Iowa State Predictions

ISU does not allow sacks. fewer than 1 sack per game in over 30 dropbacks per game. Considering BYU has no pass rush, this is a big deal. Their QB is good and should have plenty of time to throw.
ISU has a balanced offense. They use 3 primary backs who together average 4.5ypg. BYU has a terrible run D and ISU should be able to get what they want on the ground, maybe around 150 yards.
QB is accurate at 62% with 1 big play WR (Higgins), 1 solid possession WR (Noel), and 2 good TEs.
ISU has had 6 strong offensive games in a row.
Not a great offense, but a solid offense.


ISU 31-BYU 14

The one thing that gives me hope is that it is a home night game. BYU has a great record in those games. That is about it.

Staying with pre-season prediction of a BYU win. I talked myself into that BYU will step up after a humiliating loss. Offensive line FINALLY shows heart and muscle.
BYU 37 ISU 23

I don’t want to be too dire about this season but I will be super surprised if BYU scores more than 14 points in any remaining game this season. They will get hammered by ISU by 30. This is the kind of season it will take to get a new OL and OC on the staff. Sitake will be the next coach on the chopping block. The recruiting has been bad, the coaches are out coached, the excuses are numerous, the depth and football IQ is poor in the staff and players and I think we may be in for a long 2 years and probably will have to get a new HC to turn things around. Or Sitake is going to have to be the mouth piece only in the program and get out of the way of a new high quality OC. Sitake is a bad play caller and a horrible trick play addict!!

We haven’t done any trick plays for several games. And he’s not making the play calling on offense.

Holmoe has to be getting heat too. So everyone is going to get pressure to perform better. It rolls downhill

But THawk, what are you worried about? After last game didn’t Kalani say, “we just need to go back and watch the film. It’s on me and We need to improve in all 3 phases and we will get it done”? Oh wait….he says that after every game and literally nothing changes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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two thoughts:
We know that QB Retzlaff will be the starter. He could be the X factor as he will have a week to dissect his 1st game an improve. I’m being positive here because this is our last chance to be bowl eligible. The realist in me is saying ISU is gonna slap us around.

A little bird insider said to me, Tweet Tweet, Sitake out, Hill in. I think we see a mix up in the O side of things and maybe a year later this happens but that is what the bird said to me

BYU 24. IOWA State 21

just wondering out loud. Just how many people had the cougars in their prayers this week? ahahahahahaha.

funny story: In a bishopric meeting, counselor says, I have a sore hamstring and the St George marathon is coming up. “Should I be praying that the Lord bless me to heal up so that I can run?” Hmmmmm, After a moment, the other says, " Should I be praying that we win our league basketball game"?

Did you see UCF thumped Oklahoma State and Texas Tech beats Kansas. On any given day BYU can beat Iowa State.

if what Deseret news says is correct, that ISU has the toughest D in the B12 then we don’t score a TD. if they let Retzlaff run then maybe we could but I doubt it. Unless Hill lit a fire under our D we are going to get blown out.

ISU 30

Yes I agree any given day you can see a good team lose. But the two examples that you gave are capable teams that have shown that they can compete or beat a good team. Unfortunately that isn’t BYU right now. The best thing we have going for us is that it’s a late game in Utah against an East Coast team. At kickoff their bodies will think it’s 10:30 and by the end they will think it’s 1:30 am.

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Lol funny-I believe when it’s all said and done, we will be surprised how the lord feels about certain things. Another BYU game that was a channel change for Oregon/USC. One pearl of wisdom, from watching a home game that was critical for BYU to show up-“physically, BYU’s defense is just physically overmatched with top-tier Big12 teams”
The offense is not sophisticated enough to dominate top-tier Big 12. It was a big step up and it’s showing rather explicitly

No they can’t!

Agreed that BYU physically did not match up and ISU’s speed was on display. BUT I also watched DBs and Safeties take the WRONG angle or rather then get sucked up in a gap which is exactly what the film running backs study (ISU’s RB repeatedly would start up the middle, wait til two of our POORLY coached LBers charged up the gaps, then he would plant hard, cut to the edge, if you want to call it an edge at BYU, here we call it the soft buttery outer darkness, and the RB would be gone for a 50 yd TD)

Retzlaff is far from being coached up to run a D1 show. His happy feet just killed any drive, if fact, the only drive BYU had in the game was after our world famous Turnovers, complete with yummy frosting, when we Committed to RUNNING the ball in the 1st Qtr. After ISU got their 3rd score, BYU completely abandoned the run and committed to throwing interceptions, something Retzlaff has an affinity for.

At this point, I would go back to Slovis, work hard on fundamental Defense, teach basics in the LBer and Safety position and hope to get one more win.

There is a reason why I have “missed a number” of games this season. I get the party group together, make the famous parm- cheesy chicken alfredo and street tacos, and this is what we get. This is the point when Tom texts me and says, "I’m so ready for Basketball.

I’m sorry but this is a coaching thing, far more then a football players athleticism thing. A whole lotta poor technique on display on both sides of the ball.

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Two games left and I don’t see BYU winning either of them. LB’s have been getting burned all season. How many QB draws have gained big yardage? DB’s just a step behind and not great at tackling. Better talent, better coaching, better mindset =more wins. Bring on basketball

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Keep in mind that ISU QB, Recco Wright, is a RED SHIRT Freshman.

The running back that shredded BYU, Abu Sama lll, a TRUE FRESHMAN.

They play for ISU, a middle of the pack team from the Big 12, Not Bama, Not USC, Not OSU. We just got worked by freakin ISU, in the same way ESU and Liberty came into our house and turned it into a whipping shed. Sets BYU recruiting back years because we don’t fire coaches midseason.

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Yes lord Thawk. I bow to you.