Looks bad for Trump

Wisconsin just flipped to Biden. Michigan is also in the Biden camp. If Nevada goes for Biden, Biden wins. Sad day for those who are for the Constitution Bill of Rights. Especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Biden or Harris will destroy those.

There is a sliver of hope but just a sliver. He has to win Pa., Ga., NC, and then either Az, or NV. Arizona is now considered a toss-up the last time I looked. It was called prematurely. All of those states could be stolen by the Dems, I mean won.

At least the Senate appears safe and the Dems lost a lot of their advantage in the House. So with the Supreme Court and the Senate there is hope a lot of bad legislation can be thwarted. If the senate stays R then maybe the Biden tax increase won’t happen.

With Biden and Harris in office I would say there is an excellent chance for a midterm meltdown for the Dems. This was an election about hatred for Trump and that is why 2 zeros won. Biden is losing his faculties and I can see a scenario where the 25th amendment is used to remove him and then it is President Harris.

I am trying to be philosophical about this. They didn’t touch the great state of Texas and they thought they could take a Senate seat and build on their advantage in the House. None of that happened here and the R’s remain firmly in control of state government as well but it isn’t as red as it used to be and give it another generation and it will probably be blue like Arizona has turned. In two generations we will be California but it is doubtful I will be around to witness that.

Unfortunate that Trump will probably be out of office but the Dems didn’t get anything like the polls told them they would get in terms of Senate and House seats.

I wouldn’t put any hope in recounts. Republicans never win recounts.

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The Senate race in NC could be stolen and that would only give us 50. The Dems 49 and in independent. I’m not sure who the Independent caucuses with. 50-50 is no good if Harris is the VP.

With Trump, the Dems won’t get away with things.

If Biden wins, I would not be surprised if he has a heart attack or brain aneurysm or some other “accidental” death. That would be much easier to arrange than the 25th amendment.

I’m sure Hillary will arrange something.

While most of what you say is true, at least from my point of view.
But “IF” Trump loses and Biden wins (Heaven forbid), I would tell Trump this:

President Trump, you and only you are responsible for this loss. In 2016 when you campaigned, you made it about the “People” (especially about middle class and less fortunate), you showed the “People” that both parties were corrupt and that you were there to “Drain the swamp”.

Since that time, you have lost focus, it is no longer about the “People”, but about “You”! Every press conference was about “What you did”, instead of “What “we” did for the people”.

You continued to be boorish and brag about what “You” did, even when the people who worked for you are the ones that actually made it work. Then you have this constant storm around you, because of your adolescence behavior on Twitter it was getting to the point that even the people that supported you was getting tired of it.

Whether their was foul play in the election or not, it does not matter. Because YOU President Trump should have romped over Biden in the first place. Your childish behavior (Yes, I do mean childish) turns people off, your constant war with the media, turns people off, your continued boorish behavior, turns people off. Being President is not about you, it about what you do for the people.

Unfortunately, President Trump you are not someone who can learn from your mistake or listen to others (which many people have tried to tell you before), when your people try to reign you in, you either fired them or refused to listen and turned them into enemies .

Being President, you need to have some decorum, You can be who you are without all the fireworks and chaos around you, that “You” like to create. People drew tired of your behavior and thus, they either voted for Biden or they did not vote at all.

Too bad you could not learn, because Trump, you were doing some good things, but people simply got tired of your behavior, they got tired of the circus of your presidency, especially in these days of a pandemic, that people are losing loved ones, where “Normal” has long since gone, they needed someone to be the rock to anchor too, but you were too busy “fighting” with everyone to notice that people needed you to reassure them “it will be okay”.

Hmmmmmm. Seems to me that half of the voters have voted for Mr. Trump.

I’m not sure that everyone sees the root of the problem here but I digress.

