Layups, layups, layups!

I’ve counted about 8 in the first half. That’s 16 points lost!

free throws, free throws, free throws…

Gonzaga will be shooting them the rest of the way.

So what will be the excuse next year when we watch the same thing happen… Gonzaga winning the conference or the tournament for the 20th year in a row.

Davis gets knocked to the floor on a made shot, no call.

Davis reaches in on an entry pass to Sabonis and Sabonis goes to the line.

It’s bullcrap. I told you how this would end.

I hate to join the conspiracy but this is crap.

10 missed layups. That’s why we are losing

While that may be true it doesn’t excuse the horribly biased officiating.

Scott doesn’t get it…

Everyone said that Emery would be the difference and he has done more than could have been expected.

The missed layups are an excuse for ignoring the bad officiating.

Wait till next year… right?

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Yep. Well, NIT…

With what people are saying. We won’t be missing all the layups which lost this game. Fischer disappeared in this game missing 4 of those layups. We will be good next year even without KC. But most are right. We will contend but our biggest impact will be in 2 years.

No, missing layups is inexcusable and controllable by the players. Even making 5 of the missed 10 and we win. You are focusing in on the wrong thing. We were better than they were as you have said. Make the layups. Stop blaming officials that are bad to begin with. Control what you can. Your players. We lacked concentration all year with layups and short shots.

Stats don’t lie -

Austin, Kaufusi and Davis combine for 17 points and 12 fouls.

WIltjer and Sabonis combine for 47 points and 2 fouls.

Not to mention 4 free throws for BYU’s bigs and 14 for Gonzaga’s while GU shot 28 3’s and BYU shot 26.

The points to fouls stats reek of biased officiating, missed layups or not.

Yawn… How many shots did we take in the paint? Not many except for the missed layups. They took a lot of shots in the paint and we hacked at most of them. I don’t like losing either. But I’m not going to manipulate stats to try and prove a point when we deserved every foul.

Jim H: The WCC tournament is a Hollywood production showing the pros from Gonzaga and the officials giving another one to the Zags According to the script…Perhaps next year’s tournament ought to be played in Los Angeles to make the Hollywood production more authentic.

No… I think Vegas is the right place. Maybe next year they will pass out free tickets, two for one tickets or tickets that include a buffet dinner and some slot play. That is how they get people to Vegas… they include a show. That was quite the show last night, full of scripted fouls, character officials and plenty of F-bombs from Few.

Gonzaga is a VERY mediocre team this season and that will prove itself out when they exit the ncaa tournament (that they weren’t going to be invited to before last night) early. BYU played good enough to win last night but the league and the officials were having none of it. It is Gonzaga that will make it EVERY year, even when they aren’t a very good team.

Don’t forget, the wcc threw BYU the proverbial bone when they awarded KC with player of the year… just enough to pacify the Cougs until next year. Yeah, wait until next year BYU. I wonder how it will all unfold next season… can’t wait to see the show, maybe even get a free buffet out of it !

We started off good? Really? We were down by 8 right off the bat. Then we played the entire game trying to catch up. At the end of the half we did. With a dunk by Kaufusi which was an obvious interference that wasn’t called by those biased officials.
GU wasn’t as good although they played well last night. Shot well. We didn’t play as well as we could missing 10 give me layups.
All I see with you two is sour grapes.

You might want to check who you are replying to and what they wrote so your responses are appropriate.and not all over the place. Just a helpful hint…

This is one of the many reasons your comments are unreliable and why almost everyone has given up trying to reason with you or explain their opinions.

Also, I have explained in other threads that the missed goaltending call was the only favor that BYU got. It was a 2 point difference… gotta hate it when BYU misses those “short shots”.

I acknowledge that missed layups and short shots hurt, but every team does that. How many, what the reasons are, etc. end up being varied and hard to qualify. I just don’t see it as the only reason BYU loses a game or in this case, lost that game last night. There are many other factors. I also know that BYU, like every other team, has to contend with poor officiating. I don’t have a problem with that if the “poor officiating” affects both teams EQUALLY. But when it doesn’t, it becomes a contributing factor to the loss for the team that gets the brunt of it and has to adjust accordingly. That is the position BYU found itself in last night and they couldn’t adjust to the bias.

From one sour grape to S.G. You sound like a Ute fan not wanting to play BYU anymore. Actually the WCC is happy with its two favorite sons GU and SMC in the men’s final. So far the script has worked well for the WCC and the officials have cooperated. I wonder if the same WCC officials will try to torpedo the BYU Women’s team today.
After all, yesterday the WCC Commissioner hinted that it would be good for the conference if the No. 1 Women’s seed loses to a lesser seed in the championship so the WCC can get two Women’s teams in the WNCAA big dance. Yes, that did slip that out during her interview with the BYU SN guys. We shall see if the WCC script prevails with the officials in the women’s WCC championship game today.

No, I’m the only one in here with sound reason. Yours is nonsense and has nothing to do with curing BYU’s losses to GU. Make layups. Rotate players in and out more often…

Ten missed layups. That’s why we lost. Complaining about things you can’t prove is not worth anyone’s time. Certainly not Rose’s time.!

I can’t prove that Gonzaga was called for a total of 13 fouls? and that they shot 10 more free throws?

Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Go root for the Pukes if you can’t acknowledge the obvious.