One and done again…

Pathetic effort. Lousy shooting. Lazy defense. Our bigs are terrible today.

Saunders absolutely bad today

He was bad. Made so many mistakes. But, it really was the first half that did us in. Bad starts all year long.

What a waste of a brilliant game by Robinson.
Kalifa F
Saunders F
Knell F+
Hall D
Waterman F+
Fouss F+
Johnson B+
Robinson A++++++++. I’m sure he’s thinking leaving is real smart right now
And Pope. F-
Worst coaching game of year

Saunders F- Gave the ball away 3 times at least - right to duke player

Why would Robinson be a good thing for him right now? Next year he has some real talent to play with.

I agree Saunders game was the worst game he’s played.

Fouss played better in the 2nd half.

Khalifa was clueless the whole game.

Johnson had a good game but gave us little on the offense.

Knell was non-existent.

Waterman never got anything going.

Hall was okay but lost his man too much. Let him drive by him too much.

We didn’t work to get more open 3’s. We were 33.3%. But, only 8-24. We have to make a minimum of 11 threes in a game to have a chance. And, all the missed layups and shots early on did us in. Got behind like against TTU.

Hopper is a winner.

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I thought Big 12 let players play physically
These refs had nothing on them
Very physical which was a huge advantage for dukes

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That’s not the reason for losing. Saunders was worse today. His worst game by far of the year. The loss was again simple. We followed your strategy of less 3’s (24) to score more 2’s and shot horrible. Especially in the first half. We needed to shoot 8-10 more 3’s to get to 11 or more to win. And/or one more 3 to have a shot at 37.5%.

All the missed bunny hops at the basket we missed. Especially in the first half. Khalifa was terrible and Fouss wasn’t much better in the 1st half. Johnson rebounded well and did okay on defense. But their 2 guards still scored 30 points. Hall let his man get by him down the stretch.

Makes me want to puke. Another typical BYU season ends with two losses in a row after getting your hopes up. Typical early conference tournament exit and one and done. How many times do we have to endure this?

It doesn’t seem to matter who is coaching this happens almost every time BYU is in the tournament. It is a historical fact with a few rare exceptions.The last two times in can’t even beat lower seeds.

We had a really good team this year. We did much better than anyone expected. What people don’t get is that the top of every league is as good if not better than the middle of the road Big12. We simply didn’t play smart and made huge mistakes not taking care of the ball.

Today’s game was lost by BYU. Not won by Duquesne. The refs, NCAA, the Anti-Mormon crusaders did not lose this game nor had any effect on the loss. We missed 8 or 10 layups and close-in shots. Shots Duquesne did not miss as many.
The reasons for losing:

  1. Not mentally prepared again
  2. Missed layups and close-in shots
  3. Less than 36% from 3’s
  4. Less than 11 made 3’s
  5. Poor defense by most everyone
  6. Poor passing
  7. Saunders played is worst game ever
  8. Khalifa played his worst game ever
  9. Fouss played a poor 1st half
  10. Not enough assists
  11. Pope should have changed the starting lineup.

Duquesne finished 6th in their league at 10-8. Hardly the top and really not even close to it. They are an average team that was allowed to play their game by the officiating style. It is the same way BYU would lose games in conference… by physical play and bullying/influencing the officials.

You think that fact was lost on the NCAA and those who instruct the refs on how to call a game?

You do an average job of analyzing games because you simply don’t get the little nuances of what is going on inside the game. You say BYU missed easy shots, layups, didn’t defend this or that but EVERY team does that multiple times during a game, even the top ranked teams in college do that.

Yes, for the most part BYU played a crappy game. Reading the posts on here I would have guessed they lost by 20+ but they tied it with less than 2 minutes to go and only lost by 4. How did that happen if they were so putrid? I will finish with this statement.

It is very difficult to find a rhythm or gain momentum when a game is not called fairly and objectively. If one team is allowed to bloody noses, throw elbows to a gut or put a forearm in the opponents face it makes it very difficult to play the game the way it should be played. Yes, BYU is to blame for the loss but how and why did they “lose”? It can be more than the basics. Basketball is a game of momentum and runs. We saw that all year long. BYU beat teams like Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas, San Diego State, North Carolina State and others primarily because they were afforded fair and objective officiating. The dirty stuff got called, teams didn’t get away with bullying and it allowed BYU to play a good game.

Say what you want, that’s how it is.


