Is it true? Did I really just hear this?

Okay, so here we are in a big in state game vs. lowly Weber St. and BYU is down by double digits and Haws just made his first field goal of the game?

There are about 6 minutes to go in the game and he just made his first basket.

Apparently there is no defense because Weber is shooting lights out and BYU is doing nothing to stop them.

I won’t say I told you so but I did. This team is headed nowhere and it is Rose who needs to accept responsibility for it. Are all of Weber’s players from Utah and Idaho? Isn’t Ogden closer to Idaho than Provo?

Frustrating being a BYU fan… and Harding just made his first basket.

Weber shooting 69% from the field?

By the way I had to listen to it because the internet stream wasn’t connecting.

Women’s volleyball swept Utard

Are you ready to acknowledge what I said at the beginning of the season?

This team is weak.

I was giving them the benefit of the doubt in saying they would finish third in the wcc but I am not sure that will be accurate.

They might do worse.

I think it would be better if you just said Utah as well.

What Weber State game? I was watching BYU vs uta…errrd Volleyball game - nice 3 straight sweep and we advance to sweet 16 and hosting next game at Smithfield House against Florida.

The writing is on the wall: We may be the worst college basketball team in the state of Utah. Prepare for a loss against USU and perhaps one against Utah as well. Rose received an extension just a few weeks ago. I have been a strong Holmoe fan; however, with the Rose extension and if the BYU football coaching staff avoids any shake ups–unless one is offered a better job elsewhere–I would question Holmoe’s ability as AD. Perhaps I’ve been giving TH too much benefit of the doubt. Instead, he may be as good as BYU’s AD as he was Cal’s HC.

See what happens with another defender like Emery. I didn’t see the game as I was at Grace Everton’s Wedding reception.

Defense will be up and down. But, the 3 point shooting and foul shooting is a real problem. It’s been the difference in the last 3 games.
Childs did everything he could. Hardnett had a real good game as well. Haws was missing in action. But, he didn’t over shoot. Harding and Cannon came in and shot well. Don’t know what else but wait and see when Emery plays the next game.

Yep and without Miller too. Is she out for the rest of the playoffs? That may be a problem against Florida.

Jim, the dumpster fire has already started on this team. The Harding kid has some talent and the Baxter kid too. Rose ought to allow them both to get as many minutes as possible to develop as players. This team isn’t going to go anywhere regardless. The temptation that Rose can’t pull back from is to use Emery and try to win games while staying with his program of under developing his bench. Then we get to the end of the year, still have a bad team and players leave because they didn’t get developed with much playing time! The Emery’s and Haws of the world graduate and move on to their dream of playing in Europe and or the Philippines! They aren’t good enough to do that! Then BYU won’t have anything for the next year! This whole Rose drain plug needs to be pulled but Holmoe has painted himself into a corner with his lack of ability to judge talent in coaching. Lets hope he leaves his hands off the track, xcountry and VB programs!

Florida VB is a good team … probably one of the best 2 unseeded teams in the tourney. Their best player missed the last 10 or so matches but came back in time for the NCAA tourney. BYU will have to play well to win. Fortunately Olmstead is an excellent coach and recruiter and the teams hard work put them in a place to host all NCAA matches until the Final 4! Miller is a huge loss because with her we could have played for the National Champiomship … probably against Stanford. It remains to be seen if Olmstead can use her bench well enough to try and thwart opposing teams offenses with the support players BYU has on its bench. Hopefully she can do it!! She has a deep bench and if Jones Perry is on, BYU can play with anyone. With Miller and Jones Perry BYU could beat anyone in the country. There is no room for error or having an off night for Jones Perry if BYU is to have a hope of winning it all. But that girl is the best athlete, pound for pound, walking around the BYU campus!

Harding needs to replace Seljass as the starter. Harding is a future star and yet he sits. Baxter is far behind Harding in terms of knowing what to do out there but Baxter needs to play and learn how to not foul or how to pass the ball. BYU just does not know what to do with big man talent, so they don’t develop or they transfer.

Oh well, Emery will come in and stop our 4 game losing streak and all will be well in cougarville.

