In game comments against Washington

It’s time to see where we are. My son is at the game.

Defense needs to step up and get more physical with both run and pass. We need to react quicker.

Can’t win if we are going to get 20 penalties. The last holding call was a bad one. The others were too.

Good old PAC-12 officiating. On the second Wash. TD the left lineman was holding on of BYU’s defensive players. NO CALL-PAC 12 refs.

Yep! How about the swing pass Washington did where our defender was knocked down before the pass was caught. Should have been offensive interference. The referee saw it too.

However, we aren’t helping either. Too many mistakes too.

The NO 1 Fox commentator when BYU punts, “the Husky network”, be right back."

That’s proof! However our offense is making too many mistakes

That was the worst half of football so far this year

Our defense is slow reacting today. And our offense is simply not ready for all the holding calls. Also, we just made too many mistakes.

Washington wins in one half. The Y players helped Wash. as much as they could. Going pretty much like I expected. In 3.5 games BYU’s offense reminds me of . . . wait for it . . . the 2017 offense under that notorious unskilled, incompetent, horrible, terrible Ty Detmer. Grimes offense is really potent, NOT!

In the Wisconsin game the offense played well. No penalties. But, tonight, just the opposite. Had we not made all those penalties at bad times it would be a tied game.

You must be kidding. Washington outplayed us in every phase of the game. 35 to 7 was a score that reflected how much Wahsington is a better team that BYU. I do not like it at all but the truth is the truth.

Watch the first quarter again. We score and stay with them they don’t get the 3rd touchdown before the half. But, others here realize that the pac 12 refs suck. They only started calling holding on Washington after they had the 21 point lead. They also missed that offensive pass interference too.

Yeah, I know, lousy refs. They made us lose the game. If it had not been for the refs we would have killed Washington. :rofl:

Bit killed but it would have been a game with 2 touchdowns taken from us. And, we know what momentum does for us as well on defense too. Don’t be so negative! Who thought we would be 3-2 right now?

I didn’t see the game because there was a HP meeting and social for the Stake that I had to be at. I wasn’t anticipating that things would go well. The only reason the Arizona game was close is because of the officiating, same reason the Washington game was not close, because of Pac officials. I don’t have to watch the game because I have seen it so many times before.

It isn’t going to change. Too bad because it ruins the game. Unfortunately the Pac 12 as a whole isn’t very good so it doesn’t matter anyway. I saw Utah lost to Washington State, who had 0 rushing yards and still won the game. That’s terrible…

BYU should be able to beat Utah St. but who knows.

Not negative. Apart from the refs, BYU got the snot beat out of them, period, end of story. Why can’t some folks just acknowledge what is real and what is truth. But no! Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. The cougars were badly beaten in every phase of the game.

Because we beat up Wisconsin. Something else was going on to look so sluggish after the 1st Quarter.
Now, I really want to see either Tanner throw more down field or put Wilson in against Utard State Friday night.

BYU lost because they couldn’t match the speed of Washington and Browning had time for a picnic before his receivers came open. Washington also got it’s share of holding penalties. Don’t regard the ineptness of a post or two. It wasn’t close and the officials didn’t steal the game. Washington is good but not on a level with Alabama or Ohio State