LMU had Gonzaga on the ropes

until the officials stepped in and helped turn the momentum the Bulldogs way. So how will BYU fare in this Saturday afternoon matchup? BYU is good enough to win and maybe LMU has a letdown after giving it a go vs. Gonzaga. I think fish is right, BYU needs to force LMU to hit some outside shots. Let’s see if they can do that and get a sweep on their west coast road trip.

At the 10 minute mark in the first half, BYU is down 17-13. Dang they start slow against this team. Only 23 points in the first half at BYU. Emery making some dumb plays, 2 fouls and now out of the game. At least we have Worthington in now, but he fumbles a pass and the turnovers are mounting. BYU has 7 early in the game, down 19-13 as Luke loses another pass and they are down by 8 now. TJ is scoreless.

DJ finally got going. And they had a nice finish first half jumper by canon but dang these guys are notorious for starting out slow and having to play catch up

Turnovers are the biggest concern at this point. It shows a lack of focus and concentration and not getting into any type of flow. It doesn’t sound like LMU is playing well either which should give BYU confidence.

BYU has always had problems with the mental aspects of the game. They become disinterested, get sloppy, etc. Let’s hope they can find, once again, the desire to win and play a good second half.

Baxter blocking the 7 footer. I love it!

Quintana is killing us

It sounds like they are blowing missed opportunitieThey need to hit those wide open shots. Only down 4 with plenty of time left. Maybe they need to put Luke in to give them a spark. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They need to make those easy shots close to the basket.

There ya go, Harding with the air ball and Baxter with the putback. BYU to within 2 points. Yoeli with the spin dunk and it’s tied.

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For all those Zac Seljaas haters, I guess you are glad he is out there today. He has hit all of his 3 pointers today and the defense is shutting the Lions down. I guess Luke is on the bench watching this one.

Seljaas! Perfect

You know you could watch the game by going to the WCC website on your computer. We just linked it up with our TV

Ths is how you finish a game. 18 free throws in a row, making open 3 pointers and getting to loose balls, offensive rebounding. Down by 6 with 7 minutes to go and win by 8.

Good win.

4 guys in double figures, 17 assists, and 85% from the charity stripe. Another very good win.

I tried that before the game and couldn’t seem to make it work. Of course if someone had let me know before the game was over… :smile:

Great win. Now Byu is in the discussion
Seljust played his best basketball of the year and Baxter was a monster out there and of course Haws is the glue and the motor to the entire thing. What I can’t figure out is why LMU let us in bound and never tried to foul Childs once

Now we take care of business at home and we are a lock for second place

If you take away all the bad turnovers we had and missed free-throw’s to start the game this would’ve been an easy game

Man, LMu had 12 steals in the game and we had 17 turnovers. You can’t do that and win against a good team on the road

Oh, you weren’t watching the game? Listening? Following on ESPN? Worthington played okay. Got some key rebounds and loose balls.
Another good game for Baxter. Put a great spin move in the lane for a dunk. Haws clutch free throw shooting but turned the ball over too much.
Seljaas had 4 big threes. Huge game changing shots. Emery harassed LMU but was short on his shots except for the last shot for a three. Big shot!
Rose our coached USD and LMU coaches. Nice going coach!

It’s always missing free throws and layups or short shots for BYU. Fortunately, in the rest of the game we shot well from the line.

I thought LMU should have doubled Haws to make him pass to Emery or Childs to make free throws. Not Haws…But, that’s why he out coached LMU’s coach.

In a shocking development, Grasshopper thinks Rose did a great job coaching this game.