New rules for WCC

So, the WCC is requiring teams to play more competitive schedules and changing the format of the WCC tournament. The reason is to get more teams in the NCAA tournament. Okay, so let’s hear from the peanut gallery all the reasons why it doesn’t matter :peanuts:

All I know is USF is still playing basketball and so is Utah. St. Mary’s won a couple games in the NIT and Gonzaga made it to the ncaa tourney and won two games as well. BYU barely made the NIT and lost their only game.

Do I care what the “new rules” are for the wcc? No.

The reason it doesn’t matter is because BYU will finish 3rd or lower again and continue to stay mired in mediocrity. Likewise, fans will continue to have unrealistic hopes for something better, believe that BYU is still good and be happy with 20 wins in a 30 game season.

I thought it was interesting that Mark Durrant believes BYU “overachieved” this season and did better than expected. I don’t know if that is because expectations were lowered or because he lives in the delusional bubble like other clueless fans do… or whether he is just defending Rose, etc.

My take is that BYU underperformed and played well in a couple of games this season, nothing more. It was those well played games that showed us all why they underperformed the rest of the season. Now they have a couple players who might leave because they were focused on as the stars and now believe they are better than they probably are at this point.

The culture needs to change. We are supposed to live in the world but not be of the world yet there it all is… doing the exact opposite and expecting success like all the other teams BYU aspires to be.

There were a lot of crappy teams (Pac 12 for sure) that didn’t belong in the tournament. Way too many teams from some conferences, etc. That is not going to change so the wcc isn’t going to get more teams in anyway.

But there is no corruption in college basketball, right hopper?

So negative my, my… I think the new changes will help the WCC. As far as players testing the waters, I have only heard one player thinking about this, Yoli Childs. But, he’s only testing the waters to gather information for his future. Unless someone is really interested in him, then he may go. But, he’s not like Mika. Mika didn’t like school and wanted to leave. Childs like school and his time at BYU. Different situation. So, relax. Enjoy the journey more!

I only care if it entices Gonzaga to stay. It probably doesn’t move the needle otherwise.

Other astute persons claim it will help the league get more teams into the NCAAs.

I would say they are overly optimistic if Gonzaga leaves. If the Zags are gone, we max out at 2, with a mode of 1. If the zags stay then it’s possible it moves our average up. If we could consistently (a plurality of years) get 3 bids that would be significant, seeing as we struggle to get in the top 2.

wcc has already gone down hill. 1 bid forever.

Not if they do what is planned. It’s simple math.

LOL! the grasshopper is still delusional regarding what the ncaa is all about. Do you really believe that making the preseason schedule more difficult is going to allow the wcc to get more than 2 bids at any point in the future?

Nope… the wcc is gradually becoming a 1 bid conference, like the other bottom feeder leagues around the country. Why do you think Gonzaga is contemplating leaving?

The question is, does mwc think they are going to get any better if Gonzaga joining in? Does mwc think they will get 3 or 4 teams? This year they got 2 SDSU & Neveda. And when they do expand, they might still get 2 or MAYBE 3. AAC only got 3 and Big East 5. Big Least still think they are P5 league. WCC has become like wac or worse big sky. Even if Gonzaga stay at wcc we will get 1 forever OR it could of been 2 bid if smc had played better schedule and away from their gym. And yes BYU didn’t do well either for not beefing up their schedule. We all knew we weren’t going if we didn’t win the whole thing of wcc tournament. Even if we did win over Gonzaga and yes both of us go and Gonzaga would of been 10 seed and we in the “Play In” on Tuesday and “One And Done!”

Almost forgot. I can tell those big boys are staying away from those little league schools so they would continue to take most of those slots in the ncaa tournament.

Nonsense. The so-called big schools don’t play that many tough schools in the beginning of the year. They wait until league to play the “big” schools in their league. They will play us and other WCC teams. As Few said, the league has to be willing to play more tough games.

And that is why the league is making changes. To increase the likelihood of getting more teams into the NCAA tournament.

Yeah, just like they have done to this point in time. In fact, those teams are lining up to get a chance to come to Provo and play in the Marriot Center…

Like I said, you are delusional.

Yeah, just like all those small, obscure leagues do. You know, the ones that only get one team in because they have an end of season league tournament to determine that single entrant.

If it weren’t for Gonzaga, the wcc would be one of those leagues and BYU’s program would be in even worse shape than it is now. Face the facts, the Cougars are a program on the downslide. Heath Schroyer was just another reason that the overall direction of the team is downward.

You would think the ncaa might take another look at those small leagues and teams like Loyola Chicago who bring excitement and interest to the tournament but they won’t. The script is in place…

Get as many teams (from the big money P5 leagues) as you can justify into the tournament and watch the money flow.

Like I said, you are still delusional about what is going on.

You need to be more forward looking instead of living in the past.

I live in the present reality.

You need to open your eyes and be more present looking instead of delusional… :astonished:

Like I said, you need to be more forward looking instead of stuck in the present dissolutioned reality. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now that may be true. I don’t have a problem with that. BYU tried the Heath Schroyer experiment and everyone kept going on and on about how great it was going to be and everyone said how great the “defense” was and how it was going to make BYU better and how they were going to be able to compete for a wcc title, etc.

I semi bought into the idea and then I watched the same old nonsense begin to unfold… BYU fell back into their same way of doing things. Bryant and Childs played hero ball and Haws became a petulant brat because he wasn’t the hero everyone told him he was going to be out of high school and Dastrup sat on the bench and played cheerleader, except when he got some decent game time and made a difference… but it never got better. They are still the same mediocre third place team. Yeah, they beat St. Mary’s but big deal. They weren’t going anywhere and of course lost in the first round of the pointless NIT.

Can you understand a little why I live in the “disillusioned present”?

Well, I don’t see where you think Childs and Bryant were playing hero ball. The offense took most of the play clock. Whoever had the ball last had to take the shot. And, in that team, I had no problem with them taking shots. They shot at a high percentage.
Haws took few shots and was a good team player. Something he had to learn and did fine except his shot disappeared.
I agree Dastrup needed to step up but he didn’t. Next year.

This is a completely erroneous, misinformed, delusional statement. Sorry… your previous post had some legitimacy to it. This one is poor at best.

He plays one good game at the end of the season. He finally learned his lessons in practice and put it on the floor during a game. Something the coaches said wasn’t happening. You are defending something you can’t possibly know.