Nice F bomb coach

Sometimes there is a place for strong language, our guys need to respond right now!!! Let’s go!!!

How can you beat 8 on 5 KC. This is the usual WCC rec league protecting its favorite the GU Zags. This game and the officiating is a total joke. Nothing new for the WCC and GU.

Sasquatch (Karnowski) camping out in the paint and bulldozing his way through his camp at will, and the Three Stripped Dwarfs letting it happen is too much. BYU didn’t help themselves either. The two consecutive turnovers from Bartley dribbling off his foot turned the momentum in my opinion.

Now Halford down and possibly out along with Winder. It has been a tough two hours.

Update on Halford. It is a lower leg nerve contusion. No break or tear. Will likely be playing next week.

Horrible 5 minute stretch of officiating that culminated in the techincal to Rose. I was hopeful after a mediocre first half by BYU that left them down only 6 points. They started the second half well but after getting to within 2 points at 54-52, the wheels fell off the objective officiating machine and it was over.

Just some absolutely horrible calls and no calls by the refs during a key stretch in the second half… last time I checked the rule book, 3 seconds in the key and travelling were still violations, but not if you play for Gonzaga and the wcc wants you to maintain a high profile and seed for the ncaa tourney.

The whole thing makes me sick because it is something I have posted about for years now… the favoritism that is given to GU season after season. It was on full display tonight and this is the only thing that will keep BYU from winning a wcc title in the future. I don’t care who BYU has (lone peak boys or not) on their team, they will never get past GU in this biased (officiating) conference.

It will always get them when it matters most. The commish wanted BYU in the ncaa tournament and he wanted GU to keep their high profile nationally and he got what he was hoping for… just enough objective officiating and a good game from BYU in Spokane and the expected non objective officiating to allow GU to pull away in the second half of the wcc tournament.

I know Dave Rose was upset but he had to know it was going to happen…

Wait, aren’t we the same team that they said leads the NCAA in FT attempts this season? All the NCAA, and without a dominant inside presence to draw cheap ones. We lead the NCAA in trips to the FT line, and our fans think the officials are out to get us every game.

See how ignorant that is? Were there times tonight calls didn’t go our way, absolutly. And I liked the passion coach showed, but in the end we just weren’t good enough. I think any objective fan could tell you that. So instead just enjoy the run, thank our guys, and pray for a spot in the tournament.

After all it’s been since 2001 that we won a conference tournament, we just don’t have the guys to compete in a tournament type setting. But a good little team that overachieved no doubt, and could pull an upset or two if we get a shot.

Why do you think Rose got so upset?

Do you think he was trying to inspire his team? Of course not. He could see the way things were going and after closing the gap to 2 points and then watching that horrible display of biased officiating for a 5 minute stretch ending with the Rose tech, I knew it was over.

Do you not see things like that as they unfold before your eyes? Were they bloodshot from throwing down one too many therapeutic cold ones?

It is so obvious sometimes… the finish to the season went just like the wcc hoped it would. BYU never really had a chance in this game, regardless of how well they might have played. And as far as your “trips to the ft line” goes, BYU was 15-20 and GU was 25-37. That’s right, 37 free throw attempts… so that comment was pretty meaningless, particularly in this game.

You’re as bad as Gavenman, just not seeing what is going on. The timing of the fouls and non calls makes such a big difference but some just don’t see it.

Yup, that’s exactly what he was doing, almost worked

Jim, at some point after 14 years without winning a conference title, fans need to admit we just are not built for tournament play. We just don’t have the depth of athleticism other programs in our conferences over the last 15 years have had.

Sasquatch is a good name for Karnowski, an NFL fullback for sure supposedly playing basketball. The bulldozer is a good name for him. I like the description of the three stripped dwarfs, under the control of GU officiating the game. This has been the condition of the WCC referring for many years, long before BYU good into this rec league.
I am totally disgusted with the so-called conference that goes over board to protect, aid and abet one school, Gonzaga.

We have had it in the past. When I look at the stats, one thing that stands out is 40% shooting. Cannot beat Gonzaga when they shoot 53% and we shoot 40%.

Okay, there was 5 minutes of bad officiating. But 40 minutes of bad shooting by Fischer and others. Yet, we out rebounded them especially on the offensive boards big. Score and we stay in the game regardless of the referees.

2001 is the last conference title. We’ve only been in the so-called rec league for 4 or 5 years. So, what was our problem before? Jim doesn’t have an answe to that.


