Keys to a Toledo win

I have to disagree with a couple of points. Our first stringers are talented. But, the depth is where we fall off each year. We only seem to have one legit player at the skilled positions. Then, there is a fall off. Same with other positions except the lines. We go a bit deeper. Eusupa can run. Give him the ball 20 times and see. Hall will look good but make freshman mistakes.

So what happens is after we play 4 big schools with a bunch of 5 star players we are full of injuries at our skilled positions each year. If not that, extremely banged up. So, it does matter playing the schedule we play.

The interception was again one of those plays he thought Hifo was going to cut in about 5 yards sooner. A timing and feeling play. In which the defense said he should have. Not on Wilson. Hifo Miss-read the defense. I agree about just let the guy score. We need the ball back to have a chance to tie the game again.

Strictly talking offense here:

Is this talented offensive line, the same line that has given up 12 sacks in four games? Is that how you define Talent?

Passing Offense is ranked 31st
Passing Yard per completion ranked 64th
Passes intercepted ranked 12th
Rushing Offense ranked 121st

Yep we have talent, don’t we?

If you go back to the end of last year, you will find a comment by me stating that I thought Hall would give Wilson a real run for the money as starting QB.

He is as talented and athletic as we have had in some time, He can scramble, he can throw and he can take a hit. I just hope he can do one thing better than Wilson, improve by learning from his mistakes.

I had so many things going on Saturday, I never had a chance to watch or even listen to the game. After I found out the score, I had no desire whatsoever to watch the game.

In my opinion (which everyone has a right too), BYU has two main issues.

  1. No apparent accountability for the players, they keep making stupid mistakes and are allowed to still play in the games.
  2. We need an upgrade in coaches. Sorry, I like a lot of the coaches, but they seem to have issues as well of learning from their mistakes. Especially on the defensive side, since Itukai(sp?) too over the D-line we have been getting worse add to the fact he has no clue how to be a DC and have a good game plan. Out of the five games we have played, he has had one game with a good game plan (USC) the other games were won by what the offense did, not the defense.

Yes, we do. Defensively too. What we don’t have is depth. We also played the most difficult schedule in the first 4 games in all of football. We were definately tired and banged up with little depth. What we thought we had was a really good field goal kicker. One field goal and we win.

Nothing more than an excuse… excuses makes for poor execution…

Do you see Utah making excuses when they have to play 9 P-5 teams every year?

Utah is a good P5 team, but as USC showed, they have their weaknesses.
Tennessee is a mid level P5 team at best
USC looks to be legit, but let’s see how they fair against Washington and Oregon
Washington is the best P5 team we have played

I don’t buy the pre-season hype of the toughest schedule

USC has been able to recruit more 4 and 5 star recruits since joining the PAC-12. They are much deeper than BYU so that when there are injuries they are not affected the same way. If you would bother reading other’s posts on this you would understand too. But, you don’t so you remain ignorant on this subject.
Now, is it an excuse for losing to Toledo? No. But, it was self evident that we could not over power their defensive line. It was self evident that our kicker missed easy field goals. Just one and we win.
To the other point concerning our coaching when it comes to play calling on both sides. Both were pretty pathetic. While Wilson was injured in the USC game, he was fine in the Toledo game. Yet, where was his run game? Our QB has to be able to run and move.

LOL, that is rich coming from you…
First of all, I said "Do you see Utah complaining about injuries not USC?
second, our Front lines on both offense and defense has been man handled by EVERY team (including Toledo). If this was a one time event, then I might buy your “tired” excuse.

The defensive front line has not created pressure on the other teams.
The offensive line has allowed 12 sacks in 4 games Scott, no one that knows anything about football will say that is good. Yes, they have “Talent”, but if you ask coaches like Saban or whoever they will tell you that talent will only go so far. You have to LEARN to block (and not get holding calls) to protect your QB.
The kicking game had ONE bad game, but they are the reason BYU won two of those games (Tennessee and USC). It was neither the defense nor the offense that won those games, the kicking game did.

