Nice to see BYU not giving up

In the 1st half. Refs aren’t calling contact both ways. Hope that changes in 2nd half.

Are you suggesting that the officiating isn’t completely fair on both sides of the ball? I’m not sure why there is this obsessive need for the officials to give Gonzaga all the contact fouls but turn a blind eye to BYU in the same situation. I’m glad BYU is showing effort, it makes a huge difference.

Funny to see Few get a technical when they let some contact go…

The best thing that could happen to Gonzaga is to lose this game. It will help them be more prepared for the tournament.

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It is nice to see the team play toe to toe with the zags. As I wrote that we get the lead. Heck yeh.

3 peat? Wow! Lol!!! What a win. Now Gonzaga can be ready for NCAA now that they got their 1st lost of the season. Nice win for us!!!
Go Cougars!!! :smile:

Great win!!!

WOW! I didn’t think it was possible. When Few got that technical was the first time I thought BYU had a chance. It was the stark realization on his part that the officiating was keeping them ahead and when that went away, Few started to feel desperate.

All is forgiven, I don’t care if they lose in the first round of the wcc tourney. For the first time all season the team actually looks like there is hope for the future. They did some things tonight that we haven’t seen all season.

Wow, just wow!

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You took the words out of my mouth. Inconceivable!

As long as Mika comes back. And Emery stops crawling on the floor :confounded:
Kaufusi played well tonight. That rebound and put back was awesome. That block by Mika was outstanding!
Haws turned the ball over too much but he played some good defense and hit big shots!

Wow, first time this season I actually agree with everything you wrote.

That is two miracles in the same night!

Haws had no turnovers in the 2nd half. And team only 3 turnovers in the 2nd half.
I liked the slow down too.

Ditto to what everyone said. Yes, this team redeemed themselves tonight. Thursday night was an important breakout game and they were able to carry that momentum into this game. Congrats to the team and coaches! What a difference a week can make with a young but talented team.

I was surprised Dave Rose was smiling with confidence with few minutes to go like sometime after 10 minutes in the game. Nice to see him smile.

Before we get ahead of ourselves (and this is a historic win), The Zags were 3-16 from 3 point land, 16-29 in FTs, and a poor 16 turnovers at home, they are as much to blame for our win tonight as BYU gets credited for the win.

We still won despite Shaw’s turnover per 5 possessions, and Haws careless 5 turnovers. Haws did, however; hit 4 big bombs to erase that 18-2 deficit. Bryant was consistent and level headed throughout the game.

I think we got a serious glimpse of what Rose thought he had when he signed these ESPN 100 kids.

The turnovers were due to a much improved defense.

I would agree with you on this if there was some consistent, observable evidence. If the defense had played like this for 4 or 5 consecutive games then I would call it “much improved”. I would call it a better defensive effort in this specific game. Like Fish said, don’t get ahead of yourself.

I saw one thing out there that I haven’t seen all year: a major change in defensive scheme…

  1. no zone. our zone is an automatic open 3 ball party for even terrible teams.
  2. first game I can remember ALL YEAR that our perimeter players didn’t cheat/crash down to try to deny the post. the result was that Mika and Kaufusi were left to defend Kanowski, Collins or Williams one on one and they did a TREMENDOUS job of it. And because they were playing one on one in the post, we didn’t give up all the open 3s we normally do. This had to be a plan and simple schematic change. And it worked.

Well, I think they took what they learned from the NBA coach and applied it to this game. This wasn’t the same GU from the past 2 years. This was suppose to be Few’s best team ever. We stayed in front of players and played well. Now, we will see if we can do it in Vegas.

That NBA coach perhaps even taught them to not cheat down as much.

Ok, I have a true head scratcher…SO Childs gets 5 touch fouls (all by the same ref.) and is just befuddled…Mika, on the other hand, looked to me to be able to hit guys as hard as he wanted and gets no fouls other then the Polish takedown, hahahaha.

If we were to make it past SMC, which I just don’t see happening, I say that Coach Few will make sure he gets Mika early foul trouble and just snuffs us out like a bad memory.

At any rate, BYU looks to have found patience on offense and good defense for at least 2 games so hopefully we see the same effort going forward.

Haws holding the ball until 10 or 15 seconds left on the clock and then the same old offense kicking in is not the definition of patience on offense one usually envisions when one uses the term of patience on offense.
At any rate, when one says patience on offense what is usually envisioned is the offense running as per normal only the players actually not taking the first possible shot but the best reasonable shot.