In game comments 2019

Should have punted. Too early for that. Gave up 3 points.

We should have kept running the ball. Williams is good.

pick 6-

Here we go again! Too much passing.

they (utah

utah has one of the best run defenses in the country- you sure you want that?


Yes! They don’t look that good. Stupid play calling so far.

Who are those officials? Pac12? No review on Anaie?

pos pac 12 refs

Meh, bad pass and some bad calls. We should be shutting them out. We have to call better plays in the blue zone

Play calling has improved over last season, but not where we need to be. The team is playing well against a quality opponent. They can beat them if Utah turns the ball over or just gets tired.

For the most part they are doing okay.
I question the no call on targeting.
according to the rules if the QB is in the process of sliding he is considered a defenseless player.
Wilson diffinately was in the process. He though he stumbled.

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I agree the plays for the first game are way better than in the past. We are moving the ball. It’s the blue zone where we still make strange calls.

I don’t know who the officials, but they look like they are from the PAC-12, the worst.

That wasn’t a stumble. He hesitated thinking about staying up. That’s why it wasn’t called. And, he didn’t really hit with the helmet except his gut.
That pick six again. And going on 4th down at mid field in first drive. No.

Right on Floyd. It looks like targeting and PAC-12 refs.

Wilson made another foot ball fake and stayed up. He slid earlier and that was a nice slide into 2nd base. Look at the two. No stumble.

Scott, watch the replay… you will notice as he goes to slide, his back foot get caught on the the turf.
Not going to argue about it. I know what I saw and I rewatched on replay.

But like Fish, Jim and others has said, you like to argue for argument sake.

Mistake of youth… but he came b as co on the next series as nd did a nice job

The announcers agreed with me. So, you are arguing with them.

I think the ball was starting to leave his hand as he crossed the line. He didn’t have it.