Iowa State Predictions

Some times the defense stays in their lanes and sometimes they don’t. When they do, they keep the long runs from happening. Offense, 100%. Not using their strength. I’d like to see more option runs. They did work. Got LJ and even Robbins out in the open.

Tweet Tweet, that birdy is talkin in my ear.

Ran enough trick plays to start a youtube channel.

I find myself in a weird position. I consider myself a BYU fan. However, after this game I am not angry or sad, I just don’t care. The last few years BYU football has been unwatchable for me. I hesitantly approached BYU football this year hoping for something I could emotionally invest into but they just need to show up and compete at some level. I thought that Tuiaki was the problem. Now I wonder if he is just a symptom.

They worked too. Now, throw in the option more with a running quarterback. That worked too.

I’ve enjoyed most of it. We’ve played with many future NFL pros and some exciting games with great wins. We definately have issues with player retention on their assignments and focus. Coaches have to be positive and motivate the motivated players. Help them act upon their goals. Also, it doesn’t help when fans get down on them. Walking out early was pathetic. Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

This football season is OVER. If you thought ISU was bad, just wait. ISU is a middle school team talent wise compared to Oklahoma.

Saturday will be another bloody one. BYU coaching staff is now looking stymied with no actual belief they can right the ship.

Save that text Chris. Read it Saturday when the Oklahoma third stringers are playing while the 1s and 2s stand on the sidelines laughing at BYU. It will give you hope for better days ahead :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

and sometimes the coaches have to lower the lumber on players who continually miss assignments.

As an example, when Utah plays horrible on saturday, no player wants to come in on Monday. Because Kyle makes them pay for the way they played.

Do what I do, tape the game, then after the game is played, you can decide to watch it or not based on how BYU played that day.

Wonder if Fish “Cricket” is right that Kalani will be shown the door at the end of the season?

My main complaint is that both Kalani and ARod boasted just how good their offensive players were in preparation for joining the BIG12.

Obviously someone has bad eye sight if they think this offense is anything buy horrible.

The birdy says that Kalani has one more year but there will be a shuffle of offensive coaches, and when that fails, then we see if Kalani gets shown the door.

we have to look at blow outs and how they affect our recruiting.

Said all phases were better

I was thinking about this last night, I don’t think we can a good OC to even come to BYU.

  1. they have gone through an OC every 2years
  2. the team sucks, recruiting sucks. your going to have to rebuild the entire offence. that is going to take 2-3 years.
  3. (the biggest point of all) Kalani may be gone in a year and you’ll be out of a job.

if I was the AD I would fire him this year, because this bird is cooked. another year aint going to change a thing.

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What if there was an already tested OC on staff that could easily replace ARod right now?

Fesi Sitake took Weber State offense (When Jay Hill was HC and DC) to the national championship game (for that level) against James Madison.

Just from what I am seeing on the field, I am not 100% sure that the offensive coaches are all on the same page. I have heard (without Verification) that ARod does not like to be second guessed on his decisions (this came from someone who worked with him at Utah).

Not sure that is the case now, but something is clogging the offensive wheels at BYU.

It’s called injuries. Same with the defense. You are rotating 2nd stringers with 3rd stringers now who are out of shape and not looking to play this year. Sitaki is the right man for the HC job.

What about the “Whiff’s” against SUU and Morgan State? Was that caused because of injuries?

BTW, the only one player on the O-line that has missed time is Maile who missed two games because of injuries.

Outside of that, our RB has been banged up, but then again, if you don’t have a line to open holes, what do you expect?

But Kalani and all the coaches said they had the best players they have at BYU for a very long time. That the “DEPTH” on the positions was the deepest they have had.

So, were they lying or doing some type of smoke screen?

Can you please show me where I mentioned anything about Kalani not being the right man IN THIS POST?

I think there is a definite divide on the offensive coaching staff.

Floyd, I’ll second your motion and add this for people who don’t know much about Fesi:

  1. Fesi proved at Weber that he can call plays, that he will adapt to his talent, and that his offense can excel despite whatever talent is on the field.
  2. Look at Fesi’s position group: for nearly 40 years (since Koz and Bellini) BYU has notoriously struggled to recruit high level talent in the WR group. Not anymore. With all the serious problems on this team, WR is NOT one of them. In fact, I’d argue that WR has become our deepest, most consistent, and BEST position group since Fesi showed up. We used to just accept the fact that BYU would have slow WRs and once every 10 years get a great one (Drage, Collie, CHoff, etc). In six years since being hired, Fesi has done a 180 with our receiver group. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he is winning signing battles with high end recruits (Roberts, Epps, Jojo, Kingston, among others), developing skilled but underrecruited guys (most notably Keanu Hill, Micah Simon), and gotten fantastic portal transfers–PUKA, Samson, Lassiter. PUKA PUKA PUKA.
  3. He is wildly popular with the players and staff.
  4. He is a BYU “values” and “standards” guy.
  5. He would take the job for what BYU would pay him.

I wasn’t aware of Fesi, but if he is who you say he is then he sounds like the right guy for the job, because I don’t think your going to get someone from the outside. I still think that Kalani is causing a lot of the problems. I don’t have any proof only the feels. This team has felt like the team from the Crowton era for a long time. after he was gone a lot came out how there was no discipline and he second guess all the coordinators decisions and it feels a lot like that is happening again.

I agree with your “feeling”, but I am not sure if it is due to Kalani actions or inactions.

I personally feel there is a struggle among the Offensive coaches. So, the players are kind of like “What am I supposed to do on the field, now?”

Some things I notice lately,
WR’s pause blocks then turn down field to run when there is a sweep play. Was the WR supposed to continue to block or block and then release?
RB’s not picking up the blitz coming in. Was this a design play where the RB pause blocks the defensive player then release to be a safety value or was it a missed assignment?

I had a friend whose son was on the team during the Anae years, his son told me there was a lot of discord with the O-line coach because he played his favorites and not who was best on the field, which brought in Anae, who is not known for his even temper at times.

A year or so later the O-line “found new opportunities” at USU. Code word for being let go.

All the injured players Iowa State game:
Keldon Slovis.
Lassiter (2nd stringer) Did not play.

Previously injured that did play:
Keanu Hill was available to play, but no stats.
Maile - Starting at right guard in the last game.
LJ Martin Rushed for 57 yards.

Meaning only Lassiter, Lapuaho and Solvis were the only injured out of all the starters on offense in Iowa game.

injured for the WVU Game:
Keldon Slovis
LJ Maritn
Keanu Hill

Injured for the Texas Game:
LJ Martin
Keanu Hill

Kody Epps and Chase Roberts has been dinged up, but they have played the last four games.
The only receiver out is Keanu Hill.
No one on the offensive line except Maile has missed time playing this year.
Robbins was out about three weeks but has played the last three games.
LJ Martin got dinged up two games ago and has not played since.
As far as I could see in the stats, no Tight end has been out with injury.

Now you can point out that players are dinged up, but as my old coach use to say, “If you play, then you are not injured” meaning the expectation of you playing is “Doing your job!”

Kind of shoots down your theory that the Offense has injuries.

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Floyd, I am a little confused by your last two paragraphs. were you saying that Anae played favorites and that caused discord among the coaches, then Anae would have to come in to clean things up and then his temper came out?