Individual Players Progress of the 2018 Women's Basketball Team

Brenna Chase has become a real baller as the season has progressed. She is a real hustler and can score in many ways. She seems to be a combination of Devasherree and the big three on the men’s team. Cassie is herself, a real consistent star and Sara Hamson is becoming a triple threat with her blocking powers, rebounding and scoring.The problem is that the team lacks consistent bench play. It really showed up in the most recent Gonzaga game. Juddie needs to play Liz more as another scoring and defensive threat.But they could get to the championship game in the WCC tournament in Vegas with more consistent bench play.

You do realize Bruce that this post is going to get a minimal number of views and not many replies, right?

If you get 10 views, that will be more than the women’s team gets at their games.

Too bad Jim, the 2018-19 BYU Women’s basketball team is tied for first place at 5-0 in the WCC and 12 and 3 over all. With the three BYU guards and the blocking and rebounding of Sara Hamson BYU might be a surprise champion of the WCC this year. Saturday’s 1/12/19 game vs. St. Mary’s is a big one and of course when we play Gonzaga.

why too bad? I think it’s great that the women’s team is doing well. All I am saying is that nobody cares and it is a sport that loses a lot of money, paid for by the men’s football and basketball teams.

That is all.

Jim: There are some people who care about the BYU Women’s basketball team. I coached girls club basketball and set up a league for girls basketball. I coached all three of my daughters. I know that women’s sports at very few school’s makes money for their school, except schools like the UCONN women’s basketball team and Notre Dame, with its TV largess makes money on just about every sport, both men’s and women’s. At BYU I believe our women’s basketball and volleyball teams have outplayed their counterpart men’s teams for the past few years. Yes, women’s sports are part of Title IX affirmative action. No question about it. It bothers me that BYU has given up on men’s wrestling and gymnastics on the varsity level, due to Title IX.

Well, the BYU women came back and won their tenth in a row. I guess they are not interesting to some people (Jim H and others), but they are all alone in first place so far. They still have to play Gonzaga on the road, but they are up there all alone in first place for now.

I saw the end of the game. I started watching right when Portland hit two free throws to take a 68-60 lead with a little less than 5 minutes to go. I think BYU, after trailing the entire game by about 7 to 10 points, went on a 15-0 run or something and ended up winning the game kind of easily. It was fun to watch but I won’t be checking to see when the next game so I can watch.

Does that make sense?

it makes sense to the eye and mind of the beholder. I generally feel about the men’s basketball team as you may about women’s basketball. I don’t care much, if any about the BYU men’s basketball team, especially with them being in the St.Zaga WCC. Did you read the Provo Herald’s article about the basketball attendance in the WCC? It tells the story to me as well as the lack of coaching for the BYU men’s basketball team. Perhaps Duddie ought to be the men’s head basketball coach.

That is Juddie not Duddie.

A bad weekend for the ladies. Two loses in a row. The LMU loss was on a last minute three pointer. Didn’t either game. Pepperdine waxed the BYU ladies.

It is fun while it lasts but in the end it is still girls’ basketball…

and that isn’t all that fun.

To me the NBA isn’t fun either. I guess we both have different prospectives on the two different games, that is men’s and women’s basketball. I like college basketball, both men’s and women’s. I like women’s basketball because I have coached and followed girl’s basketball with my three daughters and I have followed my oldest daughter in college ball and our three daughters and our eldest granddaughter in high school. Now we follow our eight year old granddaughter in girl’s basketball.Personally I don’t care for the WNBA because it is played in the summer, like a short season baseball schedule. The WNBA is not anywhere near the level of the NBA, which I also detest as a shooter’s only game. I like both men’s and women’s college basketball. But the BYU men’s basketball is not as competitive as it once was.I agree with you that Rose should be retired. He is a good guy but he has had his best coaching days behind him.

It is good that you coach your girls. That is great what you do and I am sure they are glad to have you “father/grandfather.”

I didn’t know WNBA play during the summer. We had Utah Starzz but they didn’t last long here in Utah which I was fine with that. I don’t watch any women’s sports, well sometime women’s gymnastic & figure skating. I did watch one game - Women’s BYU played & beat Gonzaga this year. And now we have a new semi nfl league getting ready for winter/spring football - why do we need that? USFL didn’t last long either.

You see I’m retired and my wife is a teacher and summer time my family do a lot of things outdoors. Pro sports are pretty much over in my life. Sure MLB play during summer but they are so boring sports. Once college football start, MLB is gone in my mind.

Good post Dew. Most of the women pro players play overseas where they get much bigger money. Women’s basketball is more accepted in countries like Russia, in Europe and in Australia. Most WNBA players play overseas and some play in the WNBA in the short summer league. As time passes many teams overseas ask many WNBA players to rest during the season so they can play better and make more money in those overseas teams. I also like international tournament basketball, like in the Olympics, in regional tourneys like in the Pan American games, etc.

Juddie almost blew it today on Sat. 3/2/19 when he took out most of his starters too early. Fortunately he put them back in, i.e. Sarah, Johnson and Gonzales in time to save the win against Santa Clara.

WCC Women’s Tourney: BYU ladies came back from 13 deficit to beat Pepperdine 67-63.
Judddie’s ladies showed their grit in the second half of the WCC Women’s semi-final today on 3/11/19. Paisley Johnson slowed down Pep’s Robinson Bacos in the second half and BYU bounced back to win it 67-63. Tomorrow BYU plays Zaga in the Championship game. Laura Stockton got hurt in the St. Mary’s double OT semi-final and may be out for the championship game. If BYU ladies shows a good game they may be in the WNCAA as an at-large bid, BYU beat Zaga twice this year in the WCC, the only WCC team to beat the Lady Zags in conference this year. Things are looking up for a BYU Ladies WNCAA bid.

But remember what Rose said after the men’s team got blown out by San Diego, “It’s hard to beat the same team 3 times in a season”.

Don’t count on a win.

If the BYU ladies can win again over Gonzaga it is possibly because Laura Stockson and Tennard will not play today because of injuries. We shall see.

Well, whatever the reason is they did it again.

Gonzaga has 4 losses this season and 3 of those were to BYU.

Maybe the men’s program could learn a few things.

Right on Jim H. Our girls are an interesting team.