And too rest your comments on kicking as a reason for the failure is ludicrous, because the offense keeps doing the same thing came after game “Shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, bad decisions and lack of execution”

Exactly the way I saw it-dumb and dumber. I had to laugh at Leach calling his lineman fat and lazy after the loss at Utah😀

Whew-thanks for posting an insightful post with accurate commentary. Turnovers and dumb penalties are all part of how good a team is. I get tired of “well if we wouldn’t have done this-we would have won”-that’s garbage-we did do those things and we aren’t good because we consistently do them

Just more of the same ignorant comments. Utah doesn’t complain because they are 4 deep at every position due to their ability to recruit more talent being in a P-5 conference. Same with every other P-5 school. G-5’s get left over talent like Toledo does in Ohio. Wake up! Everyone else in here has stated the same thing.

This pretty much sums up my feelings:

They did not complain when they went into the PAC12 and had MWC players… They did not complain when they lost their elite (high NFL projected pick) running back to injuries… You are simply excusing BYU bad play, bad coaching and above all poor performance on schedule. Talk about ignorant comments Scott, your excuses are such.

No everyone else hasn’t.
Rubicon said “I also don’t think that the excuse that it’s because we play against too many P5 teams is true”

Fish said “BYU is a mess. Bad coaching calls on by sides of the ball. Wilson lets his emotions get the best of him and injures himself. DUMB.”

Texcoug said “But BYU got out scored by Toledo.”

that is just in this thread, every one is telling you why they lost and not one of them said anything about the schedule.

IF BYU can not handle that schedule, write Tom Holmoe and tell him to STOP signing games and go back to the MWC. because there we can win a few more games against gimme teams.

You cherry pick statements from people. Yes, everyone agrees we aren’t deep enough due to being independent. We aren’t Notre Dame. We have a real honor code and other important differences. Moving to a P-5 conference will make us able to recruit more top LDS athletes. We would be deeper. And, we would get more high quality non-LDS players as well so that we would be deeper.
Utah most certainly recognizes that they are deeper because of being in the P-5 league.

We would win more games because we would play fewer P-5 teams and not get as banged up. Meaning our 1st and 2nd level players will play more and win more. We won’t be burned out after the first 4 games.

Yeh I’m sure all of those things are pretty much what have been rolling around in the minds of BYU fans

YOU SAID “Wake up! Everyone else in here has stated the same thing” meaning the schedule issue, well I went through every comment and there was no mention of schedule being an issue…

That was my point, only YOU think scheduling is an issue.

I read an article about BYU recruiting, the coaches said the Honor Code was not the problem with recruiting, the hard part was the increase in academic standards for BYU. It made people shy away from BYU. I will see if I can locate the article, but in essence it blew away the myth of the HC being a problem.

Do remember the kicker from Utah last year (Matt Gay)? The one that made all american his senior year and ended up being drafted by the Tampa Bay Buc’s? The one that won the first game of the year for the buc’s?

Did you know he walked on at BYU under Coach Sitake? Did you know that Kalani told him he was not good enough and cut him? Did you know he was “Die Hard” BYU fan?
We let one of the best kickers in the country walk…

Now did you know Britain Covey who stars for Utah, was a die hard BYU fan and wanted nothing else but to come to BYU and play since his family has been part of BYU for decades? Did you know Bronco Mendenhall told him “No Thanks”? You can include such Utah players as Chase Hansen, Sampson Nucca to that list.

So recruiting is not the problem, it the BYU coaches inability to identify good talent (both past and present).

If you want to be among the big boys, you got to play the big boys…
That is the problem, people like you want BYU to be a national prominent team, but then you complain about the schedule being too hard. Well if BYU want to be on the National level, they have to schedule and compete in most of those games… Which right now, they are not doing it.

Oh good grief! Talk about getting off the track. You mentioned a handful of kids on different years. I’m talking about all 11 positions and 4 deep or more. Once again you cherry picked. Stick to your nose :laughing:

Now, to the lame academic reason. Tell that to Notre Dame, Stanford, USC and on and on. We want kids to work harder in school. So what.

And we can’t overcome the depth challenge. Playing 3 instead of 4 P-5 won’t hurt anything. And once we recruit better then we can add to the depth of the schedule.