Now that Covid is basically the flu

Can we just play games already?

College kids never did mask up, they all had it by summer two years ago.
Heart disease, Diabetes, Alcohol, Smoking, driving a car, Meth, Heroine all kill more than Covid EVER did,
Am I wrong?

I think you simply missed a couple of qualifiers.

Heart disease, Diabetes, Alcohol, Smoking, driving a car, Meth, Heroine all kill more college students in any year than Covid EVER did,

exactly Harold and yes Chris, you are right on.

The continued scare tactics by media and government to make us believe we will all die from this is very concerning. The associated problems with those other things and the anxiety and stress related to Covid hysteria is far worse than the virus itself.

Today a United States Supreme Court Justice, IN ORAL ARGUMENTS, said there are over 100,000 kids seriously ill with Covid. The actual number according to US Health and Human Services is about 3300 or so. I’m a lawyer. I’ve never witnessed the USSC, but did attend a hearing argued by my law partner in front of the Oregon SC. The justices were smart and prepared. How a sitting SC justice could possibly be either A) so ignorant, B) so unprepared, or C) so stupid to allow herself to be so biased by the media that she is repeating the media scare tactics was more than astounding to me. That type of blatant scare tactic, employed by a sitting justice, is both embarrassing and very scary. I’m done worrying a single minute about the kids. Period.

I know which scotus justice you are referring to and she was appointed by a president whose party has a philosophy to exploit, exaggerate, and prolong any crisis as long as possible. If that means fudging numbers so be it. To be charitable in my judgment of the woman I I am going to assume she is just swallowing the lie and is not a liar and is just willfully ignorant which isn’t quite as bad as being a liar but does call into question whether she should be on the Supreme Court.

In my opinion this virus is now no worse than many other viruses and doesn’t justify lockdowns, mandatory mask wearing, and vaccine mandates. We are probably at the point we can treat Covid like any other potential serious illness and people can decide for themselves whether to take the risks associated with the virus.

I get the yearly flu shot because of my age and I got the initial Covid vaccine and the first booster for the same reason. Now we are being told by some scientists the vax doesn’t work with Omicron anyway. For the time being I am done with the vaccines.

the scary thing here is not a peep from mainstream media.
sotomayor justice - Bing

It is interesting to me how people just plain get worn out by all the false info out there…I am in the same boat. Having traveled the world for many years and living in Mexico for 4, My immune system is that of a junk yard dog. But I got the vax on family endless badgering. I am glad I did it on 2 fronts: Keeping family peace and leadership, just don’t want to be that guy. Secondly, my neighbor, a principal, caught Covid two weeks ago, it nearly killed him. Young, healthy, touch and go for 10 days.

Virus by nature variant to a less lethal bug. at this point, we should be calling Covid, the flu and treat it accordingly. Social Media and Political Correctness are the real Covid’s out there.

Fish, before you post stuff like this you may want to do some research:

COVID-19 vs. flu: Similarities and differences - Mayo Clinic

Yes, Omicron acts and feels similar to the flu, but the effects of the two viruses could have vastly different outcomes. Chances are that you will not die from it like the original virus, but you could have some very long-term lung issues with the Covid-19 that you don’t have with the flu. They still do not know “ALL” of the long-term side effects of the Omicron virus.

I like many am tired of all the “restrictions” that this virus and some idiotic government officials as put on us. But the fact remains, that this virus is far more serious than the flu.

I did tell my wife the other day, that maybe we are in the very “Last Days” and the Lord sent this virus to eliminate all the idiots on our planet! You can image my wife’s response to that! :open_mouth:

Tom, the real issue behind this case is “Does the Federal Government have the right to make health mandates”?

Which in the past has always been viewed by SCOTUS as a “State” right (See Massachusetts vs Jacobson 1905 SCOTUS Case for reference).

What most of the people complaining about their rights being taken away do not understand is that SCOTUS already confirmed way back in 1905 (the case I mentioned) that “Personal Rights do not supersede the health and wellness of the community” .

That is why you do not see people winning court cases when the State mandates masks, but they are judicated when the case involves the “Feds”…

I can’t remember if it is you or your brother that is an attorney, but that is my understanding from the research I did on it.

Here is a direct quote from his post 4 up from yours…

“I’m a lawyer. I’ve never witnessed the USSC, but did attend a hearing argued by my law partner in front of the Oregon SC.”

HTH Floyd

The problem as I see it all depends on what side of the isle your political stance is on.