Awww…so here lies the real issue. You want a game to be called a specific way. And, if it isn’t, then everyone hates Mormons, the NCAA is crooked and the refs are bought and paid for. Then, you say no, that’s not what you are saying. But, then you’ll sometimes say just that. So, what you don’t like is a game to be physical. Then watch Pickle Ball.
The players are well aware of the contact and that it will happen. We were not prepared for it as we missed a lot of easy shots in the 1st half. We did better in the 2nd half. But, that’s the coach not getting his players ready for it. But, that’s not what I think happened. Pope and the other coaches get our players ready for rough and tough games. Although, I did not see this as that rough and tough.
Then you say the word “fairly.” I define that as evenly called on both ends. I didn’t see that the game wasn’t then called fairly. give and example. Oh, Saunders gets and elbow. And, Saunders doesn’t throw elbows? Fouss does for sure. So what? When you have an easy shot, make it. Why don’t we? Because we just aren’t that talented enough to? We get bumped and lose all balance and perspective. We don’t stay strong and lay it in like other teams do with NBA talent. But, in this game, we missed give-me shots without contact. Just the thought of contact our guys lose balance and perspective where they are.
Well, a horse is somewhere beaten dead again and again. Another year over because we just aren’t tough enough. Hopefully, with the players coming in, we will be tougher and more talented at the rim or driving to the rim. What we don’t have are players that cry about physicality like some of our fans with no balance or perspective :grimacing:

Agreed, it is about time there was uniformity in officiating, meaning if a foul is committed call it and call it on both teams. Physicality is fine within
the confines of the rules. Incidental contact is fine. The rough stuff to throw skill off should be eliminated.
The intimidation stuff needs to go. If this is the way games are going to be officiated then BYU needs to find itself a hatchet man. In hockey they call if an enforcer. When Wayne Gretzky played for Edmonton then always had a goon to protect Wayne who was a small and incredibly skilled guy. You protect your stars from the goons. Who wants to watch a wrestling match. I watched parts of two games last night and the were overly physical slugfests. Close games but aesthetically ugly basketball. If that is what the NCAA wants in its tournament these days then they want ugly basketball.

Teach officials with the same instructor and tell them to call fouls when they are committed. This idea of let them play isn’t basketball the way it is meant to be played and isn’t fan friendly.

If guys can run faster jump higher and move quicker they don’t need to resort to elbowing guys in the face while an official swallows his whistle.

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The idea of one person doing the teaching would be an overwhelming job and incomprehensible. The rules are already set anyways. And, to the conspiracy theorist, the NCAA and the refs are all out to get BYU. I don’t agree.

Now, about the physicality. In college, you have a few potential NBA players on teams we’ve gone up against including today. I saw Robinson actually get more physical than he has been before. They all are attempting to impress the NBA scouts and coaches. Of course they are going to play a more NBA type game. The answer is to call fouls on them and make sure those kids hate college ball and go one and done. Get them out of college ball quickly. How’s that. Are we all for that? No? So, perhaps sit back and see more physical play than when you all were back in high school and college.
Can coaches better prepare the lesser athletes to still compete? Of course. Also, keep working on getting some 4 and 5 star players on the court. I think that is what Pope is trying to do. Hopefully, he will get stronger and more physical players to compete more. It looks like next year we could have more players like this. Maybe some portal transfers as well that are 4 and 5 star players.
I enjoyed this year in the Big12. We did way better than expected. Hats off to the players and coaches. Next year we win more and past the first round.

Ok one instructor is too little, but teach officials to interpret the rules in the same way and cut out the excessive physicality. I like to see contact called most of the time. Basketball is supposed to be a game of skill not bully ball and intimidation.

I think you are mistaken that guys will leave college because fouls that are fouls get called. They will adapt and rely more on skill and avoid all the hand checking bumping, and occasional elbow to the nose. Offense will be played unencumbered by overly physical play that is only allowed because refs decide to “let ‘em play”.

I never once said the refs were against BYU. I think BYU does better when games are called as they should be called.

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What are you even saying? Your post is all over the place. NBA more physical, impress scouts,call fouls, hate college ball?

What in the world are you talking about?

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Well I think I know what he was saying, although I think he is incorrect. A foul is a foul so call it. Elbowing a guy in the face is a foul period. It is a flagrant foul. Call crap like that and the whole character of the game changes. Send a message that you aren’t allowing the rough stuff and if you can only win that way tough bananas. If you are more athletic and win good for you.

This is correct. They want to be able to play more physically impress the NBA scouts. If that part of the game gets too soft, those players will be gone a lot sooner to the NBA Or overseas. This is a fact.