This country is rotting from within, just like we have been warned. Floyd mentioned Trumps constant war with the media but last time I checked they have no integrity, they are liars and deceitful. They portray events in a way that creates division, hatred, anxiety and misleads us about what is really happening. In many ways that is how this election was won/lost. Many people no longer think for themselves because they too lack integrity, honesty and accountability/responsibility.

There is a deep division because of secularism and the God of politics that persuades men to do evil things. That is what and who will be running this country if Biden/Harris win. They bow to the God of politics and secularism. It is disheartening to watch. This obsession to remove our loving Heavenly Father from every aspect of life is destined to destroy us from within. It is rotten to the core.

I will be on my knees every day and night praying that we can turn it around as a people and society. I will hope for those things that will unite us and focus us in the right direction. It is no small task.

Dems have to win two of the remaining 3 republican seats. One of two in Georgia and the one NC. Hopefully republicans get 2 of the 3.

Unfortunately most of that is true. Unfortunately we now may be faced with something infinitely more worse than the personality disorder of Donald Trump.

Amen, Amen & Amen!!! We have reaped what we have sown as a nation. Turning from God has brought us to where we are. To many their politics is their religion. They are deluded into thinking they can create a Utopian state where everybody has affordable health care, free education, equal this, equal that, anything goes sexually, the extinction of racism, etc, etc, etc, and the government will the be the god that guarantees it. It is a road leading to Hell (spiritually and eventually temporally).

Trump for all his faults told the truth about the media and that is what many liked about him. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 because of issues I had about his character and I had no idea how he would govern. I didn’t vote for Hillary either and it was the first time I hadn’t voted for the Republican candidate. I voted for Trump in 2020 in spite of his character flaws because 90% of how he governed I completely agreed with and I was in agreement with what he said about the media and he was a far better alternative than what we may get. I wish he had kept his combativeness but muzzled himself at times. He could have won over more of the electorate and we wouldn’t be having this discussion today because he would have been the clear winner on election night. As it is if the Coronavirus hadn’t hit he would have easily been re-elected. He wouldn’t have won a Reagan type landslide because that will never happen for a Republican again but it would have been clear about 10 PM central time on Tuesday that he had won and we could have all gone to bed and put the election behind us and turned our attention to Boise State.

That should be closer to 60-70% based on how many gaffes Joe Biden has done “During” the campaign.

that is what I am talking about.

I agree… The problem in my opinion, is that Trump and his boorish behavior has made it so Americans do not see him as a solution.

I think people are missing my point:

  1. Trump should never even under the worse circumstances lose to Biden. But here we are, Why?

My belief is people are:

  1. Tired of hearing the rethoric from Trump.
  2. Tired of Trump constant battle with the media (which has always been biased contrary to popular opinion).
  3. Scared and warn out because of the pandemic, my good friend just lost his 80 yr father to it on election day. No, he did not have a under lying condition outside of being old.

Look I liked Trump policies (for the most part), I think he has done a lot for the country, but personally I am tired of Trump vs the world mentality our current president has. I have too much crap on my plate because of this virus, work, and paying more in taxes than I have had to pay (Under Trump Administration).

Trump is not someone who can calm the fears of the every day person. He stokes fears of the media, the liberals, etc… People are seeking peace, not contention.

That is why for the past few months (since Conference) I have focus my attention on my relationship with the Savior and not worry so much about politics.

Because it is said “In the last days, even the very elect will be deceived”… Doing my best not to be one of those.

I’m not really sure about what you are saying, anymore. Like you, I find certain behaviors boorish and distasteful. My Son, who is near to getting his doctorate in psychology, Says that a lot of the younger generation responds to the rhetoric and outrageous behavior exhibited by Trump and others. To me, a lot depends on how you react to your adversaries. A winning over of an adversary or at least not completely alienating them, in my mind, is a victory. Maybe the feud with McCain, would have worked better if Trump would have toned it down a bit and perhaps would have won Arizona and a lot of us wouldn’t be suffering from anxiety right now. I read on FOX news, where a notable black woman said that anyone who voted for Trump was a racist. This was a death knell for me supporting any of the Democrats, anymore, even though I probably aligned myself with that party more than the Republican Party. It just seems they are increasingly anti-God and eventually will spell doom for this country. I’m thankful for the advantage in the supreme court right now and hopefully we can maintain the Senate, but in all consciousness, I find it a sad time for Americans

