Oregon in game Comments

With three minutes to go in the first half BYU is up 30 to 12 over Oregon. Well I guess those first two games against really good defenses has paid off

BYU dominating the first half. Even the officials can’t help Oregon stay close. I swear every time I watch Tommy Nunez officiate he is so anti BYU it makes my head spin. How many free throw attempts has Oregon had? 10 free throws and a full one third of their points from the line. I mean how can Oregon even be in this game with 18 points at half time?

Let’s hope they come out aggressive in the second half and work hard. The defense is fantastic.

Well, the power went out in my neighborhood so I can’t watch it…

Your power went out? Welcome to Newsomes California. High gas prices, power outages, inflation, homeless people everywhere. This place is turning into a garbage dump.

LOL! I just realized that the “nose” is officiating this game as well.

Oregon came out pushing the ball (and getting away with fouls) but BYU is holding serve and gritting it out. Good start for BYU as they have increased the halftime lead. Barcello looks like a man amongst boys out there, what a great team leader.

Note: I just really have a hard time with the way this game is being officiated. They need to stop giving Oregon all the calls. This is pathetic.

Okay, the refs are reigning it back in and making the right calls. Let’s hope they can maintain their objectivity. Nice tip in by Gavin Baxter.

By the way, I love the transfers we have this season. It is really nice to have athletic bigs (and Baxter is one of them) that can defend. I think this is a big key to BYU making some noise is how well Pope has them playing defense this early in the season.

Hey Fish, where are you? You started this in game comments thread and disappeared! Let’s go man, get in the game! :grin:

Actually, someone ran into a pole. Taken to the hospital.

That happens pretty regularly over there in SP.

By the way, Traore is a beast inside blocking shots and getting physical rebounds on both ends. I love it!

I usually have a gang over at my house, they showed up at 1/2 so we started the game over. So I am behind the game by 30 minutes.

Oregon is guard driven…too bad BYU is really good at defending guards. hahaha

I won’t tell you what is happening but I will say BYU is looking VERY good at this point in the season. This is the first game I have seen this year and they look solid. Pope is a VERY good coach.

Lets just hope they aren’t “peaking”… right hopper? :crazy_face:

You got it! Piqueing

BYU’s scrubs looking like it.

Piquing - to affect with sharp irritation and resentment , esp. by some wound to pride. 2. to wound (the pride, vanity, etc.). 3. to excite, arouse, or provoke: The remark piqued my curiosity.

brush up a little on your grammar eh?

Ummm… beat Oregon in Portland by 32? almost looked too easy.

I don’t believe in rankings this early in the season but Oregon number 12?

Hope Foos is OK

I just looked at the stat line. Was Lohner hurt or what?

Peeking…Yes, the WCC is better than the PAC12

Lohner is fine, he just didn’t have a great game. I think he got picked on with a couple bad calls and he kind of lost his focus. No big deal, he will have better days and games ahead.

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Peeking - look quickly, typically in a furtive manner.

Peaking - verb

gerund or present participle: peaking

  1. reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time.

That is the one you want. And to think you taught school… let alone attempted to coach basketball :rofl:

I’m playing with your ego… I use peaking all the time

Did anyone see the way that he was injured in? It almost looks to me like a groin. Byu is going to skyrocket in the rankings and Marcello is going to be talked about as a Naysmith finalist at eight NBA career. Couldn’t be happier for him

Tommy Nunez is the only person who can make The Nose look like a BYU fan :joy::joy:

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Yep, Lohner got a couple early ticky tacks and had to sit, then Seneca came in and played his second great game in a row.