Nacua shines again…

Nacua 9 for 163 yards and the winning touchdown catch in overtime. The Lambs almost gave it away again. Up 20-0 at halftime, it goes to overtime 23-23. The Lambs went away from Pakua.

Watch: Puka Nacua’s first career NFL touchdown wins game for LA Rams - Deseret News
the legend grows

The hopper isn’t sure Nacua has earned a role on the team as a wide receiver. :rofl:

the hottest topic in the NFL? Fat Chance

Stafford would have something to say about that. The only reason to watch LA right now is Nacua

Again, Nacua is playing the slot receiver. That’s Cupp’s position. He doesn’t have the speed to be as successful at wide receiver. Tell me you understand this? This isn’t high school football or college.

I would stop making comments if I were you because what you are saying is nonsense. Who are the greatest wide receivers of all time? I will give you some recent greats who weren’t all that fast.

Larry Fitzgerald, Cris Carter, Anquan Boldin, Chad Johnson, Hines Ward, Dez Bryant, etc. and lest any of us forget… Jerry Rice.

Nacua’s 40 time was faster than most of those guys.

End of story. You know I’ve ended a lot of your stories. Based on what he has done in his first four games and looking at this list, I would say he is very capable of becoming a great wide receiver.

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Time will tell. So far, he’s done all his damage as a slot receiver…
Rice not fast…:rofl:

He wasn’t. Do some research. He had great hands and ran great routes. Those are Nacua’s strengths and he is also fast enough. I’m surprised at your lack of knowledge on this one.

If you did the research you should provide the information to back up your statement :grinning:

Again, Kupp plays a different WR position than Nucua… Well according to the Depth Chart of the Rams.

The greatest of all time ran an unofficial 4.71, though some claim the number was actually 4.59. Either way, the GOAT did not wow anyone with his speed coming out of Mississippi Valley State in 1985.

Rice’s lack of freakish size/speed and small-school status contributed to Al Toon and Eddie Brown being thought of as better prospects. Each were selected before the Hall of Famer came off the board at 16th overall.

5 great receivers who posted slow times while running the 40 |

I gave Jim an email with more information on what the coach said. It wasn’t blazing speed but more like 4.45.

That isn’t accurate and that is why you said “more like”. He didn’t run a 4.5 but it is beside the point. He just wans’t that fast. He ran good routes and was deceptive. He also had great hands.

All I am really trying to do here is point out the fact that you suggested Nacua couldn’t make it because he wasn’t fast and nothing could be further from the truth or reality. When you get called on something, acknowledge it and move on. That is all.

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Truth or reality? Whose reality and truth? Rice ran slow at the combine. Perhaps a hamstring or ankle injury. The coaches said 4.45 for them. Why don’t you believe the coaches? Because I believe the coaches and you just want to be contentious. I’m just saying the Rams have two fast good WR and Nacua will be fighting for time with Cupp at the slot. Why can’t you agree to that truth and reality and move on?

Because it’s simply not true. Why do you think you have the inside scoop on the Rams personnel decisions? Nobody has said this nor suggested it. It is all concocted in your head and you downplay Puka’s accomplishmentsa to this point with the baseless argument. That alone is what makes it so strange and difficult to understand. For someone who claims to be a big BYU fan, why would you downplay and disparage one of the former players accomplishments? and a rookie who is fighting and playing hard to boot! You should be singing his praises and all you’ve done is say he’ll never be a good NFL receiver and suggested that he will be replaced by Cupp soon.

Come on man, you can do better.


Let’s call this “Opinion” Not based on any factual information. (you need to provide proof, you know emails, medical documentation, etc.)

You have not provided one quote from any coach that backs up your belief. Either on Jerry Rice or Nucua. Again, you failed to provide documentation.

Nacua only ran a 4.57 in the 40-yard dash, which isn’t a terribly slow time but it would’ve been tied for 34th among all receivers at the NFL combine this year. For a wideout, it wasn’t exactly an impressive number.
Like Cooper Kupp, though, Nacua plays faster than his 40 time. According to Next Gen Stats, Nacua hit 21.05 mph on one of his routes this season, which is the sixth-fastest speed of any player during a route in 2023.

To put that number into greater perspective, there have only been nine ball carriers with faster speeds than 21.05 mph this season.

Rams WR Puka Nacua hit 21.05 mph, showing he’s faster than his 40 time (

See Scott, there is a difference between running the 40 in some testing field and actually speed during a game.

Nucua may or may not be “fast” running a 40-yard sprint, but that does not mean he is slow in “game speed” where the variables are different in running than doing a yard sprint.

There is a difference between sprinting and game speed. Just ask Renaldo Nehemiah, great sprinter, but not so good as a Wide Receiver.

The reason Jerry Rice is considered the GOAT of all Wide receivers is very simple, he ran exact routes, He was seemed to read the defense the same as his QB’s (Montana and Young). Above all, his ability to catch the ball in all types of situations.

You are actually right. It is opinion. All of it.

There’s no statement where I’ve downplayed Nacua’s accomplishments. None. In fact, the opposite is true.
As Floyd posted, my thoughts are opinion that I think the Rams WRs are faster and Nacua may not be able to oust them. He will be sharing more time at the Slot with Cupp. Saying that is not downplaying Nacua.

The difference Scott is that I backed my opinion up with facts and documented.

However, did you check out the opposing opinion?