In - Game Comments

Bend don’t break. BYU is rushing more than 3. Need more blitzes. Hall needs to run to keep the defense from keying in to Algiers
And, stop the cute plays.

So far BYU is fortunate that Baylor hasn’t made the score 14-0. This nonsensical approach (akin to blaming rain on fumbles) of waiting for Baylor to make a play and then reacting to it instead of aggressively defending by blitzing and moving to the player with the ball is not effective.

We did put some heat on them the first series. Need more of it. Stop the cute plays. Run north and south and Hall has to run.
Defense played well in the red zone.

That was a good drive and score. Hey, if you are a yard out run the ball right at them! Stop with the gadget plays, sometimes football 101 actually works.

Wasn’t it raining on him when Algier scored?

He held on to the ball so I am guessing it was raining but he was ready for the rain this time. :joy:

So what happened with the defense?

Same old thing on defense… no pressure on the QB, let the receiver catch the ball and then go tackle him… or try and tackle him. There have to be some penalties, like holding, but nothing is being called.

Lots of weak tackling too.

BYU defense is being exposed.

Can’t go down the field and not score either. If Hall isn’t going to run, put Romney in if he can play. Better arm I think.
Defense is getting pushed around. Have to pick off those passes when the opportunity arises. Have to score on this drive.

Finally got a stop… it could easily be 28-7 and they were going for another.

Also, what is wrong with our amazing offensive line? they have been really offensive, as in “I’m offended by their play so far.”

Have to score when in there territory. Bad play calls at the wrong times. Make field goals. Why isn’t Hall running? If Romney can play, play him. Stronger arm.

It appears we have receivers that can not only beat their DB’s but can also out muscle them for jump ball throws, which is what Hall has been doing. I’m kind of surprised the running game hasn’t had more success. The line isn’t blocking real well and Allgier isn’t getting to the running lanes when there is space.

Yeah, no rushing yards for the half isn’t going to cut it. 18 for Allgeier (not great), and -18 for Hall (sacks). Yikes.

I was getting score updates and box score info at the car shop. We’re Hall’s two long completions to Nacua in the air, or yards after the catch? Take those two away, and he’s averaging a yard per completion.

In the air. The receivers get open it Hall’s throws are late and short. Should have 17 points too. Oldroyd missed way wide left fro 50.

It wasn’t WAY wide left, he hooked it a little. It wasn’t that far off. I don’t think your TV is working right… either that or you need a new prescription for your glasses. :grin:

None of this matters at this point except that BYU is fortunate to only be down by 10.

We also lined up poorly on the last kickoff and they kicked an onside kick. The kicker recovered it easily. When I saw the line up, I said onside kick and they did. We can’t stop the run and blocking is poor.

Hall not being a threat to run is putting us at a disadvantage too. Let’s hope the offense can get something going to start the second half.

That’s what we need… Hall to be a threat to run.

Finally! Great timing for that too!

Maybe they looked at my post. :joy:

Let me see if I can post something about the defense now…

The defense needs to run to the ball instead of standing there waiting.