New head coach?

I vote Kalani Sitake

How could he do this before the bowl game! We may end up playing Utah or USC without a head coach…

I’m betting Anae.

Please “NO!”, if you want to sink the program unto the depth of hell… Hire Anae…

I am routing for the LDS coach at Navy…

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This is nothing new Scott… Coaches leave before bowl games all the time…

When Urban Meyers left Utah it was before their Fiesta Bowl game…

Would he take a pay cut and all the benefits for being a government employee :wink:

First of all, I didn’t say I was necessarily rooting for Anae, I just think he’s a likely candidate. Secondly, I don’t think we will get an LDS coach who is already a head coach of a Division I school. Who would want to take the pay cut?

Keep in mind that the head coach needs to be temple worthy. The Navy coach I believe I’ve heard he is. How about Andy Reid :smile:
No, Anae isn’t likely. He probably is looking for a new job. Maybe Virginia along with Taysom Hill. This sucks before a bowl game!!!

How about Norm Chow!!!

Bronco said he will be coaching in the bowl game at LV.
NO Scott, Norm Chow won’t do and his wife don’t want to come back in this cold state of Utah. And both Norm Chow and Robert Anae have bad tempers when comes to media interviews, So, won’t do to both at BYU or being a head coach!

Not saying I would like this, but I was wondering what you guys thought about Ed Lamb who was the HC at SUU this year (they won the league regular season) and has ties to BYU (he coached here).

What would you think?

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That’s a new name to think about. There are the following ones too on the short list:
Ken Niumatalolo of Navy
Darrell Bebell - Seattle Seahawks OC
Kalani Sitake - Oregon State DC
Lance Anderson - Stanford DC
Robert Anae - meh
Kyle Whittingham - if he wants to repent :wink:

I’m with you Floyd, I like the coach at Navy as a possibility.

When coaches leave don’t they usually coach the bowl game before moving on>

I just saw this news flash by on ESPN…

No, they usually leave it to an assistant.

Actually it can go either way. Part of it is the demands of the new university and part of it is the quality of the relationships at the close of the old HC’s job at the school he is leaving.

I’m with you. That would bee a huge mistake, even though I believe Bronco recommended him.

I don’t blame Ronco at all for leaving. 3 plus million a year for 5 years will set him up for a long retirement in extreme comfort, and I think that’s his goal - he would rather be hunting with his boys in 5 years than coaching ball.

I think it is very unlikely that he will be a big success at Virginia. I lived there for 30 years and they can’t get the top recruits needed to become a steady winning program in that league. On top of that, Bronco is going to struggle with what the program is going to expect from him, like Sunday practice and attitude of players that will be quite different from BYU. It’s a five year gig to retirement and that’s what he wants. Winning and losing aren’t all that important in that scenario. I’m not saying he won’t give it his best, but he is gone in 5 years no matter what. So he can relax and enjoy the ride no matter what since he’s not looking for the next deal. Smart move and right move.

BYU needs a coach with a name and connections to the NFL if they are going to get good recruits. Few choices. I would try for Detmer as OC with a strong DC experienced head coach. The problem is how do you get that with what BYU pays? Reid and Detmer would be great, but the money isn’t there for it. I think we may end up with a guy that the powers that be hope will exceed his current status - possibly an Urban M type guy. All in all it’s tough. No money, no league, few if any top recruits and a tough schedule. BYU football needs a miracle, and those are pretty rare,

How could he do it? This is how: Signing date is the first week of February; UVA says, “We will give you $20 million dollars in the next 5 years, but you start tomorrow, because have less than 8 weeks until signing day and you need to put together a staff and solidify a recruiting class.” There are $20 million reasons for him to leave now. More power to him–D1 football is all about money, and Bronco cashed in on a job very well done at BYU. I hope if the next guy goes 100-25 or whatever, fans don’t complain so much about him.

I think the writing was on the wall with the horrible loss to Michigan, the Missouri loss and the manner of the loss to UCLA The number of empty seats at LES didn’t help either. I don’t think UVa. is a good fit for Bronco but he had to go somewhere and found a place that will pay him well. So Good for Bronco. I think he will be rudely awakened at the work load he will be expected to take on at UVa. They aren’t likely to put up with going home at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. and he will have to put in a lot of time on Sundays. We all know the slim number of folks who could be the new Y HC so little surprise coming there. A new adventure awaits.

Edwards didn’t think it was all about the money…

Bronco said the money was not the important part about the decision, it was more to do with having a “Different” challenge, new team, new players at least that is what he said at the press conference they had.

I think Bronco Realized that he could not bring BYU to the level some of the fans and especially cougar club members wanted, this is PURELY speculation on my part… but I can not help but wonder if it did not have an impact.