Kaufusi going to Utah

I know he put his name into the portal in March, but he announced he going to Utah…

Wonder if coach Ituaki lack of skills as a coach had something to do with it?

That’s a real slap in the face of BYU fans who supported him. Seems like the younger Kafusis aren’t very loyal people.

My bet is yes! That family isn’t happy with the defensive scheme and it is official. Devin had trouble gaining weight and really didn’t excel year to year like his brothers. But the coaching is horrible.

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Which team blew us out? Yes, no one likes the 3-8 scheme. But, who blew us out? And, who did we win against? USC and others…
Also, we have some NFL teams looking at some of our defensive players. Devin just isn’t as big as the others. Did he work out has hard? Probably not.

I’ll be curious to see how Devin does at the U. He might not even play much. Their defense has been great the last few years.

I agree that this was a strange transfer. But then again, we just got that RB from Utah. Run THC?

I understand someone coming towards the light. But to go towards the darkness as a player? :slight_smile:

According to the article, The Utah defensive front line is pretty thin because of graduation. So Kaufusi has a pretty good chance of starting.

You also have to remember that a lot of Kaufusi’s went to Utah before Bronson decided to come to BYU. So there is that tie end.

But what really kind upsets me is that according to news articles about Steve Kaufui’s three sons (Bronson, Corbin, Devin) Devin was supposed to be the best athlete of them all.

So why did he transfer? Was it that Ituaki (defensive line coach) not doing a good job of teaching him? Something is going on there.

Scott, it is not a matter of who blew us out, it is a matter of teams that should not have beaten us beat us (Toledo, CFU, Hawaii).

Second, BYU was 78th in the country last year in rushing defense. Which means that the defensive front line allow 167.5 rushing yards per game for rushing and 14 TD’s.
They were 68th in the country in total defense which allowed 319 yards of offense a game.

Third, In a four year span, BYU went from being in the top 10 in total defense to number 68.

What is the difference between four years? Bronco had the defense in the top ten, players being drafted in the NFL (Kaufusi, Davis, etc) to a defense that has statistically gotten worse every year.

Check out the stats, Our current DC is not that good.

The family was not happy after the coaching staff “Retired” Steve Kaufusi.

KSL News last night , Devin was not comfortable and no where how BYU played their style of defense. I am sure he was not alone how he felt like his dad and his brothers felt. Last year BYU had very very few sacks compared to Bronco Mendenhall days. And not much change up on defense. Good luck to him at Utah

You make good points. The question is, are we going to run that same defense. Because that defense the 3-8 is suppose md to defend against the pass. Most teams pass these days.
So, again, which team blew us out? Except for Washington, no one.
The reason for the losses was the offense didn’t score when we had many chances. Those games you mentioned weren’t lost because of poor defense. In the college game one great running back makes a huge difference. We lost Williams and that hurt because the other running backs are good, but not great except for one, McChesney. And, the coach refused to play him except for one game. McChesney was heavily recruited by top teams. He should have played a lot more.

And one more thing that if he becomes a Defensive leader at Uta and be picked high in the NFL. Maybe Steve Kaufusi will be the next BYU football coat in two years If Coach Kalani Sitaki doesn’t change his defense program

I agree with Floyd. There is something odd about this transfer. I wish I knew what it was.

Well here is your answer Craig:
“It is one of my goals to become the best football player I can be, and just spending two years there (at BYU), I just felt that for me to develop into that person that I want to become, it wasn’t happening there,” he said. “And so, just seeing that, and being in a football home all growing up and seeing years of good football, and not so good football, I just felt like that for me personally, I could be a better football player somewhere else."

Yes, I read that yesterday. But he was clearly being classy about it, which I applaud. He probably thought the defensive coaches at Utah were better or maybe he had fallen out of favor at BYU. Who knows. Earlier today, Devin posted a picture on Instagram of a Utah Ute in a football uniform. It may have been him in the uniform. I had to quickly unfollow him after that. Barf.

There are others looking to play linebacker at BYU that have better potential and were challenging him. So, he bolted because Utah is not as strong in that position this coming season. And, that comment about developing into that person he wants to become? I guess that doesn’t mean spiritually aligned with the Gospel then.

And the defensive coordinator is way better at Utah. Sitake is running a fine line between friendship and stupidity. Unfortunately this is a season that could make or break the Sitake regime and he is at a huge disadvantage on defense. BYU is below average as a defense … way below average for a power 5 team.

Kaufusi is a bigger loss to the BYU program as a person/family than probably an athlete but there is no way to sugar coat this … the optics are really bad on Sitake.

Except for Washington who blew us out? Oh, such a bad defense :-/~

Devin and Covey were best friends growing up. Utah is more relevant right now. I remember when there were Kafusi brothers at the U.

Kyle Whittingham has put more defensive players in the NFL than any other coach in Utah. To me that is one big reason Devin left, he wants to follow his brothers into the NFL and BYU defensive coaches are not going to get him there, Utah’s coaches can (as has been proven, by last year team will have they estimate 7 defensive players drafted).

Ituaki is going to be Kalani downfall, unless Tom Holmoe steps in and tells him he has to fire his childhood friend.