Kalani Got Paid

I don’t have any information about specifics–even general terms–but I’m thinking Kalani just got paid in line with maybe middle of the pack B12 coaches which would be around $3m/year plus performance bonuses. That’s just a guess but my understanding is that Holmoe and Worthen were pretty frank with the BOT and made it clear that “if you vote for BYU to join the B12, you vote for everything that comes with it. Eyes wide open here, baby.”

Now on to more important matters: lock Coach Pope up for 10-15 years.

That would be great if it’s true…
Now, Jim Hawks will be chanting to pay his increase to charities…:wink:

Kalani Sitake salary: BYU football coach gets contract extension - Deseret News


Now we need a Pope int he Pocket!

If Sitaki does produce a 10+ win season next year, he could win another big salary increase and another extension. If he continues to win big in succeeding seasons, then each one will produce a big salary increase and even further extension. Maybe by 2030, Sitaki will be making $25 million per year and extended out to 2050.

This is a confirmation of what I have thought for some time now.

While I have always been taught and believed that we are to live in the world but not be of the world, it seems to me that this challenge is becoming more increasingly difficult as time moves closer to the second coming, whenever that is. I dunno, life is full of challenges and this is a difficult one for me to justify and rectify. I feel disoriented sometimes.

As the number of people, who live in poverty and suffer with unfulfilled needs through no fault of their own, continues to grow along with those who have far more than what is necessary to fulfill every want they could feasibly have, I wonder how this could be possible? It is truly frustrating and disenchanting, especially as it becomes more common amongst church membership.

I doubt it but if he does earn 25 million a year it will be because he has brought in a lot more revenue than that to the athletic dept. The BYU athletic dept will still be in the black and the revenue increase will be spread throughout all the sports teams at BYU. That will be a good day!

This is also a defunct argument. The pool of money generated by BYU sports wouldn’t even be there if there weren’t BYU sports. You are acting as if we should expect all the money coming into the program to go feed the poor. News flash but that won’t work. The only reason there is any money coming into BYU sports is because they have advertising dollars and contracts that depend on winning and eyeballs. If you don’t spend money on good coach’s the revenue goes away. Imagine how much good comes to the poor and less fortunate by people actually earning money and paying their offerings. There is no crime in earning lots of money. It is not a sin. What are you referring to? Those who earn lots of money are expected to pay their offerings and use their donations to help others. Somehow that guy or lady with the 5 talents who works to double them is going the way of the world by your definition. Not so and not accurate.

The best thing the poor of the earth have going for them is that there are a growing number of rich people and an increasing number of them help fund good projects all over the world. The more prosperous the church and the world becomes …… the better off all of mankind will be. Look at the resources the church has now compared to the 1850’s - 1950’s. Look how much better we can make the world and lift up the poor and uneducated and push them forward. BYU could ask Sitaki to work for free but they don’t. He would probably do it. But I bet he pays a lot of money back to helping others.

There are greedy billionaires. But, I don’t believe the Church is going the way of the world by using football related money for football. I don’t get their argument.

There are greedy people in all income brackets. Those are the people who need a little direction. The more assets the humble and sharing people of the world have …… the better off all mankind is.

Capitalism has brought more people are kind the world than any other form of economics and governments that implement it…Yet people support socialism and watch fewer people have wealth and less money to help the poor.

Well, Amazing

Totally misunderstood my point. I am commenting on the inevitable direction that things will go because we, as a church body, tend to follow only a few steps behind the world. If you can’t see that then you aren’t old enough or perceptive enough. So the “defunct” argument that you assume I am making is not an argument at all. If you want to comment on my “reflective” post about following after worldly pursuits when we could be doing more to help our fellow man then do that. It’s all about the heart, many people draw near unto the Lord with their lips but their hearts are far from him. In my almost 60 years of experience, I wonder how so many others don’t see what is happening but that too has been prophesied about.

You aren’t thinking through the big picture. Define “earning” lots of money. I know for a fact that many members of the church “earn” money by taking it from others or taking advantage of the poor or less fortunate to better their situation. Go ahead and tell me it doesn’t happen with more frequency than it has in the past. Go ahead and tell me that the high number of bankruptcies in the state of Utah aren’t directly related to people clamoring to get gain, materialism and keeping up. Many of those are “earning” their money by nefarious means and you know it. Your argument is full of holes that you aren’t willing to acknowledge and frankly, that is a huge part of the bigger problem… the unwillingness to acknowledge the taking advantage of others or should I say, astute business practices as that is called in today’s world. Yes so and yes accurate. Interesting that you don’t recognize and understand it, I always thought you were fairly perceptive.

