Interesting bowl season... unfortunately

BYU isn’t involved.

I am watching some of the Navy vs. Virginia game right now and Numiatalolo’s team is dominating Mendenhall’s team. I wonder if the team had either coach whether BYU would have made it to a bowl game this season. Who knows?

What I do know is that Utah won their bowl game easily, Weber State had an excellent season and should have been playing for a FCS title, and Utah State is playing in a bowl game as well. I don’t know what SUU did but what different does that make, they are in Cedar City and that is a shock that they even have a University there. I think that is another school that has benefitted from BYU having way more applicants than they can handle… just like BYU-I, UVU, Dixie, Weber… etc.

Interesting world we live in… tens of thousands of LDS kids wanting to go to a school that reflects their values (monetarily and morally) and not finding it an easy route. Kind of disappointing that BYU didn’t make a bowl game this past season.

Some people on this board think BYU should be a borderline Top 25 team most years. Not me. Between BYU’s Honor Code, religious nature which is very unpopular in the world’s eyes, high academic standards, etc, I think we should be lucky to finish in the Top 25 once every 5 years. Most years, I think we’ll be about 6-6 losing 90% of our games vs P5 teams and usually beating weak teams like San Jose St.

That is unless we start trying something different. I vote we do that such as running a Wing-T or an Option where slow receivers and RB’s can be effective - see Air Force and Navy. I admit it’s kind of like giving up on being a real P5 caliber team, but I think we need a reality check. I’m tired of seeing our offense sputter.

I didn’t see the Navy-VA game as I’ve been at work. But the final score surprised me. Other than BYU-Utah in the recent Las Vegas Bowl, I wonder if there have been any other Bowl Games in college football history with two LDS Head Coaches.

Lol-both Navy and Army win their bowl games which should tell you something. It tells me they revolve their schemes around their talent level. Easy to see.

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56 G5 team Navy blows out #61 P5 team Virginia. Humm.

There is some reward in not having a bowl game.

We’ve always had morals for students to live up to. And, ND as other religious schools have high acedemic standards. Stanford and USC come to mind. Enough of the bashing our religious stance firna reason not makimg the top 25. We’ve done it before and certainly can do it again. The key as I see it is two things:

  1. Staying healthy
  2. Getting deeper at all positions

It says they were better prepared. We knew Bronco would not have them ready :wink:

We have had a good recruiting couple of years now. We just need an OC that can develop the offense that can score 40 points a game again.

Grasshopper - BYU and ND cannot be compared. For one, do you really think ND turns away 5 star recruits due to academic reasons that want to attend ND? Yeah, I don’t either. Does ND have an Honor Code that I’m not aware of? I didn’t think so.

I’m not bashing our religious stance. I’m saying it is a significant factor in our recruiting. Do you not admit that? Did you know that in 2012 17% of Americans said they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon for President. period. ? What about our views on traditional marriage between a man and woman? I suppose you think that doesn’t affect anything in sports, either. Are you living under a rock?

I agree that staying healthy and getting deeper will help. But I think we need to lower our expectations with the current status of BYU football.

Doesn’t sound like you know if the football team members have standards or not. Why don’t you check it out first.
I haven’t taught at St. Bonaventure Catholic High School for 20 years, but back then they had scholastic requirements and honor codes to get in and stay in ND.

You probably should go back under your rock, unless you make these inane responses to stir the pot-doesn’t matter-stir away!:wink::wink::wink::wink:

Next year we average 40 :slight_smile:

There is no comparing the honor code at BYU to ND, that is for certain. But, yes ND does turn away 5 star players who can’t cut the academics there, so that argument is out the window. Honor code is an issue though. If every LDS kid who can play FB at a high level would come to BYU we could be competitive year in and year out. We wouldn’t be playing for national championships every yr but we would be a top 25 team most years.

