Nacua shines again…

From his coach and others…4.45

No, Jerry Rice did not run a 4.71 40 in 1985. - Reddit - Dive into anything

So, did you check out my facts that is now documented? :grin:

Did you actually read my post about rices time?

In it I clearly said “some says 4.51”.

maybe you just missed that point.

Yes, i read your posts, but none of these people has sighted the official speed time for Jerry Rice. Since no time was officially posted, it is all guessing at what someone remembers.

One last point, there is a slight difference when the run is recorded by electronic means vs a hand held stop watch. The electronic means is always more accurate. That is why they do not posts speeds in the Olympics based on a stop watch.

The Rams lost today but Cupp had 8 receptions and Nacua had 7. Like I noted earlier the Rams were smart enough to get them both on the field and get the ball to both.

Stafford was awful today. Missed open receivers and couldn’t get away from the rush. They have no run game either. Philadelphia is good this year.

I gave you exactly what I said that coaches said he was faster than what was stated. And if you read the article, you would know the slow times are not fact either. Plus, Rice saying didn’t know how to run the 40 as well when he got those so-called slow times.

Scott what you posted was one coach (Walsh) said he remmebered, the other guy in the article was a GM not a coach.

In know minor detail, but none the people sighted an official clock (digitial) to say how fast Rice ran his 40.

So Like I said, it all hearsay, and what people remembered. Which I also pointed out on both times in question.

Here is a nice article about Nacua’s potential in the NFL I thought you might like to read.

PS. I think Nacua is driving a lot of anti-BYU Utah fans crazy… LOL

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Floyd is right on the money here. To the extent anyone doubted it, there is no doubt that Puka can and will continue to excel in the Rams’ offense despite Cupp being back. I wasn’t counting snaps, but Puka lined up wide on most snaps but lined up in the slot a bunch as well. He and Cupp work well together and their combo routes will be a major headache for defenses. Puka is also a devastating blocker for a WR and they used him a bunch in slot motion to lead on outside runs. He and Cupp each got 11 or 12 targets and Puka made the plays he had to make. I’m not sure how the “maybe Puka can’t play outside when Cupp returns” started, but it’s a nothingburger.


It’s because the Rams already have 2 excellent WR. Is that so hard to understand? I liked what the Rams did and if Stafford would throw better they could have stayed with Philadelphia. He missed some wide open throws. Although the one high pass over the middle to Nacua he should have caught it. It was high but he usually catches those.
The Rams have other issues to clean up. The run game has to get better. And their defense has to stop teams on 3rd downs.
How come nothing about Wilson and the Jets 31-0 win?

It started with the Hopper making a claim that is so ridiculous that it could only come from him and with the thought that maybe he could get more attention than not making such outlandish comments. Where have we seen this before??

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The title of the thread is Nacua shines again. Then Twawk comes in and darkens the skies to start an argument. My question is still valid. Your comments are still shameful.

Heard something interesting I thought you would like Tom.

On a local sports talk show they were talking to one of the DB’s Caleb something in another. He said that with Jay Hill, there is a “standard” for all players in the group. This standard goes for all players weather they are starters or a newbie. The expectation is that everyone is held accountable for living up to the standard.

I not sure that was happening last year.

Maybe Caleb Christensen? I think he’s only on special teams and maybe some KO return duty. I’ve heard he’s a really good kid. But I love the statement you report. What we saw the last several years from BYU’s D was an abomination, and I agree with you that the constant failure without improvement was an indicator that no actual standard of performance was enforced.

Floyd: I just got to this message, but you make great points and got me thinking about “track speed” vs “game speed.” Both as a head coach and as a fan, I’ve always thought that EFFORT on a snap is underrated. I’d time kids in 40s and see them bust it to beat their teammates. But very few players WORK that hard on every snap once the game starts, and that effort is a big part of the difference between “track speed” and “game speed” (not to mention running in pads, differences in playing surfaces, intrinsic ability to sense angles while at full speed). Puka BALLS OUT ON EVERY SNAP. As did Jerry Rice. As did Charlie Joiner, Cupp, and many other WRs who had great NFL careers despite not having the best track speed of anyone out there. My cousin was the QB at Granite when Golden Richards and Doug Richards were his wideouts–so I had a special interest in Golden Richards’ career. On the Cowboys, Golden was faster than Drew Pearson, but Drew Pearson had a better career. Lots of reasons, but Drew Pearson was the All-Pro despite not being the fastest guy on the field.

PS: my cousin told me Golden was AMAZING but that Doug was even better at WR! Doug went on to play basketball at BYU when Kresimir Cosic was there. Doug left BYU as its then 5th all time leading scorer and averaged 20ppg his senior year. My cousin was also all-state in football and offered by Bear Bryant to play QB at Alabama but after a knee injury in basketball his senior year decided to enter the MLB draft. Needless to say, Granite was pretty good back in those days!

I believe that the guy’s name was Wakley Not Caleb. Old age I guess, you know can’t see, can’t hear, etc. LOL

Oh, Wakely is that safety who is playing because all the other guys are hurt. I just responded to your earlier message–nice work on that. Got me thinking.

How did Puka Nacua, Cooper Kupp look in their first game together? - Deseret News

there you go again, personalizing again. You leave that out and your posts are palatable.

I said the same thing. Nacua is leading the league in receptions…you, Hopper, posted that he may not be good enough once Kupp healed up. Then you got personal. with Hawk, Crawl back into your hole, Tom…Is that so hard to understand. If you said something like that to my face, you would be on your back looking at the sky. Is that so hard to understand?

No Hawk got personal with me. Go back and look.

I did question whether Nacua would be good enough. So did a lot of media personnel. So what? They way the Rams talked when Cupp got hurt suggests they thought about this too. Certainly is natural. Do you know where Nacua was on the depth chart? Was he behind the other two or three for WR? And, as a rookie, certainly a valid question.

Hawk, “Hopper hasn’t had enough attention lately so he has laid bait out to see if anyone wants to take it and engage in a senseless argument!”

How is that personal? Hawk said exactly what I said. You were laying BAIT, admit it!

Clearly, you were arguing a REDICULOUS point. Nacua is the all NFL poster child.

argue all you want, just be mature about it.

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Just read his words. He always start out with “Hopper” this or “Hopper” that. When I mention a name I’m the evil one. Get real.