“the number of people, who live in poverty and suffer with unfulfilled needs through no fault of their own, continues to grow along with those who have far more than what is necessary to fulfill every want they could feasibly have, I wonder how this could be possible? It is truly frustrating and disenchanting, especially as it becomes more common amongst church membership.”

Just reading what you wrote above. The number of people in poverty suffering unfulfilled needs is exactly what you were talking about. Then you complain that others have far more than is necessary for their needs.

You will never lift everyone up by lowering all the others. It doesn’t work like that. A rising tide lifts all boats. The rich are helping more people than ever before. The world has never had a higher standard of living. There is more to do, for sure. More and better farming, greater technology and more economic efficiency are the result of more education. Super wealthy people usually drag along entire populations with their great ideas and products. Being sad that we can’t just gift everyone an instant standard of living that isn’t in poverty (whatever that definition is) is not forcing everyone to work hard, learn skills, fight for freedom and develop humility and love for their fellow man. We all can help each other and if the Lord wants to even the playing field in peoples bank accounts …… he can do it. At some point he will, but not yet because it is good to be humble on our own rather than being forced to be humble.

Remember we are only here to get bodies and make choices. Those are the 2 reasons. We aren’t here to make sure all people have the same standard of living or the same life span. In the end, we will have the same life span and standard of living but not while we are learning to make choices.

You are supposing a lot of things you really don’t know. I bet most of the bankruptcies in fact have to do with the Covid19 shutdowns. The checks from the government weren’t enough to keep people from running up credit cards.
And, the taking away from the poor and others, what does that even mean? I could say the same thing that the shutdown meant business owners had less money as well. I don’t even know how you could even begin to prove it.
We know the wickedness is more across the board with WOKness and the push from communists. But, to malign citizens of Utah? Need to take a deep breath who has been noticing all these things for 60 years. You are almost 60. So, how did you know something your first say 15 years?

DIsagree with this. What are you basing your statements on? I have never seen more calls for help to feed the poor (is it true that a big percentage of children in America go to bed hungry?), more sheer numbers of homeless people than I have seen in the past 10 years or so. I think your assertion is wrong and I base this on what I see with my eyes. They don’t lie. You think people in this country are better off than they were 10 or 15 years ago? I’d like to see a poll that proves that. You think the spiraling inflation that has beset this country in the past year is making things better for all of us? That the rising tide is lifting everyone? Haha, good one. How is the “middle class” faring? The wealth isn’t coming their way, it is going to the elite multi billionaires. You think people are working and taking care of themselves by raising their quality of life currently? I think your perceptability is lacking… the private sector is getting hammered, everyone wants to work for government or do nothing. It is a house of cards. The only private companies that benefit are those giant corporations that basically function as government entities. Sorry my man, there is big trouble on the horizon. I am amazed at how more people don’t see it.

No need to nitpick details. You know what I am talking about and only want to argue so I won’t engage you in that arena. If you don’t like my comments then you explain to the rest of us why Utah has such a high rate of bankruptcy, a high rate of prescription painkiller abuse and higher than average suicide rate. There are reasons for these statistics. I am not maligning Utah, only using it as a sample because of the high percentage of church members who live there. That percentage is decreasing so maybe it is a result of people who aren’t lds, I don’t know.

Keep holding on to your dreams of fame and wealth, I have chosen a different way. Not being self righteous or sanctimonious here at all. It is just a choice I made based on my experiences and perception of how these same choices seem to affect others.

Unlike you I am not going to penalize the majority for the minority who may and do scam others. Only 60% of Utah is LDS. Looking at the number of Bk’s in Utah vs the population doesn’t show a greater percent of BK’s than other states. In fact Utah is less than average. What Utah is ranked highest of all states in …… a growing economy should be a good sign. And I don’t live in Utah.

Of course people get scammed by others who should be held accountable. Most often the scammed believe that they can get rich quick without much effort. Because there are bad people who cheat others doesn’t mean that all rich people are bad. In fact the truly rich are usually never scammers. They build a company the hard way and sometimes they come up with a brilliant idea or both.

Because someone took advantage of others isn’t a good reason to hammer all people who have means.