Officials are getting excited!

Did anyone notice how excited the referee got when he called Mika for his second foul? Truth is the defender had not established any position, but because Mika leaned down to go back up he got the foul. It really stinks being a white, athletic big man. He will be plagued by this all season long.

The refs just love calling fouls on Mika…

Now that they are down 16 he will get a call here and there, but if they start to catch up watch and see what happens.

See what I said? Mika makes a tough shot down low, he was totally fouled on an undercut by the defender and the ref swallows the whistle saying the guy went straight up… well, he didn’t but it is a no call to slow down the momentum.

Nice play by Haws.

Emery and Haws are frustrating players. They make some great defensive plays, get some momentum and make a comeback only to stifle it with some quick, ill advised shots and slow themselves down before half. This game should be even.

It’s really too bad that Emery, Haws and Rose can’t hit the broad side of a barn in the second half. If they were able to hit just 2 of those misses they would be right in the thick of this game. Mika has been great but he can’t do it all himself. For crying out loud, make some outside shots and free throws.

Can’t really point at the officiating as a reason for the troubles… they have been fair and a little helpful to BYU in this half.

At least Leifson hit a couple.

Wow, terrible call against Mika as the shot clock is winding down.

What a game killer.

Why can’t they just let the two teams determine who wins the game?

Why, why, why?

What on earth got into LJ Rose? It’s too bad that the too little too late factor came into play.

They still almost won…

There are just so many ways that BYU could have, would have or should have won this game. Hopefully they will be able to clean up the mistakes, mature in their decisions and play, and carry that into league play.

If not it will be an up and down season.

Naw, it was a foul. And the refs called a good game. Their bigs had foul trouble too. Refs didn’t lose this game. ILL. is a very good team. We weathered the storm. We simple could not make the shots to get back into the lead. We missed 3 more 3’s. Emery missed a couple of free throws down the stretch.
Other than that, we played pretty well against a good team.
Rose has to just keep shooting and take only good unforced shots. He breaks down defenses and gets some good passes and assists.
Davis didn’t play much. Did he get hurt again? Beo needs to square up with triple threat position. Be ready to shoot.
Mika played well with two early fouls. But Rose has to trust him he can play with foul trouble. Got down by 16 before he came back in.

Rose and Emery stunk up the place in the second half. Emery is a great natural physical player, but he isn’t too bright on using his head in many plays. Mika is the team.

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Did u have a good conversation with yourself? It was a good game. Officials were ok. Guards outside shooting was off-Haws and Emery 33% Beo 0-3: Leifson 2 big threes but lost a key board. Rose 2 key shots towards end: Child’s and Mika over 60%fg. A not unexpected loss but a chance to win. Haws 6 rebounds and 5 assists. They are slowly getting to look more like a team.

Rose hit two big shots and stole a couple of balls. Emery too. I think what happens with Emery is he plays too many minutes and gets fatigued quickly. Yet, when he’s out, the team falls apart. Same when Mika is out.
Emery was 3-7 from 3’s. That’s 42%. I don’t count the last second half court shot. Almost went in.
Both teams had 12 turnovers. I chalk it up to defense. Our zone defense was much better. The 2-3 zone picked off some passes.
ILL. was experienced and had some excellent talent and size. Holding them to 75 points with a real opportunity to win was a good team effort.
Our guards, except for Emery, I don’t think have ever heard about triple threat position. Beo never once did it and had some open looks if he was in a shooting position. Liefson was the only other guard in proper position.

for once I agree with you. There has to be some real injury problems with this team…to see these kind of lineups at the end of critical games.

Worst officiated game of the year. Must of been a Big 10 crew. Almost made me wish for a crappy rec. crew. So one sided in the 1st. Ghost fouls on Mika and Childs and then they just let everyone play in the second half.

This is like a bad Christmas song (funky funky Christmas, look it up)

I’m assuming the next two games for BYU are “gimmies” so BYU will enter conference play with a 9-4 record. BYU had its chances to build its resume last night but just hasn’t been able to get enough wins against good teams to have a legitimate shot at an NCAA bid. If they are going to get in, it will have to be done by having outstanding league play. With Bryant still sidelined and Davis with a gimpy knee, Dave Rose will just have to make due with who he has. At this point in the season, I think the WCC pres-season predictions are going to be accurate. Gonzaga will win the league with St. Marys in second and BYU truding along in third place. As Mika goes, so goes the team. I’m sure that with WCC referees, Mika will get into foul trouble in at least a few games and will have to sit. We will probably have a couple of bad losses in league and may put together a couple of very good games to knock-off St Marys once and maybe Gonzaga once. That won’t be enough to get an NCAA bid so we’re probably looking at the NIT this year.


Yeah, crappy refs from big 10 just like wcc little league. Anyway, I never saw the game but I can picture many times in past when we 5 players play their 7 players (or 8).
Maybe Mika better not start and wait about 5 minutes in each game. Driving me crazy when he sits too long in 1st half. OR just let him play the whole game, if he get 2 fouls in first some two minutes then he will have to adjust and keep on playing. The whole team is not getting it!
Time to move on, one game at a time till they figure it out.

Seems to me that Rose kept Mika from starting some games during his freshman year because he would get early fouls. It was as if the referees called the games very tight in the beginning to send a message and then they would back off the rest of the game. Bringing Mika in after 5 min sounds like a good strategy for helping him stay on the floor.

Again I find myself agreeing with grasshopper, yet the reality time vortex seems undiminished! You’re being a bit conspiratorial there Jim. It was disappointing but near the end of the first half I resolved to be happy if we just didn’t get blown out. I was proud of the way they fought back. There’s still too many turnovers caused by players taking too many chances but I thought we looked pretty good. Nice to see some of the younger guys come out and do well, and Rose showed he can play like a champion when he has too.

I wonder how bad Bryant’s injury is? Haws gets few minutes rest too.
I also don’t understand why we start off games slow. Not just in basketball. Football too. We do that against Gonzaga we will find ourselves down 16 to them too.

Jim conspiratorial? Come on. Not Jim! :flushed:.
I felt the same way about not getting blown out. We had many chances to catch them and beat them. Missed free throws and a couple of bad passes ended up the difference.

Yep. It would have been kind of a long shot since we really never could quite get the lead, but to have it end that way was disappointing. I thought Emery had time to take one or two more steps before releasing that last shot but it all was happening so fast you can’t fault him for that. This will be a good team. They might not quite make it in the tournament now given the one bad loss and the close losses but all looks good for the future. They’re only going to get better.

There is still 20 games to be played. Win them all and we are in.
Emery had one defender on him that picked him up. He would not have had a clear shot with another dribble. And no, he had no more time to do that and get an accurate shot off. As it was, just long.

deja vu’ Glenn?

Sounds like exactly what happened last season.

Maybe one of these years we get over the hump. I know, I know… everyone keeps saying wait till next year. That is something I was hearing before this year even started.

We’ll see about that. I guess we can just look forward to the NIT this season, unless some key players for BYU mature in the way they approach and play the game, and then maybe they sneak into the ncaa tourney.

Mika is there, Emery and Haws still have a lot of maturing to do. Childs is actually ahead of those two in my opinion and he is fresh out of high school.