Nuimatalolo out of the running

According to Navy’s play by play guy, BYU offered, Navy matched. Coach Ken is staying in Anapolis.

Bogus because we weren’t going to talk to him until adter the Army-Navy game. He probably wouldn’t accept it anyways since he’s a triple option guy.

Let me correct this…The Navy play by play guy did NOT say BYU offered. He said that Navy had tendered a contract extension that will raise Coach Ken’s pay to 2.75 mil and they are willing to go higher if needed. They want Coach Ken to stay. Plus Coach Ken gets a house and a car. Taxpayer dollars at work.

Yes, That would make sense, right now Coach Ken makes about 1.5 mil a year… has put Navy back on the map and also won several Commander cups (against the other academies)… Knowing he is LDS, it would be very wise for Navy to “bump” his perc’s.

I see no reason for Navy to raise the salary of the football coach… after all, he is doing it for the love of the game, teaching kids how to play football and because of his competitive spirit. Money has nothing to do with it… :wink:

Taxpayer money is at work everywhere you look… and the poor continue to spiral downward without much opportunity to change their plight. The ruling class is alive and well…

If Bronco were only doing it for the challenge, change, teaching young men, why did he not move to UVa for about the same money he made at the Y.

Very disappointing, I was really hoping BYU would get the Navy coach. He is a proven winner and from all accounts a very good man. Apparently the Church can’t compete with the US government when it comes to paying football coaches. My next choice would be Whittingham but I would guess that is a 100 to 1 shot.

What athletes and coaches get paid is obscene when you think about their value in the grand scheme of things. I would say the same of celebrities. Our values are really skewed. Entertainers (which is what athletes are) make the big money and people who really effect our lives for good get paid way less.

My son just texted me a pic of a clean shaven K Whit being greeted at SLC airport by Tom Holmoe this morning.

I should say that is what it appears to be.

You mean this…

It looks like a chance meeting to me. Whit arriving at the airport, possibly going recruiting while Tom and Brian are returning from somewhere.

I found out why TH and BS were at the airport. They were greeting a returning missionary. They are in complete damage control mode.

It’s called capitalism with opportunity without limits. The money isn’t the evil. The love of it. When you work hard for many years and get the opportunity because people are willing to pay to see you, why covet another’s accomplishments? We enjoy football, basketball, movies and so on.

This was a 2nd hand report. Take it for what it is worth.

You are pretty set in your opinions and way of thinking. In fact so much so that you rarely, if ever, adjust or change your preconceptions about anything whether there are facts or situations that present something different. Kind of a bummer…

Greinke getting paid 200 million throw a baseball is great for Greinke but very damaging to society overall. Bronco getting paid 20 million to coach football is great for Bronco, but creates and results in a lot of problems for society overall. Some I can think of immediately are misplaced priorities, unrealistic hopes and expectations, etc.

I could say more but why? I know you already have your ideas about it and they don’t align with mine so you aren’t really interested in considering another point of view.

Here is something else I found out. Coach Ken needs 3 more years at Navy to be eligible for a full Civil service retirement, which he would get after 20 years of service. He would walk away from a very nice federally-guaranteed pension if he left Navy now.

It is actually 20 percent of the average of the highest 3-years of salary. If Navy bumps him up to 2 mil, that would be a 400,000 pension.

I would say that Coach Ken is wearing golden handcuffs right now.



how dare you suggest that he is doing it for some other reason than because he loves teaching kids the game of football.

All he has to do is coach for 3 more years and he can retire on a 400k annual pension? Yeah… money has nothing to do with it. :smiley:

Don’t bother replying to SG… it’s called “captalism without limits” … and you should just accept his ideas as the gospel truth. :smile:

How does Bronco getting Paid $20million dollars damage society? He’s not a burden financially to anyone. He can buy any goods he wants that goes to a company that goes to pay salaries. He can give $2 million to the Church plus I’m sure more than you make in a year to fast offerings. And, to many other charities. He pays half in taxes so welfare helps those in need as well as pays military their pay. I simply don’t see your point that everyone should get paid the same or a finite amount. So, explain your self instead of talking in riddles expecting us to know what you are thinking.

Coaches at the Naval Academy are not civil servants. They are employees of the Naval Academy Athletic Association.

So sorry but your research doesn’t apply…

And Ken has more than enough put away for the rest of his life…the money doesn’t mean much to him at this point, or for that matter ever…