Oregon Student Chant

I find myself wondering this morning about the decline of public behavior.

I read with interest about the students behavior at Oregon when BYU played them in football. The chant they made was both mean but also not within social norms (at least in by my standards).

After watching the media storm that happened because of the Duke incident at BYU and later how BYU, Provo Police department investigated and found no evidence of this happening but yet the damage was done. I personally believe the young lady from Duke misunderstood a word that might have been said. But that is only conjecture and I feel bad that she did not feel safe while at BYU.

Which leads me to another subject. I have seen and read many posts by LDS and non LDS friends on Facebook and other media outlets about how offended they were by these chants of the Oregon Student section.

But then, some of these very same people embrace and posts the “Let’s go Brandon” chant which if you do a little research used the same four letter word that the Oregon students used.

Using that kind of language to target any person of group of persons is simply not living the gospel as I understand it. We should strive to be above the fray and treat people wit respect.

If we want change in public behavior to change then we all have to do a little better to make it happen.

I know I do not always live up to these standards myself, but I do try to be better every day.

I don’t know what the crowd was yelling but does this seem any different than what we used to get in Wyoming and many other places? I think with this pressure to become a utopian society we all are becoming insanely woke and have little spine. We’ve forgotten what our mothers taught us that sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never harm me. I’m confident that because of the crowd that there will be students wondering what our Church actually teaches and begin missionary discussions and being baptized. Always happens.

The Duke girl saw her team losing and threw out a distraction. She was an experienced player and never felt threatened. I bet her coach put her up to it. She needs to come clean.

First Scott…
Oregon shouted F U Mormons and it was caught on ESPN sound.
Second - Dismissing bad public behavior because of past bad behavior is not only illogical, but really does not count. a “Wrong” is a “Wrong” no matter what
Third- The Duke player may have heard a word “she thought” might have been a racial slur against her. The fact of the matter is that it was reported to the Coach (not instigated by the coach) and brought to the AD office attention. They did due diligence and investigated it. Found no evidence of that. But to say that she did it intentionally, when it actually was not her that released it to the media (her god mother from Texas did) is simply making an excuse Scott.
Fourth - Sticks and stones has nothing to do with this, it is the fact that society and many members of the followers of Christ thinks this is somehow okay behavior.
Did you forget what your mom taught you also? “If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say anything”

My point was and still is this: While I see a lot of our members are very upset about Oregon shouting a four letter word about our religion, they have no problem using that same language against a President they do not like.

Blah, blah, blah…your mother wears army boots, etc. Get a backbone again! Wyoming would poor beer in players, throw bottles, cuss and swear, etc. Now Floyd, I’m not saying Oregon’s fans are right to do it any more than Wyoming does it. But to say it’s religious bigotry? No, it’s a football game with drunk fans. Everything is racist, bigotry…Enough! We will never reach an utopia world until Christ takes over and Satan is bound. We can be vocal about it but stop the whining because it causes more of it.

When did bad behavior become acceptable in society?

Just because people did bad things in the past, does not mean it is okay to do it EVER!..

We have a bad stain on the church based on that assumption, it is called Mountain Meadow Massacre.

Bigotry is defined as " a belief, opinion, or faction, in particular prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group"

They targeted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints… which is by definition “Religious bigotry”.

Yep. And guess what woker? People still do! We have a Prophet who is leading us and guiding us. And he’s not saying scream bigotry because some fans at a football game are screaming something bad about your Church and take it personally. The Brethren do what is necessary. The rest of don’t need to have woke thin skins. Live in the world and not of the world.
What’s happening is Satan has riled up everyone susceptible to this wokeism of pointing fingers about racism, religious bigotry and other stuff that didn’t exist at this level 5 years ago. Satan is stirring up the anger and hate in people. Contention is out of control and we are buying into it by losing common sense and not getting caught up in it. That doesn’t mean bad behavior is okay. It means your response isn’t okay either. Chill out!

So your saying that because Satan is doing all this, that public decorum and decency has to take a back seat to public being offensive

Your saying that, not me. Think McFly, think! It’s your actions that concern me that you are being drawn into the conflict.

The issue I am having right now is your “double standard”…

Using your own words to prove a point.

On August 20th in regards to Elder Cooke standing up for Religious bigotry , YOU POSTED:
** “the voices of people of faith need to be heard and amplified,” he said. “When this is done, it creates a pause in the discourse and allows people to evaluate where they stand on a particular matter. "

Now you are saying"

Which is it Scott, We stand up to Religious bigotry or we don’t?

“Take down. 2 points Floyd” Is there a reversal coming up?

(enjoying the discussion)

I get what you are saying. However, each situation we find ourselves in isn’t the same. I’m at Disneyland and two gay men are walking towards me holding hands. Do I get in front of them and read Romans Chapter 1 to them and chastise them? Or, do I ignore them because I know they are trying to get a rise out of religious people? Now, if I’m in a conversation/debate with the two, and they ask why I object to homosexual behavior, I’ll give them chapter and verse and read them the Family Proclamation.

This Oregon football game where this sort of thing happens In rivalries where they are trying to disrupt BYU players concentration (in which they did and fans like yourself), I’m ignoring them and not letting them get to me like they did your poor woke brain. :innocent:

Again, Scott you are side stepping an issue…
Did the gay men come up to you and harass you for being LDS? NO!
Did the Students at Oregon show Religious bigotry by their chant? YES!

So what you are saying is “Stand up against Religious bigotry, unless it is at a Sporting Event. Then just man up and ignore it because it is “sports” and should be tolerated because fans will be fans and they should not be accountable for their actions”.

I didn’t think you could grasp the truth. You are supposing the purpose for the chants were for religious hatred. Or, we’re they to just get the players distracted. Do you even know what they were saying? It’s hilarious that you are all bent out of shape hating Oregon fans and I’m calm realizing what it really was and have no hatred towards them.
Sometimes discretion is the better part of value. No reason to turn up the heat and contend when it won’t do a thing. This was not one of those events to get all bent out of shape.

I think too much has been made of the story. This type of thing isn’t new or even newsworthy, and I thought the same thing about the Duke volleyball story even before I found out there was no evidence behind it.

A whole group of people shouldn’t be presumed to be represented by a few jackasses. We have much more serious issues that need discussing. Our right to express opinions on social media is being suppressed, the idea that anybody can change their sex is being promoted, climate change fanatics are working to eliminate affordable energy and destroy the middle class. These are just a few concerns that are real, and should be real concerns for anybody who is awake. I am not concerned that there are a few people out there that spew bigoted epithets, or who are alleged to have done so. Focusing our energies on eliminating socially unacceptable behavior that might hurt the feelings of a few people at the expense of ignoring major problems that hurt many people is folly.

Yes! Exactly! That’s my feelings as well. If someone asked those particular students why they did it I’m sure it was to distract the players as it was directed towards the players. Being that they were Oregon students, they didn’t think about the BYU fans in the stadium and were doing what jerky immature students do. It’s good that the college got after the students but for grown men like Floyd to have a meltdown is also childish.