’t want to shove a q-tip up my nose for nothing. I am 90% sure I had it but I am moving on. It was like a typical cold. I am glad I probably got it when I did rather than 2 years ago when I was way overweight and out of shape. My wife is diabetic and has high blood pressure so she is in that vulnerable group. I am 71 years old and she is 67. We appear to have dodged the bullet on getting one of the earlier more serious variants. We got the first 2 vaccinations last year and frankly took the masks off and moved on.

The 6 foot thing was always a bunch of nonsense as well as the cloth masks. It makes people feel better like they are doing something for themselves and for others. Not…
The vaccines helped protect against getting the virus in the beginning. It also helped when someone got the early virus and protected against the pneumonia like symptoms. But, with Omicron, it does pretty much nothing. Companies are coming up with another booster that is suppose to help with Omicron. But, Omicron is already mutating in Texas.
Israel has been about the most vaccinated and masked country. Yet, they are seeing more getting Omicron than the U.S. So, you are right. it’s time to move on. Hopefully, the therapeutics will get better and protect against the pneumonia people get with this that kills them.

Slow or prevent is a matter of semantics.

Fully vaccinated people may be a “dead end” to COVID-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci says based on research and data, those who are fully vaccinated are very unlikely to spread the virus.

I’m waiting for your apology… :rofl: