Interesting take of the "Woke" Disney issue

I usually do not do this, but if you get a chance to watch “Outnumbered” on the FoxNews channel from today, I would highly recommend watching the first part of that show.

One of their co-host/talking heads is a woman named Tammy, who happens to be “Gay”.
When the topic of Disney “Wokeness” issue came up, This lady went off for a good two or three minutes.

I have never heard a more articulate and accurate talking points about how absurd the comments made by the Disney Exec’s are and how harmful they are to not only the children, but to the civil rights that the gay community fought for.

She points out that the “Gay” community does not believe or want what these people are espousing. She flat out put these Disney people in their place.

She came up with the “Term of the Day”, when she called these Disney executives "Malignant narcissist"
Which by definition means: "A psychological syndrome comprising an extreme mix of narcissism, antisocial behavior, aggression, and sadism. grandiose, and always ready to raise hostility levels, the malignant narcissist undermines families and organizations in which they are involved, and dehumanizes the people with whom they associate."

I thought her talking points were well said.

There were other great comments from other panelists as well. Tammy Bruce has an AM radio show. She’s a former leftist liberal who was able to leave the Marxist traps. I believe she is still a Democrat. The short of it all is the Democrat politicians are Marxists because they want to take away parent’s rights to decide what schools teach children for the benefit of the Marxist government that has developed in America.

I would agree with your comment except this one…
I would simply say the “Far left” democrats are Marist

I believe there are some good middle of the road Democrats like Joe Marchin who believes that the far left policies are lunacy.

Agreed. Even those on the right like Tammy Bruce. However, they don’t have a lot of control on many issues including this nominee for the Supreme Court that doesn’t know what a woman is.

It would help if you linked the piece that you are referring to. I had to search for it but yes, I agree with you as well. I think everyone needs to be careful about whom we trust and what they are trying to accomplish. There is a lot of evil in the world today and we know it isn’t going to get better.

Follow the prophet, he knows the way.

How much longer will it be?

Yea, I tried to find it, but it had not been posted on-line yet.

Follow the Prophet as long as he:

  1. Does not tell people to wear masks at church
  2. Does not tell people to get vaccinated
  3. Does not tell people that the pandemic was not a conspiracy.
  4. Does not tell people that is is okay to vote for which ever party they choose.

All these things I have heard over the past several years.

Follow the Prophet:
#1) the Prophet said follow the laws in your community and state. He didn’t prophecied that if you don’t wear a mask you’ll die.
#2) See above. He believed it was safe. Turns out more died in 2021 than 2020. He didn’t prophecied you won’t die if you take the vaccine.
#3) I don’t believe he said this pandemic was a conspiracy. Your double negative is confusing.
#4) When has the Prophet said we have to vote for a particular party?

Try again :blush:

I think this says it all directly from the First Presidency:
“We want to do all we can to limit the spread of these viruses. We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population.

“To limit exposure to these viruses, we urge the use of face masks in public meetings whenever social distancing is not possible. "

Uh, Scott, I never said he said it, I was referring to those members of the church that believes Covid-19 is a conspiracy, and were upset when President Neilson did not say it was that way.

I think you can look back at your posts and see where you yourself posted that “No good member of the church can be a democrat”

In fact, in Utah that is what a lot of members believe, and the Prophet and Several members of the 12 have openly said “That is not correct”

Just so we are CRYSTAL CLEAR here, I said, “I HEARD THESE COMMENTS” from other members…

What knuckehead person would be upset if the prophet didn’t say that? It isn’t his calling or responsibility to say something like that… whether he believed it or not.

Having said that, I am confident that it was a conspiracy, regardless of how anyone portrays it. The development of the virus, the way it was released into society, where it came from, etc. I’m surprised so many people DON’T think it was planned. But that is the world we live in. People are clueless sometimes.

I think it was a good idea to get vaccinated. I did myself before church leaders said anything about it. Did it keep me from getting covid? No. Did it keep me from having serious symptoms? I don’t know, maybe. What I do know is the whole thing was blown out of proportion and continues to be. The past two years and the fallout that resulted are evidence and proof. We have devolved and digressed exponentially as a human race. Look around, it is obvious.

Lastly, I don’t know how anyone can affiliate themselves with a political party currently. Politically speaking, it’s a mess. The ruling class is a disaster and have no interest in anything but themselves. How in the world did Biden get elected…

I wonder about Covid19 being a part of the Hunter Biden scheme and Biden was compromised. China didn’t like how Trump was manhandling them. So, they wanted the bought and paid for Joe Biden and helped him by shutting down all the good things Trump was accomplishing. The strange thing was the laptop. Why would Hunter make it possible to be found unless he heard about Fauci and the Wuhan laboratory scheme and had a change in heart. I wonder what is really on that laptop and how Joe Biden is compromised to China and Putin? Had that laptop been published by the media, Trump would have been President.

There are a lot of knuckleheads in the church Jim, some of them posts on this site.

I guess you have to define conspiracy better for me to understand why you feel this way. Like I said before, I have three children in the medical field, one of which in in the research area of medicine that says this virus was “real”.

Having said that, I think there was “A LOT” of confusion about what this virus was and was not, and how to handle it. From the very beginning CDC and WHO were not really allowed to get valid data from China which led to a lot of confusion in of itself. I guess that kind of falls into the “conspiracy” theory you were speaking about.

You add the “Political” aspect of what was going on with this virus (Nothing Trump says about this virus is good information according to the democrats) were even more “disinformation” was being thrown around. Which caused a lot of people to have a lot of fear about what this virus can do. Then you add the crack pot “Conspiracy nuts” into the mix and you have a “perfect storm”.
for the country to go into a tailspin.

I think a lot of Governor and Legislatures overreacted to the virus (like what they did on the West coast) by making all the mandates. Here in Utah Governor Herbert and now Cox was heavily criticized for not locking down the State more. I think our lock down was like 6-8 months. One thing Herbert did that was impressive is that he worked with a lot of business to change to a “take out” type place which kept a lot of people employed and Businesses a float.

So, in short, I think I have some suspicions about “how and why” this virus got started and frankly with China I am not sure we will ever know the truth by actual facts.
I think some Federal Government officials over reacted, while others put politics into place when it should never have come to that.

I have to agree Jim, this just does not go for the Democratic party, but the Republican party as well. There have been so many fractures in both parties that nothing gets done because one of these fragments blocks it what is happening for various reasons. Which causes the gridlock we call Congress.

I think I heard this on this board, but ALL politicians care about three things 1) Power, 2) Money and 3) staying in office.

Notice I never said anything about doing what is best for the country?

Your first paragraph confused me. Saying the virus is real is independent of a supposed conspiracy. Of course it is real. That is something that was intended. Conspiracy has NOTHING to do with whether the virus was/is real or not. Of course it is real. No confusion there. Your comments following that paragraph define exactly what I am talking about. The fact that there was “confusion”, “secrecy”, “fear creation”, etc. and the “country going into a tailspin” was the end goal of the conspiracy. Mission accomplished. Important note here - the ruling class has completely lost it’s concern for humanity. They have no interest in helping others, living a christ like life, caring for the needy and less fortunate. They only care about money and power. That is proven through the history of the world.

This is what the virus was intended to accomplish. Destroy human life, create chaos, etc. It was very well planned to bring death to the marginal sectors of the population, it was sort of a testing sample to see how much could happen. It set a precedent for future virus pandemics. If those who feel empowered enough to do it, it will happen again, perhaps with more dire results. It is not a punishment from God, rather it is the result of decisions by those who have turned away from God, kind of like Putin and his war are currently.

Perilous times for sure, but lots of good in the world. That is where we can and should focus our energies.


  1. Power: Want to get promotions.
  2. Money: Want to earn more money so they get promoted.
  3. Stay in office: Want to keep their jobs.

Sounds like most workers…especially if they are motivated. Sounds like most business owners as well.

Well, the Republican Party is now more inclusive than the Democrat Party. Yet, the Party Platform of the Republican Party is by far better for a free nation.

Political power is a lot more than wanting to get a promotion. They are lawmakers, policy makers, etc. If you don’t think anything they have done has compromised the quality of your life, then your simplistic view of political power meaning they “want to get promotions” is well… pretty off base.

How has Putin’s “promotion” worked out for the people of Ukraine or Biden’s promotion affected the citizens of the US? Different degrees of affect but negative impacts in both examples.

Seems like today private business owners in the social media and mainstream media are the ones in control of all that. Including many other tech and other company CEOs and owners. Climb to the top. Well, anyways, we still have many in Congress that want to do what’s right. Now, if people would stop saying both parties are equally as bad. Just look at the platforms.


That is certainly up for debate. The definition of “what’s right” is a blurry mess anymore. The further people stray away from God, and in our case the prophet and church doctrine, the more the challenge to do what’s right grows.

I agree with this in general. However, like I said, the more people move away from God… I don’t see the platform being that strong in favor of Christ’s teachings… too wimpy and not grounded in truth and principles.

I think if you look at the 15 basic things of the Republican Platform you will see it is there. It’s difficult to follow through on them when the opposite Party to them is in power and there are a couple of wolves in sheepskins. We simply have to do what is right and hold fast to the doctrines of Christ.
Most Republicans in politics are holding fast to what is right especially religious freedom and free speech.

Actually, I have people said it was nothing more than the flu and it was a conspiracy that Trump/China concocted.

But my point about what you mean by conspiracy, think of it this way.
There are things that you, who is a logical thinking might come to a conclusion that it was a conspiracy.
Then you have Scott’s Conspiracy theories… See the difference? LOL

Sorry Scott, just busting your chops here.

The GOP politicians are also into up and down garbage. I think the Repubs need a good right wing woman Presidential candidate like the former UN Rep.

Disney has been going downhill for years and now they are descending into the depths of depravity. They are completely off the rails and I hope decent people withdraw their support and they are forced to pull way back or suffer severe economic consequences. They are all in with the LBGTQ cult and in an effort to please them they have abandoned those with traditional family values. The traditional nuclear family is who Disney catered to for decades

Walt must be turning over in his grave. I wonder if Mickey Mouse will now become a trans cartoon character with a preferred pro-nouns.

The whole trans revolution is one of the most insidious movements that has ever been concocted to destroy the family and transform our culture. It is almost entirely based on lies.

A very very small percentage of people suffer from gender dysphoria. It is treatable through counseling and like nearly every other illness could be healed through the atonement. Another very very small percentage are what we call hermaphrodite and even those are predominantly male or female. The rest of those who are questioning their gender are being confused by those with an evil agenda.

The problem is that those who control education and media are overwhelmingly on board with the big trans lies and we have allowed it to happen. Now there is a lot of pushback from decent people but a monster has been created backed by corrupt politicians, billions of dollars, and the voices of those who largely control information.

When the president of the US says he has the backs of trans people in reaction to the media lies told about the Florida education bill we have a huge problem. When the Utah governor talks about his preferred pronoun in a conversation with school children we have a huge problem. He actually did this while
masked up on camera talking to Utah school kids.