Not a postgame peep about the UMa$$ game

and I think this speaks volumes about where things are at right now. BYU football is just not that interesting and the team just isn’t that good.

I think the talent is there but the program lacks discipline and focus, which results in a lack of identity, just like the basketball team.

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Our team is boring. Our schedule is boring. Week after week there is nothing to play for. I love BYU and love BYU football but couldn’t honestly care less whether we go 6-6 and play in some embarrassing bowl game, or go 5-7 and stay home.

Indy is not working…WCC is not working…Fans are not invested.
Still love my cougs but we are in the process of losing a generation of fans, now is that sustainable?

Unfortunately, the BOT does not care what the “Fans” want… they want our teams to a missionary tool instead of a Football or Basketball team… Until that ends… NOTHING will change.

I did not watch the UMA$$ game, guess what? It did not bother me…

When we get incidents like Nick Emery sports doesn’t do much for the missionary program. It doesn’t really matter whether what Emery did pales compares to what went on at Louisville and other places because it is not supposed to happen at BYU and if that sort of thing repeats itself enough times the BOT will just get rid of sports if sports keeps giving the university a black eye.

I used to tell my non-member friends that BYU has never been in trouble with the NCAA and I was proud of the fact. I can’t say that anymore.

I think that the school is making a big mistake with allowing Emery to continue to be a part of the basketball program. The whole situation is a bad one. Emery knew better. The boosters knew better and Rose should have known or inquired. I feel bad for Jackson Emery and I hope that Nick can and does get his life under control. But he should not be allowed to play bb at the Y.

Can someone here help me understand the motivation for a “Cougar Booster” to do this? I can understand players falling for free money and goods, but what is it the boosters get out of it? I don’t see how this makes Emery more a Cougar. He already was one. Or are these boosters just wanting to have a “special” association with the athletes? Which is weird.

I thought the whole thing was rather strange since Emery signed a letter of intent pre-mission and then came back and played with no hint that he was going to back out of his commitment. Generally the kind of perks he got from the booster are given to kids to induce them to sign with a program. I don’t really get the booster’s motive either.

It is interesting that a lot of the nation finds the whole thing laughable in comparison to some of the things going on with big time programs. I read somewhere that people got a big chuckle out of Emery getting a trip to Harry Potter World and got to drive a VW. I am not downplaying what he did. I am just offering some perspective.

Before I heard about this situation I thought Emery would help this year and now I am thinking he may just be a distraction. From what I have seen I think Harding could take the minutes Emery gets and BYU may be better off.

Agree with Aro and thawk, two of the more astute and insightful posters here. Also, JohnBrady poses a very good question.

What was the point of all this nonsense?, from Emery’s perspective and more importantly from the unnamed booster who chose to give the school and program a black eye to deal with, what exactly did they gain from all of this?

Likewise, I don’t understand why BYU feels the need to bring Emery back and allow him to play. He isn’t going to make the team any better and honestly, that is beside the point. He should play for SUU.or Weber St. or some less visible program. If he is so good, maybe he could help them.

Good points. Again, I say let’s get into a good G-5 conference for all sports.

I have deleted the name calling from cougarfan. point taken

amen and amen

Hmmmmm, exactamundo. Harding is a future star. He is smart for a Fr…He is long, smooth 3 point, fearless to the rim and not a emery blackhole. And he going to lose all those minutes. Not at all happy about it.

Now that felt better, to let it all out. They other thing that galls me is that the Utah media has not said peep about allowing Emery back on the team.

Ok, guys, I am changing my mind about the Emery situation. I know people around here called Tom Holmoes office to complain and a couple of guys who are active in the BYU alumni chapter called Pres Worthens office to complain this week. I am going to do so today. I am ok with Emery staying on the team as long as he is not a scholarship player. He pays his own way. This option will punish the correct party. My inclination is that he won’t stay because he is selfish and it will show his true colors. But make the offer to Emery immediately. I am also going to express my dismay for what appears to be a lack of institutional supervision by Coach Roses staff. They have 6 coaches and 13 players plus there are compliance reps from BYU assigned over the program. None of these paid people questioned Nick about new cars, trips made around North America to U2 concerts, trips made to Disney land, cruises taken and multiple golf and lunch outings at local Provo area country clubs. All of these events were splashed on Instagram and Facebook in real time. There is a brand new car in the parking lot and no questions from BYU? There are pics and conversations and dialogs and warning signs all over the social media platforms. Nothing said or asked to Nick?? Shame on the basketball program and shame on the athletic dept. 2 years worth of this behavior??

To make matters worse, Tom Holmoe decides to reward Coach Rose with.a contract extension at the exact time that the NCAA told the university what the penalties were going to be. A fine, loss of scholarships and forfeiting 47 wins. Some say the punishment is too harsh. BYU says it will appeal the vacated wins. But all the other penalties were ones BYU suggested. The wins is to me … a statement that The NCAA thought Rose was way out of bounds for not supervising the players on his team. This behavior goes along with the lack of passion and energy in recruiting I have been complaining about for 7 years.

Anyway, the athletic dept decision to reward coach Rose in the face of the most serious allegations and punishments the program has ever faced … maybe the entire school … is a PR nightmare. If BYU couldn’t do anything other than remove Davies for an honor code violation and preempt a final 4 run … what are they doing extending a coaches contract in the face of the NCAA sanctions?? It makes no sense. Worthen needs to get involved and tap down on Holmoe and Rose needs to have the extension put off for a minimum of a year given the circumstances that have unfolded! The whole mess is getting worse every minute it is allowed to go on.

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From what I have heard, I believe the booster involved in this was also a close friend of the Emery family. I am not absolving Nick role in this, but there may have been some confusion in Nick’s mind.

If this is what happens to be BYU for reporting an violation, and this is the punishment that is meted out for the infraction, then Louisville and the other schools back east involved in the FBI probe had better get the “Death” sentence for the crap they did.

If they don’t, I think it is time for the NCAA to be disbanded.

I think the NCAA is a joke and a monopoly that is screwing up college football and colleges around the country. It has no leadership worth anything. But, that doesn’t make the Emery situation any better! It doesn’t make Rose’s lack of supervision better either. It certainly doesn’t excuse Tom Holmoes horrible decision to extend Roses contract in the face of NCAA sanctions look any better OR smarter. It also doesn’t give BYU an out on telling Emery that he is free to play bb at the Y but he will not be on scholarship to play. His scholly was lost when he made the choices he made!

I also need to voice my opinion that I am not in favor of joining a G5 conference. Our problems won’t be solved by joining anything but a P5 conference in the long run. It may not happen, but by far our biggest problem is lack of winning. In football and basketball we aren’t going to be looked on more favorably until we put a winning program on the court/field. Right now in football we would get beat by a bunch of AAC opponents and not get beat by P5 teams … that won’t do us any good. ESPN won’t pay us 12 mil to go into a conference of G5 teams and win half our games! They won’t allow us to be on their platform and we won’t be able to have BYUtv broadcast games if we are in a conference. This also goes for rebroadcasts of ESPN!

So, whether we like it or not, independence is here to stay unless we can turn around this football program. If we can’t, ESPN will not renew and we can then join a little conference!! We need to get the right people, follow the rules, be good examples of doing things the right way and spend the money it takes to build the brand and hire the right people to move forward!

Yes there are probably circumstances that are a bit more friendly than just meeting a corrupt alum! I agree. The issue isn’t so much that it happened as the fallout from the handling of what has happened … the administration is blind and Tom Holmoe and coach Rose have made the situation take on a life of its own with almost unparalleled stupidity and timing!