Just how will Hill and Mangum work out?

Here’s a good article about how duel QBs work out


Looking at the stats, Mangum is the better player…what say you?

I have my ideas on how these two will be used…what say you?

I thought Hill looked better than ever in that first game last year. It would have been fun to see how he would have been all year. Having said that, I thought Mangum was the better thrower between the two.

Its all a matter of which one can get you the most wins. I don’t care who throws a prettier pass. Jake Heaps threw a great looking pass but unfortunately he wasn’t even as good as Riley Nelson. I don’t have the answer as to who can get the most wins. Both are great and I am sure the coaches will figure it out, hopefully!! Taysom is a good passer and a terrific runner and is a threat either way. Mangum is a great passer who is no threat to run.

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Taysom is a better over-all athlete while Tanner is a better traditional type QB. Who can produce more wins - in my mind ???

I watched Detmer on BYU Sports Nation today and he says all the QBs will compete for starting position. The better QB will start. The past is the past. But he is pleased that Hill chose BYU over other options. The injury will dictate what Hill can do during his rehab. Meanwhile, the other QBs will have to show what they are made of too. Detmer loves the competition between the QBs. And he likes the fact they want to compete for the job and not leave like others have.

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You are right Reed, Heaps wasn’t even as good as Riley Nelson, he was better. Heaps was on a nfl roster for most of the preseason but didn’t quite make the final cut. Nelson never belonged behind center, everybody knew that except Robert Anae and Bronco Mendenhall. I’m not going to be a Heaps defender but I do know that most of his problems were of the attitude kind, not the talent kind. The coaching staff screwed that one up big time, like they did with a lot of players during their tenure… Ziggy Ansah was probably the biggest example and I know of a few fans who think Jason Munns was another. I don’t think we will have the same problem with Detmer because he knows what talent is and how to evaluate it.

There are lots of reasons why “others leave” and often times it is with good reason. If I had been Jake Heaps and sat on the sideline watching the Riley Nelson debacle unfold before my eyes week after week, why would I want to stick around? I’m an 18-19 year old kid that doesn’t think like a 40 or 50 yer old adult coach does. Having said that, I think someone needs to shed some light on exactly what the coaches were thinking back during that debacle. It made no sense then and it makes even less sense now. How in the world did Riley Nelson compete for and win the starting QB job? One of the worst things I have ever seen with regards to BYU football. I loved Bronco, but that one changed me…

I don’t see Detmer doing anything close to that… he is real and he will be real with those guys.

You don’t remember how bad Heaps was? He was no Mangum.

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Heaps had tremendous ability but he lost something his sophomore year. He was awful in the early part of 2011. He was on an NFL roster this year based on potential and not on anything he did in college. Nelson beat him out plain and simple. The 2011 season was turning into a disaster and Nelson turned it around. Nelson was effective when he was healthy. He was no pro prospect but he was a fairly effective college QB when he was healthy. He had a bad habit of playing hurt and the coaches enabled that. Lark should have been playing a lot in 2012 because Nelson had some fairly serious injuries he was playing with.

When I first saw Heaps throw a pass I thought this kid is going to be something special. It never happened. He never improved and in my opinion he went backwards. Whether that was coaching I don;t know. He did very little at Kansas and was beat out by a freshman at Miami. He started about 5 games in 2011 and did almost nothing. Nelson came in and energized a dead team. That’s how I see it and it may not be a popular opinion but I think its a fact.

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I agree with pretty much everything you said.

Nelson did next to nothing… he lost so many games because of his poor decisions. It was one lucky tipped pass that Bronco fell in love with and that was all she wrote. The “healthy” excuse is a weak one. If he wasn’t healthy enough to play (that was obvious so many times) then he shouldn’t have been out there losing games for the team. I agree with you Reed on about 99% of your posts. This is one that I don’t agree with. As far as Heaps goes, I agree and acknowledge that he faded and lost his confidence/willingness to fight. I blame a good part of that on the coaches. Every time the kid started to show signs of his talent and potential, Anae would pull the rug out (see the 2010 Utah game) from under him and Bronco would insert Mr. Gritty. That can only happen so many times before a kid loses hope and folds. Maybe Heaps never had the mental edge he needed to deal with all of that, among other things, but there can be no denying he had more talent and potential than Nelson ever did.