Rose on TJ Haws’ night: "When he did get past them, he was getting some tough breaks at the rim as far as fouls being called. He didn’t get to the free throw line like he normally does. So, tough night.”

Rose on Jerrick Harding’s 30 points: "We knew it would be an issue [guarding him]. We knew that and tried almost every guy we had on him. Lucky he got in foul trouble in the first half or he would have scored 50.”

Welcome to Rose world, no defense and guards get to jack up a ton of bricks, heck even Nixon at below 7% at 3land can jack it up.

We have the Marriot, We have the practice facility, we have BYU tv and…….we have Rose, are you kidding me.

Miller did a wheel spike in one match that I’ve only seen by the men. Reminded me of a Dr. J wheelhouse slam dunk.

See my other comments on the thread you commented on! You are right Fish!!

I think we ought to swap home courts with BYU men’s basketball. In addition have Holmoe swap the salary of Olmstead with Rose! Men’s BB move to the Smith Field House and the Womens VB team moves into the Marriot Center! Anyone want to take a bet on who will have the highest attendance? The women might just fill the MC!!! The next 2 matches for the Olmstead lead Cougars would probably put 20k in attendance into the MC in each match! The men’s BB team would probably draw 3k people into the Field House!

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I know this is about Men’s Basketball Group but what the heck.
I like the Smithfield because mostly BYU Fans (full pack) are so close to the floor and LOUD. If we would host the Final 4 then yes at the MC. I have not seen many fans at any Final 4 for Women’s & "MEN’s VB in any time in the past. Florida may be a little better team that we have played in awile but they will have issues with this SF setting and the ALTITUDE “I need to breath, GASP, Dizzy & Faint.” :slight_smile:

Dew, I agree with you about the SFH. My point is that the attendence and interest in women’s VB is 4 times more than men’s BB!

Don’t forget about Lacy Haddock, Robinson and Eschenberg plus our great 6’4" freshman. Florida is a real test, we shall see.

Hopefully their skill will be enough to overcome the missing experience and skill of Miller.

Florida VB is a taller team than BYU. By far! Their MB is 4 inches taller than Gneiting at 6’8”. Their libero is same size at Mary Lake. They run a 6-2 offense vs BYU’s 5-1. Florida setters are one inch shorter and 3 inches taller than Eppich. This means they always have 3 hitters and blockers on the front line. Scary for BYU but it also means that neither of their setters are quite as good as Eppich. Florida’s other MB is 2 inches shorter than Gneiting but jumps well and hits well. Florida MB’s are probably the most talented pair that BYU will face this season. Very similar to BYU.

The big problem for BYU is the Florida RS who is ‘6”7 and leads the team in kills. This is where the Miller injury could hurt BYU. Depending on rotation the Florida RS could be matched up against Robinson at 5’10”. That won’t work for BYU. So we will have to watch that! BYU May have to go to the bench for Ballard or Bushman. Big worry here!

One Florida OH is a bit taller than Jones Perry. We should be fine if Haddock or Eppich or Ballard can play decent in their blocking game. The other OH presents a bigger issue for BYU blockers at 6’3” and she is their best player. If she hadn’t been hurt, Hall would lead Florida in kills. Unfortunately Florida has an OH who comes in if the others aren’t hitting on all cylinders and she is 6’4” a freshman and it wouldn’t surprise me if she starts against BYU. The Hamson injury is one that almost everyone has forgotten about. But it may be bigger than Millers. I just don’t think that the BYU starters can block this big OH with Stetler, Haddock, or any below 6ft player.

If BYU can put the pressure on Florida with the serve and stay in system on offense, they could make headway by keeping Florida off balance. This match has issues for BYU and it could be a trap match for our girls given the injuries they have suffered. We will know in the first set whether Olmstead’s gamble to not play Stapleton or Lewis Bushman on that front row enough to get them comfortable will bite us. She has opted to go with offense to replace Miller. I am nervous about that decision but Olmstead has 6 days to make the decision based on what she sees on film. I defer to her … but BYU will be in for a big time match come Friday.

BYU’s strength this year simply put is they don’t make passing mistakes. They are the cleanest team playing team I’ve seen. Even against Utah without Miller they looked real good passing the ball.