He was angry and upset about the way the officiating was going, and with good cause.

and no it didn’t work. Didn’t really matter what he was going to do, the officials already had their mind made up on who was going to win the game.

I will jump in here–this is what I posted over on the other post game conversation: At halftime two things were decided: 1) no 3 second rule enforced, and 2) BYU would not be allowed to defend the post. The result: 6-0 fouls in 4 minutes, point blank shots for GU every time down, and the game was OVER with 16 minutes to go. Incidentally, when they finally called the late 3 seconds on Karnowski, I rewound and counted to 7 before the whistle. My point is that we were completely outmanned in the post as it was, but when the rules were modified we had zero chance to compete. We may have lost anyway, but I’m just saying what I think I just saw. You simply cannot play basketball if the rules are that there is no time limit in the post and if you touch the guy camping out it is a foul

You figure it out… you and KC.

Whether or not BYU wins the conference title is irrelevant. One major reason they don’t, in spite of their talent level, is that officiating has been biased.

You think Thompson and the MWC didn’t have it in for BYU? He hated the Cougars.

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Coincidence that Haws shoots about a million FTs in his career, yet in the last two tournament games, when he is facing the fiercest and most physical D, he shoots 0 and 3? Yeah, I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

exactly Tom, the 3 second issue was driving me crazy because it played right into GU"s gameplan. No matter what BYU did they were not allowed to defend the inside.

You are right, the game was over at that point.

Too bad some fans don’t see it, they think BYU still had a chance… LOL.

I think $ decides who wins. If GU wins, they are a 2 seed, they beat some tiny school, then the WCC gets millions of dollars for a 2nd round game, where they play a 7 and have a good chance to advance to make MILLIONS more for a sweet 16 game. BUT IF GU loses tonight (losing 2 in a row to a bubble team), they drop to a 5 or 6 seed, play somebody good, maybe don’t even get out of the first round, and instead of getting a 7 in the second round they get a 3 or a 4 and the party is over and millions of dollars are down the drain. I think it’s naive to think the league doesn’t have that all figured out, down to the way a game is called.

The other thing that bugged me was the ESPN announcers kept saying this was the 18th straight (or some huge number like that) tournament championship for the Zags?? That is a sign in itself of a fixed league.

Good points, Tom, on the millions of dollars available for the WCC for a second or third round win. Gonzaga is the golden goose for the WCC so why kill it?

And for KC and Gavenman on this post. This game was NOT officiated like the other tournament games. Rose had no choice but to be T’d. Problem was is was too late. And you can’t simply “score more points” while being hacked. Few knew he could go to Sasquatch and let him camp out in the key and bulldoze away because nothing was going to be done about it. And he was right.

He was right because we just dont have bigs to defend them. We play a 4 guard lineup hoping to outscore teams because we don’t have the talent to matchup up. We are not a tournament team with how we recruit,
it’s why it’s been since 2001 that we won any tournament. This is not a new thing, it’s been our program for a while. We just think we should win the WCC since we “look” like the other programs, but the reality is we are not as good as Gonzaga.

I am laughing about these posts…

If you look in the off-topic section, I predicted this would be the reaction of BYU fans… LOL

Bad officiating,
WCC has it out for BYU
blah, blah, blah…

Some real fact gentlemen:

  1. Zag was given a wake up call last week by the hands of BYU… if you look at their performance over the couple of weeks they were sleep walking, even lowly Pacific hung tight with them during conference play.
  2. BYU ended a 41 game Home winning streak for the Zag’s… pay back are a b???h…
  3. BYU has ONE inside presence right now that can play (Corbin), with Austin and the other kid out, Corbin had no chance to defend against the two inside players for Gonzaga. If the others two were not hurt, then I think we would have a different outcome.
  4. BYU has two really talented players (Haws and Collingsworth), the rest… well they are good, BUT not to the level of the Zag’s players.
    Talent wins 95 percent of the time.
  5. While officials do make crappy calls at times, 95 percent of the time, they are the not the problem, the way the kids play is…
  6. Rose was upset at the lack of calls… no problem, that is his job to work the officials, every coach in America tries to work officials…
  7. If you ever get a chance go watch Rose when he was a player, he was a hot headed player that played the game very physical and emotional… Rose was motivating his kids with tirade as much as being upset with some calls not happening.
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I have no problem with Rose f-bombing the officials…

Stuff happens… Good coaches find ways to motivate players…

Jerry Sloan use to get tossed to motivate the Jazz players…

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