No more witnesses

Mitt Romney is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. Why didn’t he just run as a Demorat over there in Utard. Utardians voting with the anti-Constitutionalists. Good job Utardians.

He that hath the spirit of contention is not of me [saith the Lord], but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one with another.
“Behold, this is not my doctrine, to stir up the hearts of men with anger, one against another; but this is my doctrine, that such things should be done away.” (3 Ne. 11:29–30.)

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Aren’t Pelosi and Schiff both from Califoracation?

There is a bill being introduced in Utah to be able to recall a Senator.

This bill will go nowhere. You can’t remove a Senator just because you don’t agree with him. Romney is a huge disappointment to Utah voters but you can’t remove him for dislike.

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If they make the law they can…

Yes so take the mote out and see the light of truth. The spirit of contention refers to those seeking evil. I’m seeking righteousness for our country. Evil wins if good people do nothing.

I think that is the world we love these days.

If you don’t like the person then impeach them or remove them from office.

Sad days.

Whose going to speak out to those that support this injustice? Best way to let the Romney’s of the country know is to toss them out. Pass the law to give Utahans the opportunity to recall him. Utah is still a conservative State. That’s not contentious.

With the influx of out-of-staters moving to Utah and specifically to Salt Lake City and to Salt Lake county, those 2 geographical areas are now largely democratic. As Utah, Weber and Davis counties continue to grow, they too will become Democrat-controlled. That just will leave the conservative rural areas and they will not be able to carry the state. I would bet Romney is banking on that plus he does not face re-election for 4 more years. These growing urban populations are becoming less and less LDS and the Church will have less and less prestige in the state. Wonder if the GAs considered this as they encouraged more and more growth in the state the past few decades.

It amazes me how Democrats move from California to red states because of bad Democrat Party socialism and immorality and vote for Democrats in their new states. Viruses have no brains and Democrats are viruses infecting the country one state at a time. Progressivism is a Marxist disease.

It is kind of weird, Salt Lake City is pretty liberal, but on the west side of the valley (south jordan, riverton,etc) is still pretty conservative.

Mia Love would have won re-election if it wasn’t for her stupid belief she would win the election and did not campaign.

My area in Sandy/Draper is still conservative.

Mia Lost because she spoke out against Trump. Many Conservatives stayed home from voting because they were not excited about Love and her mouth, much like Romney. They get bogged down with a dialogical point (Romney hates Trump, Love and women’s rights) and buck the big picture. Trump may be mess as a person but he is dead on about the swamp, fair trade, terrorism and things that Conservatives believe in.

I held my nose when I voted Trump over the Crook Clintons the first time but I will vigorously vote for Trump over the dangerous Dems this time around. Can any tax payer vote a Sanders-Warren nut job in? or a “I really don’t want to be here but we got not other choice, Biden Obomaite”.

The Dems have gone sooooo far left, their moderate base is about to abandon them. Libs shout down anything that won’t commit to political suicide. I see a repeat of 2016 only this time it will be a landslide and a reversal of the house.

I hope you are right about the landslide and the house flipping back to Republicans.If the house does flip back then the GOP better keep it in the off year election of 2022 because if not you can almost guarantee another call for impeachment. The Democrats still have about 9 months until the election so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try it again if they can find some other offense they can somehow twist into an impeachable offense. With their willing accomplices in the mainstream media they will try to convince a bunch of people, Stalin would have referred to as useful idiots, that some really serious offense had been committed.

The Republicans were correct not to call anymore witnesses. Neither Article of Impeachment rose to the level of an impeachable offense. Neither qualified as a high crime or misdemeanor and neither are considered criminal acts. Every president who ever served abused their power to one degree or another and Trump has done far less than many of the prior presidents particularly FDR . Obstruction of Congress, in my opinion, is something the Democrats made up because it sounds serious and could confuse some people into equating it with the real crime of Obstruction of Justice.

Whether the Democrats proved their case for either article is really irrelevant because neither was impeachable so why waste anymore time on the sham by calling more witnesses. The Democrats said they had overwhelming evidence to support two non impeachable offenses. If the evidence was so overwhelming why the need for more witnesses? Why should the Republicans aid them in their sham impeachment? The call for more witnesses was rightly voted down. I think Romney’s vote had to relate to his personal feelings toward Trump. Susan Collins vote was because she is in a liberal New England state and she is up for re-election.

The Democrats are complaining that the Senate trial was not fair because no witnesses were call and that was unprecedented. No impeachment has been tried on such flimsy grounds so there is really no comparison to past impeachments. The Democrats, and the liars in the media, have a lot of gall to cry foul when what they did in the house was unprecedented in not allowing Trump’s attorneys to attend, not allowing the Republicans to call witnesses, and not allowing Trump to answer his accusers. Although impeachment is different than a typical court case the accused still has due process rights and Trump was denied those. If the public buys into the concept that Trump was guilty until proven innocent then we are in real trouble as a Republic. The way the Democrats handled the house hearing was so heinous and one sided that it suggested Donald Trump was guilty without a trial.

There is also no equivalence to the Clinton impeachment because Clinton was impeached for the felony of perjury that occurred in a grand jury testimony related to a civil lawsuit filed by Paula Jones. when he lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The impeachment wasn’t about sex as has been alleged. It was about perjury related to a lawsuit. That is a felony. He was later disbarred because of his conduct.

Dems have not done a single thing since their majority in the House. They have been playing with house money and the house (voters) feels ripped off. Polls will never record the silent majority that can’t wait to drown our the loud Libs with a Nov. vote. It really is a shame Pelosi, Schiff and Watters all live in corrupt California, where they have no chance of losing their seats. Talk about a pimple on the nation. California should secede, become their own country, as they attempted at one time, then they could vie with Venezuela for the worse run country in the world.

One of the reasons she lost according to my friend who is in the Top brass of the GOP here in Utah was because she thought because there was an R behind her name, she would get reelected automatically.

So she did little campaigning and whole lot of mouthing off about Trump and other issues. Ben McAdams hit the road and out campaigned her.

I’m all for California being annexed by Mexico😃

I am all for splitting California, Oregon and Washington off from USA, building a wall around them and telling them they are on their own in every way, including defense.

Yeh I agree-I live in Eastern Oregon and wished we were in Idaho