Every Justice was put on the bench by a President of whatever party. These Justices have political leaning left and right. Sometimes they say dumb things. Not every Justice is going to say or decide what everyone thinks is right. Even Trumps own Justices went against him on a few cases.

For the record, the total number of children hospitalized with Covid from August 2020 through January 4, 2022 is 81,923, per the CDC. So she is off in her comment about 18K

Hey, I am old and have “memory” losses… Give me a break! LOL

The operative word is “WITH” Covid. Many are hospitalized with Covid not because of covid. You can go to the hospital for something else and get tested for Covid and then an asymptomatic
case is discovered and it still goes into the Covid hospitalization stats. I have no idea what the numbers mean. You can’t really trust anything coming from the CDC.

Somebody can die from some unrelated cause and the deceased is found to have had Covid at the time of their death and then they become a Covid statistic. We have no idea how frequently this happens.

The CDC should put out stats differentiating whether Covid was the cause of death or hospitalization or if it was found to be something secondary to the primary cause. It wouldn’t be that difficult to track.

It is just possible that if the truth was known many who are still living their lives in fear would move on and live their lives normally, business wouldn’t shut down, people would return to church, return to work, and attend social and athletic activities. They would take the small chance that they may become seriously ill knowing they probably won’t rather than fearing they probably will if they don’t wear a mask, stay home from work, and isolate themselves.

Big government advocates, the mask business, and big pharma won’t let this virus pass from the pandemic phase to the endemic phase easily. They will milk this thing as long as possible. Rather than tell the truth about Omicron they give you glimmers of hope but always with underlying gloom and doom advising you to vaccinate, wear a mask, and stay home until they fix something they don’t want fixed right now anyway.

Here in the most populated state, California, 44 children under the age of 18 have died since the pandemic began. Total death in California, 76,049 as of January 5th. 13 of the dead children were under the age of 5.

Do we even know if Covid was the primary cause of death?

wrong by 10x that number. actual covid children is less then 10 thousand. These children end up at the hospital for something other than covid, then are tested and found to have covid.

At a briefing, Walensky said the numbers include children hospitalized because of COVID-19 and those admitted for other reasons but found to be infected.

“Most of the COVID+ kids in the hospital are actually not here for COVID-19 disease,” McGuire said in an email. “They are here for other issues but happen to have tested positive.”

Fauci also said many children hospitalized with COVID-19 have other health conditions that make them more susceptible to complications from the virus. That includes obesity, diabetes and lung disease.

Since mid-December, with the highly contagious omicron variant spreading furiously around the country, the hospitalization rate in these youngest kids has surged to more than 4 in 100,000 children, up from 2.5 per 100,000.

Is that good enough for you, Floyd?
Sounds like flu season to me.
Hospitalizations Skyrocket in Kids Too Young for COVID Shots | Health News | US News

We know from past reports the hospitals were told to count flu and other deaths as Covid. It’s dangerous and we need more and better treatments for Covid19. But, there has been too much lies going on as well.

Sotomayor’s false claim that ‘over 100,000’ children are in 'serious condition’ with covid (

The real number is close to 5000 children

Just another problem with defending her statement by citing that stat.
She said there are currently 100,000 plus. August through January which puts it at about 5k a week…
at not time does 5k a week end up with the panicky numbers she refers to.

I read her comments, The main issue I had was just how she actually phrased her comments. Was she talking about children currently in Hospitals or overall? or generally many children’s gotten sick?

Her Actual comment:
"We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in — in serious condition and many on ventilators,”

I am not trying to defend or accuse this Justice, because just about every politician on either side of the debate has said outrageous things that “their side” has hung onto as the truth.

The issue that I think people have is the whole diagnosis of “With Covid-19” or “having Covid-19”, big difference.

We have to be careful to make statements like “It is only the flu” because from what I have read and researched they have not had enough data to determine the short and long term affects of the omicron virus on people.

I have read that if this becomes the dominant strain permanently, then that is good because then they can “treat” people with yearly vaccines “like” they do the flu

Accord to Aro, you are wrong, it is only 3400… So where is the truth?

That is my problem with post like these, everyone makes assumptions not based in facts.

Currently, according to my research:

  1. Scientist does not have enough data determine just what are the short and long term affects of having this strain. So to say it is “just the flu” is inaccurate.
  2. There is a difference between “having” Covid-19 and “With” Covid-19 that seems to make both sides of the debate make false statements.
  3. “IF” this strain becomes the dominant strain worldwide, then they can create a vaccine protocol much like they do the measles, chicken pox, etc. which would help.
  4. The amount of disinformation being spewed out by both political parties is dangerous.
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