Just saw one of the greatest games in NFL history

Just saw one of the greatest games in NFL history

Kansas City versus the bills. The last two minutes of this game has to be record-breaking

didn’t have to be that way. If KC didn’t have Tuiaki as their defensive coach

All the games this weekend were barnburners but the last one was one for the ages. I hope Reid can get his 2nd super bowl win.

Huh? They weren’t running a 3-8 defense. Sometimes the offense is just better than the defense. Great game!

I heard that Tuiaki was brought in as a special assistant to the KC DC for the playoffs

Although I think the OT rules for the NFL is a bit unfair…

I thought the officiating in the TB/LA game was not up to pare. The hit on Brady after he threw the ball should have been a “no brainer”, it was a personal foul on the Defense.

I am not even a Brady fan, I just hate seeing biased officiating.

3 of the top 4 teams all lost over the weekend, when did that ever happened before?

I would agree about the OT rules, at least for the playoffs. They should adopt the college OT rules at least for the playoffs. It doesn’t matter too much for the regular season.

I have never like the fact that a team doesn’t get a chance to tie the game in OT. A coin flip in games of the magnitude of an NFL playoff game should never be a factor.

I only saw the replay of it and I can understand why Brady was upset about the missed call., however, he should have kept his cool. Officials miss stuff and you can’t go off on an official and cost your team. I saw most of that game and the Rams tried to give it away. Four lost fumbles in a playoff game. Then the kicker came up short with about 6 and 1/2 minutes left when he could have just about iced the game giving the Rams a 3 score lead. The Rams made the big plays at the end.

In the pros when you have an elite QB and you are within a score you have a shot until the gun goes off. I was rooting for KC but thought they were dead. They had to make the perfect plays to get in field goal range 75 yards away with only 13 seconds left. Ninety nine times out of a hundred a team would lose that game even with a Mahomes or a Brady at QB. You wonder now if Buffalo should have kicked a squib kick to get some time off the clock before Mahomes got back on the field.

I thought the Saturday games were great but they were dull in comparison to the ones on Sunday.

I didn’t turn on the KC game until there were about 45 seconds left in regulation and when Allen hit Davis for the go ahead TD leaving only 13 seconds I thought the game was over.

I almost never watch entire games and only saw parts of all of them but saw the end of all of them. I watched most of CInncinnati/Tennessee and LA/Tampa and saw the end of the other two.

To show you how little I watch pro football anymore I had never heard of Cooper Kupp until last week when LA beat Arizona. I don’t watch it much at all until the postseason.

Since they put in overtime a long time ago it’s been that way. Recently they let a team have a chance if the team winning the coin flip kicks a field goal. Both teams know and agree to the coin flip rule. So it is fair. I think it would be as fair and more exciting to play the entire 10 minutes and if there is a winner, great. If it’s still tied, great!
In the playoffs. If after the 10 minutes, do it again or do the college thing but from the 40.

I know that the Chiefs hired that lady coach but where is the rumor about Tui being hired as a consultant coming from? I would be excited to see him hired full time by anyone other than BYU. Maybe Reid will do BYU a favor and hire Tui and then put him out to pasture while forcing BYU to hire a legit DC???!!

Another little tid bit of info …… Davis High School librarian in Yakima WA called Bronco offices at BYU in 2011 and told him that Cooper Kupp wanted to play football for BYU. 3 more calls over the next 1.5 yrs went to Bronco and Robert Anae and eventually BYU sent Anae to go look at this kid and he only played in 1 half of the HS game but had 7 receptions for 142 yards. Bronco wasn’t convinced even tho Anae said that Kupp could play DB!!

Anyway, I think Idaho offered Kupp and he went onto Eastern WA and never played defense while he rewrote the record books for NCAA receiving yards. He should be the MVP of the league this year in the NFL. He is a much faster version of Steve Largent and much more deserving of the award than any QB in the league.

The rule was changed in 2010.