I can’t speak for anybody else but I got your point and agree with what you say. I don’t get too offended by Trump because I can understand to a degree what he is up against but I think his reactions should have been toned down some. He could have learned to be more of a politician in that sense without removing the fighter aspect from his personality. Evil has to be opposed in no uncertain terms but you can’t behave in such a way that people’s focus is on your behavior rather than where it should be.

Ronald Reagan was able to speak the truth about his opponents without offending a lot of people who were his base. Trump couldn’t broaden his base because he never learned any degree of tact. Reagan although he had been a governor wasn’t a part of the Washington swamp in his day and it took a long time for the country club Republicans (we call them Rinos today) to warm up to him. It took two landslide election wins for them to wake up and understand that he was what the Republican base responded to . George H.W. Bush won as a continuation of the Reagan legacy and lost because once he got in office he forgot what got him elected. He raised taxes after he got in office and lost about 25% of his base after campaigning on the “read my lips no new taxes” promise . George H.W. Bush was a good man (a much better human being than Clinton who beat hims). He was a good president but he was a typical establishment politician and I believe that is what made him a one term president after 8 years of Reagan. Ross Perot came along as the anti establishment candidate and took away a lot of votes from Bush. A lot of people respond to the outsider and that is what got Trump elected but he was too over the top for a lot of people.

I have to agree with you. Trump isn’t perfect but Floyd is super myopic against Trump. May I make an analogy. Say BYU goes 10-0, beats Boise and SDSU. If the media is calling BYU racists and completely against BYU, what should BYU do? Lay down and not speak up about all the great things BYU and the Church have done over this past year and years in the past? And, all the other P-5 teams are against BYU, what should BYU do? I think you might understand the analogy because BYU and the Church do have a media department to fight back against persecution and lies others say about the Church and BYU.

I’m not sure what Trump was supposed to do. Go along with the swamp creatures in his administration like Bolton. Bolton wanted more wars. Trump wants peace in the world, especially in the Middle East.

My feeling is where Trump made mistakes was not completely clearing out the swamp and putting supporters in all of the administration. He didn’t clear the swamp fast enough inside the White House itself.

Even with that, the degeneration of society and approval of evil is at the heart of Biden’s success. At the heart of people voting for socialists and allowing wickedness to be considered good.

That’s all a cop out and no reason for rational good hearted people to vote against the policies that Trump put into place to allow for socialism and destroying our Constitution. To allow all the dirty crimes the Democrats have committed over the past 6 years and especially the past 4 years trying to oust and overturn the 2016 election. Then, the media refuses to follow and dig in about all of Biden’s crimes. What are people, including you thinking? Let’s vote for the guy who wants to destroy our faith, beliefs and church because Trump is mean. How dumb and childish is that?

You’re missing the point. Trump was elected because he wasn’t a politician and wasn’t going to become one. The other point you missed from Jim’s comments is that Trump had no other alternative to get his message out there because of the Communist news outlets and private social media outlets who are also against Trump. If Trump were to have toned it down the opposition was never going to like him and agree with him or give him a platform.
Reagan was also attacked by the media. And, society wasn’t as secular and evil in his day as it is now. The media wasn’t nearly as bad and we didn’t have Socialist social media either.

I do agree with you about McCain. Trump may have seen him as part of the Swamp in which he was but sometimes you have to keep your enemies closer. Trump won the battle in 2016 but lost the war in 2020. But not because if his ways. Because society has sunk to an all time low. Where socialism and wickedness is good and peace in the world and the economy is in great hands with Trump.

I’m not sure what he could have done differently with COVID19. 230,000 people would have died with Hillary including Floyd’s friend.