I will wager your first born child on that one😎but I’m just looking for improvement and competent play calling. A five hundred season and a bowl game would be great with that schedule

I paraphrase big time to make a point:

There was a Master that sent two of his servants out into the world to see what the world was all about.
One was to find out the bad and all the uglyness in the world and report the information back to the Master at the end of the year. The other was to find out all the good and all the beauty in the world and report back the information to the Master at the end of the year.

The year past, and the two servants returned and made their reports to the Master. There were many different issues that the two servants disagreed on but there was one big issue that could not be easily dismissed. It was a very special bush.
The one servant talked on and on and on and on about the ugly bad thorns on the bush that could stratch you, get you infected, cause you much pain and that bush should be destroyed for evermore.

The other servant pleaded, no, no, no, that bush is the most beautiful bush in the world it gives off many different colored flowers, some being white, some being pink, some being yellow and than, there are several differnt shades of the most beautiful reds you have ever seen. It has protected thorns around the stims to keep the animals from destroying the flower.
First comes the beauiful bud to be injoyed and next comes the full blown flower. It is a treasure.

Grasshopper, which servant in this story are you most like/

Craig_Larimer and grasshopper, regarding:

“Does ND have an Honor Code that I’m not aware of? I didn’t think so.”

When the traveler asked the Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother, 7 times? Nay said the Lord, but
70 X 7.

I don’t think that the Lord put as many restrictions on mankind as does our honor code.

I really don’t think that the problem is as much " the honor code" as it is the problem that we use the “honor code”
as an excuse for our inability to attract the 4-5 star players. I think that the main problem for not attracting the 4-5 star players are because they want college football to be the open door that gets then into the NFL. The want the University that is most capable of getting them into the NFL.

The colleges that are most capable of getting an athlete into the NFL are the P5 Conference teams as they are generally considered, true or not, the best teams in college football.

If we want to really attract 4-5 star players, we must pay the money that will hire the coaches that can get us the recruits that will help us be worthy to get into a P5 conference. Utah paid the money to get Urban Myers and you know the story from that point on. We will probably never catch up with that team that use to be our peer, but only we see that as true for today.

Anyone that preaches to us today that it is the honor code that keeps us from be competitive; It is the bias against us because we are Mormons that keep us from being competitive; It is because of our higher standards that keep us from being competitive; or any/all other excuses that we so often here, must really believe that we are all part of the
“Stefford Wives” as portrayed in that movie. Blind obedient follower’s without a mind to question"

The fact is, it is our unwillingness to pay a competitive price for a top notch coach that can get us from Point A to Point B.

The rest would fall into place.

The question cannot be answered because it is in error. The question should read:
“Master Scott, which is best to view this bush as? A beautiful creation or a pain in the A$$ ???


If you undertand the quote below, you will also understand that there was no error.

"I paraphrase big time to make a point: "

But, your point is pointless because you should be asking me :slight_smile:
The thing is, I stuck up for other schools saying they do have honor and expect good grades from their players as we do. So, I’m the one who sees others as good as us. That means I see the bush as beautiful and you see it as a thorny bush :slight_smile:

Dear Grasshopper,

I like the part of your posting that says, " I stuck up for other schools saying they do have honor and expect good grades from their players as we do."

thank you.

BYU needs to play in a conference that fits its needs. The American Athletic Conference or a similiar one to be made up as a new conference is the best fit for BYU. The P-5 game is like the major league vs. Triple AAA teams in baseball. BYU is a top triple A school in sports. Let’s face the truth.

BYU’s standards and the HC and the Family Proclamation are the standards that keep BYU out of any P-5 conference. The world’s standards and those of BYU are 180 degrees opposite of each other. Let’s face it, BYU has all it needs to be in a P-5 conference except for our morality, the LDS Church and HC and the Family Proclamation. Let’s face it, BYU should seek to play in a top G-5 conference like the American Athletic Conference or get into a new league dedicated to the standards that respect and accept what BYU stands for. .