Sorry, I am beating the proverbial dead horse now…

In a nutshell, heaps had no heart and the team (of mostly returned missionaries) would not follow a guy who did not put the time or effort in.

I thought Bronco would give Lark some honest reps when Mr. Grit was injured.

There is something fishy about your comment… :smile:

How do you know that Heaps didn’t put the time or effort in? Did he skip practice or quit during it? I don’t know… but the fact that Lark never really got “some honest reps” speaks to what might have been going on. Was it ever really in the cards for anyone besides Mr. Gritty to be the qb at BYU? and if so… why?

Once Lark got an opportunity, he seemed serviceable and who knows had he been given some of those reps sooner.

Two of the coaches lived in my ward. I am fully aware of how many voluntary summer practices heaps did not bother to attend.

Mr no heart, Mr no show. Carlino and Heaps both suffered from the same desease…Parentitous. (meddling parents who thought their child was better than the programs they attended)

good enough for me.

Thanks for the information.

I really don’t understand a lot of this crap. Should Nelson have just said I don’t have any ability or talent and just gone away and not tried to go after his dream. Nelson is not Mr. Gritty. He is a person who seems to me to have tried to do his best. Mr. Gritty and noodle arm and all that crap is disrespectful for a guy who did more on the CFB field than we will ever do. Not Nelson’s fault that he might not have had the natural talent of Heaps or even some of the other QBs, again Bronco’s responsibility. Not Nelson’s fault he gutted things out hurt, Bronco’s responsibility. Most of this crap is on Bronco’s head. I don’t know what was going on with Nelson’s parents but if Nelson was my kid and Bronco put him back in the game injured, I would have decked Bronco. BM didn’t or more likely couldn’t bring Heaps along and / or Heaps just didn’t have it in the bigger, stronger, faster world of college FB. Bronco didn’t even really try with Lark (until it was too late) nor with Munns. Bronco really could not get the better recruits in the past 4 years, overall. Happy he is in Va.

Was going to ditch BYU football in early this year but Sitake and Co. have perked my interest again.

I can also say with pretty good authority that Carlino’s dad was considered a “little league” dad by players and coaches alike. If Heaps had the same disease, then yuk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Riley Nelson was a very, very, VERY “poor man’s” version of the modern dual threat QB, and he gave 100%, and the guys all knew it. I can’t blame Bronco for playing Nelson after Heaps had lost the locker room.

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Haha good to have you back on board!!! I hope when you say “Sitake and Co” you are talking about Ty Detmer! I think adding Detmer will allow us to get back to recruiting elite offensive players and put them in the NFL–something Bronco couldn’t do. In my opinion, an OC does three things—1) recruit, 2) design plays, and 3) call plays. Recruiting success is hard work and personality; and Detmer has that in spades. #2 and #3 is simply being smarter than everyone else. The best OC sees the D, processes its weaknesses faster than a computer, and calls the right play on the fly, with literally 10 seconds to decide and millions of dollars on the line. How many times did we see Anae choke and just run dive because the moment was too big and he couldn’t process it fast enough? Hey, the guy is human. But when it comes to football IQ, I think Detmer is superhuman. And I think we will like it, especially after he’s had time to recruit more elite athletes on that side of the ball.

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So none of it is Nelson’s responsibility? He is totally absolved of all of it? He never misled anybody as to the extent of his injuries? He was small, he couldn’t throw the ball more than about 35 yards, he was decent when he wasn’t hurt and horrible when he was. Yes it is Bronco’s responsibility for the most part but it is also on Nelson. He let the TEAM down when he wasn’t willing to allow Lark or Munns or whomever to take over when he wasn’t capable of getting the job done. He could easily have done that but chose not to. It’s a group decision and the blame is on several people.

Tom… can you blame him for not playing Lark sooner?