Not a postgame peep about the UMa$$ game

Amen, Amen. Goodbye Nick.

You’re not the only one who has repeated this nickname, but it saddens me to see this in a message board of almost exclusively believing Mormons. I don’t like Nick Emery, and wish he wasn’t with the school or associated with the team, but I don’t like the name-calling. It strikes me as un-Christlike and something Jesus or Christlike people would never do.

And “Worthlesston?” Holy cow! Aren’t we fathers, sons, brothers, and grandfathers here? How would any of us feel if we, or our son/brother/father/grandfather were referred to like this? And all because you don’t like his basketball skill or basketball IQ? I agree that he is benefiting from Dave Rose’s politics, but planting “worthless” into anyone’s name seems really low and classless to me.

I’m asking that we keep it classy and Mormon (or what should be Mormon ideals and examples) here.


I totally agree with you Rubicon. I first noticed for quite sometime about Worthington name change and I think I did use that inappropriate name one time but decided not to use it again. And I am surprised a new nickname for Nick Emery was out of line. It frustrates me what Nick did using the money & benefits from boosters. And it made it look bad for BYU program and nothing has been done to other Universities that we knew. Again he knew better what was not right. SG did mentioned Nick no longer has a scholarship which I hope that is true. As for Luke Worthington, I sure hope he is getting LESS playing time and get those three freshman more playing time. And stop the nonsense they need to “Practice Harder” to get playing time. Zac Wilson did fine as a QB and those three Freshman “Baxter, Harding & Lee” need to play more minutes.
And the title above which I think JH can change it would be nice. But, I am surprise the “Moderator” for this CougarFan Message Board didn’t do or say anything about it which is strange. You think they would delete that title?

come on Chris, your better than this… You are sounding more like someone else on this board.

here is the thing, You and everyone else on this board do not know the whole story behind Nick Emery offenses. In our church, we believe in redemption, however, I guess if you are from Alpine, part of the L3 group that is not something the faithful saints of BYU fandom can do.

From what I understand, Nick has stepped up and accepted his punishment, including going to his bishop, AD and a therapist to resolve his issues,

Calling names is beneath a member of the church, but then again, I am from Utah and we all know how Utah Mormons are…

It wouldn’t let me type UMass, which is how the university name is written. I didn’t even think about it when I wrote it. It’s silly…

Floyd, all of this is prety much irrelevant. The bottom line is that he made some serious mistakes and for him personally, there seems to be no punishment. He is going to be allowed to play for BYU again. It seems ironic that BYU chases away good, honorable young men like Chatman, Dastrup, Beo, Toolson and others and at the same time they embrace and coddle guys like Emery.

Why is that?

I agree that we don’t need to resort to name calling and other things, but where is the accountability? I don’t have a problem with Emery playing college basketball so long as he does it for a program that he hasn’t already ruined.

Come on man, time for a reality check.

cronyism. Everyone knows the NCAA is broken, corrupt and that the blue bloods will make up their own punishment and everyone will sign off.

Right now we will never get an invite so long as we treat the gay community the way we do. If we did join a P5 conference, BYU would do just fine as the athletes would follow. ESPN would not have to keep it’s contract because BYU would have P5 money. I am fairly sure that ESPN would continue to support BYU if we fell back to a G4 league, look at BSU.

You are probably right. Will I quit attaching names to players? Probably not. If it bothers you, I will try harder.

Is it Christlike to Take money under the table? Tatoo the school forever because you were selfish? Lying? He knew what he was doing and went ahead with it and Here we are acting all Christlike by inviting him back. THawk is 100% right when he says, let him play so long as he loses his scholarship. I say, get him out of here or everyone should lose their job.

Thanks! I, for one, would really appreciate it.

