Keba Keita, could he follow Chris Burgess?

Utes Big Man Keba Keita Is Entering the Transfer Portal (

not sure how much I like him for what I’ve heard of Young’s offensive plans. But certainly a needed big that we currently don’t have. The bigs did much better under pope when Burgess was around so I’m not sure how much magic Burgess can work that he hasn’t already done the Mr. Keita.

From what I have read he is only 6’8” and only average offensively, but very athletic, outstanding defensively and on the boards, and also
foul prone. From reading about him he sounds like a more skilled Atiki. I would hope we could get somebody 6’10” or taller. Not sure who is out there with that kind of size who is any good that BYU could get.

Keita would still be a good addition and some needed depth in the post.

He’s rumored to have a 7’4" wingspan. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, he’ll play a bit taller than 6’8" he is.

Signed with BYU

Good news . About 3 weeks ago when Pope left for Kentucky, Chandler flipped to Kentucky, Khalifa, Saunders, and Hall entered the portal, things were looking real grim. Now things are looking better with each passing day. It would be nice to get a good point guard and another post player but things are definitely looking up, but even with no additions to the roster things still look good. Out of the players on last years roster who made contributions Johnson graduated, Khalifa left, looks like Robinson is gone, and Atiki is leaving. Keita will be similar to Atiki but clearly much better. Kozlowski and Davis are highly regarded recruits so BYU could use one or two more quality players or significant improvement from guys like Tripple and Stewart.

He did an number on BYU with we played them. I am Happy.
1 A solid backup to Foos.
2 BYU is better today over last year’s very solid group

Young will still fill our roster with better talent having 4 more schoolies’

Has Waterman put on another 30-40 pounds? He did fill in some towards the end getting lots or boards and being more physical.

After watching Keita’s highlights, I don’t know how they come up with Atiki comparisons. Keita is closer to a faster Foos with better defensive skills then either Foos or Atiki. He can catch and shoot in the air, a feat that few centers ever try.

This is a huge upside to what we had last season. Yes, I will miss Khalifa and his incredible passing but Khalifa could never defend like this guy. If Foos had not injured his hammie, BYU would of been sitting where ISU ended up in the big 12. and a 2nd or 3rd round in the big dance.

This year. I expect a win or two in the big dance…nothing else

as I understand it. A player must enter the portal by a certain date but that does not mean he cannot choose a team after the portal date closes? He could sign even a month later?

Grad students can enter any time they want, there is no deadline?

According to Jake hatch, Davis decommitted from BYU and is going to Utah state.

Thankyou for posting. cue the conversation at the 1:30-3:30 mark.

For whatever reason, Issac Davis was not a fit, Brody Kosz with a better fit

Oh no! Here we go again with the lofty expectations and perhaps a bit delusional as well. I was expecting this at some point but not quite this early. I’m not saying you are delusional Fish because I actually believe you know what you are talking about… most of the time.

This sounds like the rumblings of the big 3 from several years ago… they were going to take BYU to the final four. I believe BYU will be good but I think we over acheived last season somewhat and losing in the first round of the tournament as a # 6 seed was pretty disappointing.

I’m not going to hold my breath as we’ve been down this road way too many times with the same result. I will wait and see how things play out before I expect a sweet 16 berth.

Ahhh…the Lone Peak 3 syndrome. We know your pessimistic tendencies. I say right now we are stronger than last year.

Or if Atiki had figured out how to play without a foul a minute…his upside was large …

with Adam Stewart coming in for a few minutes a game to knock off the mission rust and get up to speed I think we are ok at the bigs barring injury…but a young big for extra insurance ala Foos in his Freshman year would be good.

Who is Adam Stewart and what is his size?

If you can’t have hope for a better tomorrow, then why be a fan at all? Isn’t that what being a fan is all about, the hope that things fall into place for you team to do well?

I think the new coaching staff is an upgrade from the previous staff. Not knocking Pope or the assistants, just I think the new coaches are better.

Not sure if this big guy will turn out, watched him a little on Sports talk clips and he helped Utah win a couple of games.

I will be interested in seeing what type not schemes Young brings into BYU. Hopefully he will have a plan “B” when his plan “A” is not working, which Pope never seemed to have.

I also hope they go away from the deep 3 mindset and move the ball around more.

He is a 3-star 6-11 or 7-0 (depending on who you talk too)

Here is the info:
3-Star Big Man and Texas Native Adam Stewart Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

What in the world are you talking about? Pessimistic because I speak truth and reality? There was nothing negative about stating that the LP3 would probably not take BYU to the final four.

If a delusional fan like yourself thinks that is pessimism then it’s time for a reality check again.

There was a good chance they would have. They were surrounded with good bench players as well. Now that is optimistic :grin:

we’re good. Last year I looked at the roster and said…, “There is no way BYU comes in a #13 out of 14 big 12 teams”… About this time of year, last year, I predicted a big dance invite and there were the unbelievers, such as yourself, that thought that was a lofty goal. Just sayin

Tom said as much…we both felt that the “live and die by the 3” was about all Pope could work with and the reason why I feel that Pope had Maxed out here at BYU. Enter Coach Young, he has 4 more schoolies to work with. Our recruiting needs:
1 more big man but even with what we have in Foos and Keba, BYU is better at the 5 over last year
2 another point guard to back up Hall…Baker can come in and be the point if need be. Johnons and Robinson (failed experiment) played the point at times last year. slight drop off from last year.

We already have a great rotation of 8 players if nothing changes. so I am super excited to see who Young brings in.

I have always said Pope was a great home court coach but “terrible” road can tourny coach. he could not change gears “in Game” so we sucked at times. I surely hope Young gets the players and two, plays the grind inside, foul or make game for when the baskets are tough to get on road games.