Kaufusi going to Utah

I agreed, Floyd!

Tom Holmoe is too weak to fire anyone, well he did fired Gary Crowton which was obvious. But only Kalani fired Ty Detmer and hired Jeff Grime and mixed up his assistant coaches and kept his childhood friend at DC. Tom even extend Dave Rose contact but Dave decided to Retire at the end of the season. Tom had to extend Kehlani contact because of recruiting I guess

Or maybe it’s the honor code thing again…

With most of the U defensive line going to the NFL, this is a great opportunity for Devin. We’ll see how he does. Usually transfers are not good enough to start like Henry-Cole at rb.

This is a big longshot, but could the transfer have anything to do with politics? I see Devin’s mom is Huntsman’s running mate.The Kaufusi’s have been stumping a lot online lately. Could they be wanting to get more of the SLC vote by having a son at the dreaded U?

Scott, the news recently ran a story about Tuiaki switching to a 4-2-5. IDK if that scheme will improve things, but I think it will. The big problem has been that we can’t put pressure on their QB. 4 linemen should help that.

I get the 4-2-5 because we have always had trouble against the pass. The “2” part could be why Kafusi left as would not be used much.

Makes sense. Supposedly, we have a lot of talented LB’s in the fold for this Fall. Last year, we spent a lot of time rushing 3 and dropping 8 and getting shredded, such as against Hawaii in that awful bowl game.

How about I sum up the kaufusi transfer this way, Devin said, " I just felt that for me to develop into that person that I want to become, it wasn’t happening there"

Since when does a Linebacker ever leave BYU??? the answer: When BYU does not use them as linebackers, but as more DBs!!!

Will Devin be used at Utah? how about I answer with, Was Francis Bernard used at Utah? Bernard is about to be drafted in the NFL.

15 schools have inquired about Kaufusi including Virginia, UCLA, Oregon.

Fire Iliaki and lets fix this thing.

I totally agree with you, Fish! I am worried that this one issue will be Sitake’s undoing.

Why can’t Kalani see the problem? He saw the “issues” with Offense and let Detmer go… But wow, his childhood friend screws up royally and nothing…

I hear the excuse now is that the reason they went to the 3-8 was because of injuries… anyone buy that excuse (Well, I should anyone outside of Grasshopper)

Coach Kalani Sitake hasn’t said anything negative about his assistant coaches. You know he has said some good things and bad things on the offensive side but nothing on the defensive side so what is the problem?

Are you saying why Kalani is not saying his defensive coaching has issues? or you saying that because he has not said anything, I should not be worried about the defense.

A little confused… but then I did get up with my house shaking this morning from an aftershock (4.1)

I know, Jim and others living in California laughs at that size of earthquake, but here in Utah we are not use to them.

Maybe someone on high is suggesting to Utahns to stop electing liberals like Romney that supported abortion and gay marriage. :joy:

We lost games mostly because Wilson and Williams got hurt. Not the defense.

Dew, in all dew respect, what do you think Kalani is going to say about the defense? “Our defensive scheme is garbage and our guys are frequently out of position. We don’t seem to know how to stop the other team in crunch time. So we need to look at our coaching.”

But, we did stop teams in crunch time. We aren’t going to win 10 games a year until we can score 42 points a game. To me, it’s on the offense to score more. We kept most teams in check last year point wise.

What about Hawaii? Our defense was abysmal.

All I am saying this childhood friend of his has never Coach as DC in Div 1 College football League - Never before. This guy needs to go.

I didn’t feel the aftershock this morning. This 5.7 earthquake was pretty shaky where I was sleeping on my lazy boy chair. I told my kids to knock it off shaking my chair. :grinning:
Floryd, I use to live north side of the Golden Gate bridge in Marin County all my childhood here and not once ever felt earthquake in the SF Bay Aerea EVER!!!

I agree with you Craig that DC needs to go

That’s one game. Washington also. We still should have been 10-3