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Interesting though that Emery wasn’t on the list of future NBAers…mind games or just the reality that he’s not the physical specimen his friends are?

Who do you think was the better player, Jimmer Fredette or Matthew Dellavedova?

The question doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I wanted to hear some opinions and didn’t feel like starting a new thread.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, a BYU team lived up to the hype and actually accomplished what they were hyped to do? It would be really cool if BYU made a couple runs to the sweet 16 and maybe even an elite 8 appearance in there somewhere with the group of players they will have over the next several years.

I cannot predict and certainly won’t hype anything like that, but it would be nice.

So who is/was the better player, Jimmer or Dellavedova?

College? Jimmer. But, Dell. Had more size and defense.

I agree with grasshopper. Jimmer was the more impactful college player but Della actually got to play in a few NBA playoff games and he was an impact player. Jimmer’s game just didn’t translate to the NBA. Unfortunately, he is too small and not quick enough to compete at the NBA level. Della is big enough and plays tough defense. Plus, he is a decent shooter.

Hehe… neither one of you answered the question.

Probably because there isn’t a clear cut answer.

Just something to talk about.

Yes we did. Like you say often, the answer isn’t always black and white.
Even though we don’t think Jimmer had all the tools for the NBA (size, defense…) we think he should be given a chance to play more because of his shooting ability.

Emery is undersized for the NBA. He would have to be a lock down defensive player to have any chance and since Rose does not believe in defense…no chance.

Emery has a NBA heart. Once Mica chose to play at BYU, his NBA dreams took a major hit. Rose does not bother teaching bigs any inside moves. Anything they have at BYU comes from their HS years. Sad truth.

TJ is the real NBA talent out of this bunch.

BYU will go as far as our free throw shooting takes us. Last season BYU would have been the easy WCC champ if they could hit a FT. With KC gone BYU should be better but if Davis is just as abysmal at the line, expect more of the same.

Davis, Mika, Kaufusi all have below both BYU tean and NCAA FT averages. I’m not expecting any improvement at the line unless one of Brig, Emery, Chat, TJ or Beo somehow start drawing f fouls the way TH used to.

I’m working something on FT rate as we speak. Mika as I remember was OK from the line but not BAD as in Davis bad or Austin bad.

What we really suffered from is that our point, KC went to the line more than any other player and he was BAD. In previous years BYU was able to win close games and hide our very average FT rate because Haws and his 90% or better rate and the fact that Haws was a foul drawing machine.

KC was far from good at the line and his 146-224 for .652 on 27% of the teams FT attempts was not helpful.

However looking at:
Mika 111-180 .617 Frosh
Davis 82-136 .603 Junior
Kaufusi 47-79 .595 Soph
2015-16 Team 571-827 .690

Between them Davis and Kaufusi had 26% of the teams FT attempts this last year
Adding Davis, Kaufusi, and KC’s, between the three of them they took just over 50% of the attempts. Emery and Fischer were the only players on the team that had averages above the teams abysmal .69 success rate.

Mika’s frosh year
team 730-1055 .692
the difference that TH made on the number of FT attempts is obvious but that Mika had 17% of the attempts shows he was pretty much getting to the line as often as should have been expected of him. What he did there wasn’t too good though.

TJ’s FT percent looks to be near Emery’s in hs so he’s likely going to pull up the average.
Brig’s freshman year at Elon was up and down on the FTAs but total was better than the NCAA average 130-173 .751.

Childs looks to be worse than average 79 131 .60 last year.
Beo looks to be better than the team average 129 164 .79.

NCAA Division 1 average just under 70%

Riley Nelson has a lot of heart.

good work, Harold.

What I was mostly interested in was who took most of the FT attempts. And who will be carrying the load this coming season.

How many games do we won or lose depending on FT %. Before last year’s season I said that we would lose 6 games due to poor FT % (we lost 8)

How many this season?

Good analysis by all. I don’t expect Kaufusi to improve his FT now that he is focusing on football through the Summer and Fall. Regarding development of our BIGS, somehow Brandon Davies improved his inside moves during his time at BYU. Maybe he did it all on his own during the off season but it makes me hopeful that our BIGS will develop some even if Rose doesn’t have a hand in it. What do we know about Quincy Lewis and his ability to develop BIGS?

you would have thought that Pope would have made a big impact on our bigs. I saw very little change among bigs from the time they came into the program and when they left. (except Davies)

After poring through Mika’s, Child’s and Dastrup’s interviews, they all said that they decided to play for BYU because of who they would be playing with (the Lone Peak national championship) keeps being mentioned.

This is a very rare thing in D1 basketball, where these kids have been playing together since childhood and wanting to continue together into college. Mika, a no brainer but Dastrup and Childs especially mention that they made their commitment because of the LP3.

Dastrup was 6’10 and over 260 lbs prior to the mission (who has a consistent 3)
Childs, 6’6, 230 but plays way bigger then his size. Fancy’s himself a Barkley-Lebron type player (I won’t argue)

These guys are hardly the kinds of athletes BYU gets…more like Duke or Ky. I feel bad for guys like Shaw and Aytes as they could start for a lot of teams out there but there is no way BYU lets ESPN top 100 guys sit on the pine.

I actually liked a lot of the moves Kyle Davis had in the low block this last year. He could always seem to get that little jump hook off. The problem was that he didn’t have any touch and only made 30-50% from 4 feet out. He promised he would work on that this summer so lets see if he can make good on his promise.

I would love for Mika to model his game after Sabonis. That guy could do it all in the low post and had decent range on his jump shot. Mika has the athleticism and size. Too bad Mika never got the chance to play against Sabonis.

Seriously Glenn?

I remember at the beginning of the year people were talking about the great rebounding presence BYU would have because of him. He had 20 rebounds in a game early in the season and was coronated as the next great, big man rebounder and inside presence in BYU basketball history.

Ummmm… no.

He was so not physical, in the low post, it was ridiculous. As the season wore on he seemed to get softer and less physical, if that is possible. If he would have made an effort to be more physical, those low post moves you spoke of would have resulted in way more points. I was hopeful but mostly disappointed in his production. However, I won’t put all of the blame on Davis. Some of it lies at the feet of the coaches and a lot of it is a result of the selfish play that plagued the team… namely Emery, Fischer and Collinsworth at various times throughout the season.

Maybe being forced to bang with Mika during practice will help Davis improve in that aspect of his game… being more physical, going strong to the basket and dunking among other things.

I think you put it pretty well. He was too soft around the basket. He played well against smaller defenders. He struggled against strong athletic players. Being intimidated led to his timid play around the basket. My point was that he had a nice jump hook move with both his left and right hands but he wasn’t confident enough with it to be consistent.

One of the things Quincy Lewis liked about Eric Mika was his mental toughness. He would never back down to anyone according to Lewis. Davis needs more of that toughness. I thought Corbin suffered a little bit with that too on offense. He got nervous around the basket and would throw up some really bad shots at times when he should have just taken it strong to the hoop. Like Fish, I’m hoping our bigs develop their low post moves and we get more balanced scoring this year.

I like his moves too. The problem was for Davis and others was missing layups and the short shots. That hurt a lot more than the missed free throws in my humble opinion.

More than missed free throws was the missed layups and short shots. Make more of those and we would have won the WCC.

Classic… would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. This is one of the most empty, insignificant, meaningless comments I have ever read.

What’s the matter, did you miss out on the awesome breakfast burritos that our YM president made for everyone this morning?