In game comments BYU vs Utah

Can we keep this up for 4 quarters?

Can they keep it up in the second half?

Utah, their fans, their coaching staff… so disappointed with their attitude, their demeanor, everything. What a miserable group of human beings.

This is the main reason why they are down 13-0. BYU could run away with this game if they just stay the course. Utah is so caught up in the emotion they can’t think straight.

Is it really 20-0 at halftime?

I NEVER would have predicted this.

Can we play with the adjustments Utah will make? The usual problem with our football and basketball teams.

And, watch out for the referees when they start calling penalties.

Wow, nice game so far. Zac Wilson is doing great. Hope we continue to push for more yards/points and less first down for them “u”.

Need to cause a couple of turnovers early in the 3rd quarter.

BYU needs to force Utah into some turnovers or long drives and hold to field goals. Also, BYU needs to have some sustained, ball control drives of their own.

Good start to the second half holding Utah and forcing a punt.

That was not what they needed to do. Why throw in that situation?

Come on guys, that was not necessary. They only needed 2 yards.

And now they are playing like the BYU we have known this season.

How to start choking on offense…

This is BYU’s game to win or lose. Utah looks terrible on offense and has done nothing. If BYU doesn’t win this game it is their own fault.

And there is the touchdown. Don’t get lazy BYU, like I said this is their game to win or lose. Utah doesn’t have much to say about it at this point. 27-7

What a catch by Bushman!
More punts from Utah for 10 yards will help too!
We have to keep playing hard. Utah is #17

Okay, the officials are doing everything they can to help Utah. The spots are in Utah’s favor on every play. They are giving them first downs when they aren’t first downs.

Are these Pac 12 officials?

Come on BYU, do your best to fight off the officiating.

Have to get one more score right now

I would like to see a replay on that PI call. I don’t know if that was legit or not. I guess it doesn’t matter now, Utah scored.

Also, what is up with the punting? It has been terrible.

We are giving away the game. All mental mistakes. But, I said the refs would do something. I don’t think that was interference either

Dissapointed in the conservative play calling and too predictable. Get the QB out of the pocket and let him make a play. He has been doing that all game. Let him use his skill set.

Terrible play calling. Get Wilson moving and the runs on second down aren’t working.

We were thinking the same thing

Wow, defense fell asleep on that one and they forgot how to tackle on that run play.

This is ridiculous.

17 is terrible.