That’s beside the point I am making. We can control only our own actions, and our own actions are what we will be judged on. Emery did what he did, and he is accountable for that — really accountable, not just the short-term of his college career and BYU. He has been a jerk in the past, punched the UofU player, and his marriage went up in flames in a really short period of time. I wouldn’t wish what he’s been through on anyone — and that stuff is worse to me than the illegal perks from the booster. I mean, he’s been a jerk no one wants to be around. Did he actually serve his full mission? And how did that go? I remember him joyfully welcoming Zac Seljaas back from his mission at the airport after only, what, like 6 or 8 months? Missions don’t seem to mean anything to Emery. I think he’s a sad person with a lot of problems I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

But we are accountable for the names we call people, and our intemperate reactions to their action, no matter how bad their actions are. “Scumdog” and “Worthlesston” aren’t even the worst ones. Some are typing actual swear words and taking the sissy Mormon out of replacing s’s with dollar signs, as if that doesn’t make it swearing. Totally classless, and an embarrassment to our priesthood and who we are supposed to represent.

I agree with you about not letting him return to BYU. That isn’t at all the Christlike behavior I’m talking about. It is simply not treating him and others on this message board contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fish, i think you may have missed my whole point!

BSU doesn’t have a ESPN contract. If you are a member of a league the tv money is divided among league members. My point is that if we don’t turn around the football program we will have to go to a small time league because the P5 won’t let us in and ESPN will quit wanting to broadcast our games per a 12 million contract that they currently have with the Y!

BYU doesn’t mistreat gay people! We don’t allow them to marry in the temple … frankly why would the LBGT people want to get married in the temple anyway??? They don’t believe in a restored church of Jesus Christ that is lead by a modern day prophet so what is the appeal to them??

thawk: BYU doesn’t mistreat gay people! We don’t allow them to marry in the temple … frankly why would the LBGT people want to get married in the temple anyway??? The don’t believe in a restored church of Jesus Christ that is lead by a modern day prophet so what is the appeal to them??

My answer: Power and beat down of religion in general.

This is the type of crap that makes BYU fans look like jerks and are labeled as such. Sorry, just trying to BYU from getting a black eye here…

I wonder if Nick Emery could get in to BYU if he were not a basketball player. To me Emery is an embarrassment to BYU, as is coach Rose. Both should be released from BYU.

Blah, blah blah… enough. Rose has a contract and you don’t. Emery will play and the team wants him to play. Now, how about you being a fan…

I took your point and went back and erased all the Emery references. There has to be another way to vent just how ripped off we fans feel about allowing Emery back on the team.
On another note, I am heart broken about the fires in California. All the deaths and personal loss…entire cities going up in flames. So sad.

Fish, i agree wholeheartedly with the article. When you study the timeline and read the NCAA report … one gets more irritated with the coverup than what Nick actually did. Both Rose and Emery came out and tried to deflect the issue that both of them had full knowledge of. Rose was really concerned with Nick’s mental state … and he might have been. But BYU had already volunteered to take away a scholarship and put on recruiting restrictions (maybe that is why Rose hasn’t been full of energy on the recruiting trial) and self impose 2 years of probation …all things BYU came up with. The only thing the NCAA came up with was the vacating of the wins the school had while Emery played in the games. Hmmm … did BYU really think that the NCAA would only penalize them in the way BYU asked them too?? I really lay the blame on Tom Holmoe and Rose. Did Holmoe have a conversation with Kevin Worthen about not only appealing the vacated wins but also deciding that rather than apologizing to the university and its alumni that he would extend the coaching contract of Rose? Just super poor judgment and I do believe there was a lack of organizational control … now I believe that that lack of organizational control extended up into the BYU PR dept, Tom Holmoes athletic dept and even into the presidents office.

This is an embarrassing situation. I want to go on record that I agree with making Rose forfeit those wins. If the characters in this play showed any remorse I might be inclined to go along with the appeal. Not now!

Remorse concerning what? Did Rose know what was going on? No. So, what is he going to show remorse for? I think perhaps showing a sense of responsibility because you are in charge and take responsibility is proper. Any good leader does that even without sin.
We don’t know if Emery has shown remorse or not. His bishop knows. His coach knows. His teammates know. His friends know. You don’t and neither do I. So, if those in the “know” know and accept him back to play then enough of the sanctimonious hit jobs on Emery.

Thank you. You’re a good guy, Chris! I think the best way to vent is to do what we’re doing — minus the getting ugly. Complaining and criticizing like we’re doing is all we really can do, really. I wonder if any of this backlash will filter up and cause the administration to step in.

It’s remarkable. And wasn’t the shooting in Thousand Oaks like two days before the fires hit? Wow, to have that all at once.