The coin flip rules are simple:

  • The visiting teams gets to call it (Heads or Tail)
  • The Losers gets to pick which end zone to defend.
    The only difference in the NFL is that on any subsequent OT’s the team that gets to “call it” is determined by who lost the coin flip on the previous OT’s.

That’s it for the coin toss rules.

The NFL OT rules which not all the teams voted for (4 teams opposed the rule) is not fair. Because it does not give both teams equal opportunities to win the game.

Not sure how you can say it was “fair”, just because it is a rule, does not mean it is a fair rule.

Yah, a betting man for the underdog would of cleaned up this week. Who could of predicted that SFran would go to the frozen tundra of Lambeau field and take out favorite Rogers and Green Bay.

Tampa’s problem was they had no answer for LA’s pass rush. Relentless. Brady’s targets dropped too many passes.

These two teams shocked me…just about as much as the 13 second comeback by Maholmes. Bills were celebrating til that 2nd pass play. The kick was a foregone conclusion. Then overtime kicked in and Alan (a bigger stronger Brady) knew it was over. Bills will have their SB days, just not this year.

So…let’s hear from everybody, What is your favorite SB finger foods?

Best 2 minutes of football I have ever witnessed!!!
Reid deserves this kind of joy after losing his son to drug addiction.
DYK, Sorenson married the Halford gal in our stake. I have had to face that dude in Church BB three times now, not fun, hahahaha.
He would be in soooo much trouble if KC knew he was playing Church ball with a bunch of hacks

I watched that game, the officiating seemed a bit one sided.

In the first half there was 3 Unsportsmanlike conducts on TB. Of the three, I could only see one that was justified (Throwing the helmet). They also allowed a lot of holding and PI’s for the Rams.

I read the explanation from the Referee why he threw the flag on Brady. The only thing I would say to his comments, is “A bit thin skinned aren’t you?”

This was a playoff game, in the heat of the moment battle, players are juiced in playing. Of Course there is going to animation, anger and foul language said during the game when complaining about a “no call” late hit on the QB. The hit was a full 2-3 seconds after the pass was thrown, which is by NFL rules defined as “roughing the passer”. Not only that, the first contact was helmet to the chin.

If the NFL office of officiating does their normal review, I would hazard a guess that the referee will no longer being doing playoff games. That was blatant missed call.

Having said all that, I am not even a Brady fan. I do think what he does off the field is so much more important than what he does on the field.

Story: There was a young man that had brain cancer, who had a sign that said “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer”, Brady saw it and went over to him and talked. Ended giving his TB hat to the kid.

Then this week, Brady contacted the kid (who lives in Utah) and told him that he is sending the entire family to the Super bowl. What a class act.

Didn’t get to watch Saturday games, My Packers choked of course, but it is what it is…

My exact thoughts.

watch every KC game, When #10, Hill gets the rock, he can bust it for a TD on any given play. Has to be top 10 for world’s fastest man, easy. And those Maholm’s passes, :exploding_head:

Friends, food, football, what a day

OH, Tui had to be there. KC blew so many coverages, Alan was throwing to guys open by 10 yds. 4 plays that should of won the Buffalo the game. Just Maholmes had a different plan. This game will be talked about 50 years from now

Wow, nice research, Hawk. Loved Bronco when he was here, loved him when he left.
Kupp left them in his dust Sunday. I’d take Odell Beckem over anyone but Hill right now.

The Goat, love him or hate him, Is the NFL. Period!!!
Such a great story, thank you . F__K CANCER.
I read that story, brings tears to my eyes.

The true sign of a man is not what he “accomplishes”, but what he “gives” to others.

Again, it’s fair because you have a 50-50 chance of winning the toss. Both teams agreed to walk to the center of the field and participate in the toss. It’s fair. Now, is it the best system? I said no. Is there something you don’t understand about that? By the way, after that game, it’s the first time I’ve heard TV commentators say they don’t like it. So, I think there will be a change.

Fair is when you have equal chances to win a game… PERIOD!