Pepperdine game - let's see how it goes

Gotta love playing in these high school gyms. Wow, maybe Emery is going to finally step up and do something tonight. But he drove to the basket so it must be hero ball, right grasshopper?

First 5 points for Nick, that’s more like it.

BYU struggles on defense, Mika is not a great defender and he forces it on offense way too much. It started out good, but not going well 6 minutes in.

Once again… here we go. Dastrup hasn’t played in the last how many games and Rose sticks him in there because Mika and Childs are in foul trouble. Don’t expect much because the guy hasn’t played any minutes this season…

4 minutes without a score until Dastrup makes a nice move. This is what you get when you don’t develop your bench. Our players are better than theirs, if BYU loses it is because they are being out coached.

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Can’t believe they are actually reviewing the foul on Mika. The wcc is so bush league. Mika needs to let the game come to him… he forces it way too much.

Wow, what started out as a good game is wallowing in replay reviews now.

Can we just get one game where everyone plays decent? Haws is terrible in the first half. Now Emery gets a terrible call on a charge. Mika has been so bad it’s ridiculous. Why can’t they just put a good game together?

I had to turn it off. After watching the Duke - NC game and then some of the UCLA-Ducks game, then I turn on the BYU game and see this standing around crap. Mika is retarded. two dumb fouls and the rest forced shots. Where is the passing out, where is the cutting on our team?

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Well, BYU gave up 52 points in the first half. They will have to do better than that in the second half. At this point I think the only thing we can do as fans is hope things get better next year.

What else is there?

I hope people see why I wanted Dastrup to get more minutes earlier in the season. All this crap about mission rust and being out of shape it nonsense. The guy can play, he knows the game and he should be getting more minutes. The coaching kills the hopes and dreams of any player not from the LP3 and then doesn’t hold them accountable. The chemistry and unity on this team just doesn’t feel right. What is the problem?

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You saw those two other games (Duke/NC & ucla/Quack) with nice flow games. But this game stop go stop stop go stop stopo stop. Those refs are driving me nuts. Small gym and Pepperdone like to play scrappy. Mika may be doing something stupid but I can tell he is frustrated how they like to push around(mostly on Mika). This league is no better how we played in the MWC. Finally we are seeing Dastrup and he can shoot. Keep him in. Ugly 1st half.

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You hope things get better next year? Wow, you really believe that will happen as long those Zebra Clowns are around along with those lesser schoolss (not Zags/Gales) and rec gyms? I am going to barf we lose those one because we will lose to SF too.

I’ll admit that the officiating is pretty bad but BYU should be used to it by now.

I think the refs have called about 8 straight fouls on BYU.

Remind me again why we like playing in the wcc?

Now Mika is out of the game. This is the worst example of player control foul calls I’ve ever seen. Just terrible officiating.

It’s like the refs said "sorry BYU, any comeback attempt on your part is going to be met with a whistle. I think there was a stretch midway through the second half where BYU was whistled for multiple, multiple calls and Pepperdine had none or maybe one.

That was the worst officiating I have seen in awhile.

The last statement has credibility. If we watch all other teams they cut in the lane all the time on us.
The other thing, when they drive it’s usually one on one. When we drive there are two or three players and we have no one open. Why?
Our defense makes no sense. Our players lose sight of their man all the time. Is this because they are young? I hope so.
The refs had some questionable calls but that wasn’t the problem. The other thing is Pepperdine shot way over their heads too.

Our trouble is defense and our offensive schemeless. Hopefully as they play together and get more collegiate experience we will get better.

By the way, Emery looks like he is over the injury and illness. Looks much different than the other 4 games prior to tonight.

Every team shoots way over their heads against BYU. You realize that you say that all the time, right? So there has to be something else that contributes to it. It isn’t just some anomaly when it happens all the time.

I’m telling you this is what happens when you don’t hold players accountable (LP3, Bryant to name names) and you don’t give others an opportunity. You say they don’t perform in practice and I say BS. The chemistry and cohesiveness on this team is very bad… everyone knows the pampered players can do no wrong nor be held accountable while the bench guys have short leashes.

This is the result of what thawk and I were saying back in December…

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The other 7 games… and so what? it made no difference in the outcome. They lost to a very bad team tonight. You do realize that right? Pepperdine was 7-17 coming into this game, worst overall record in the conference.

Apparently 25 or 30 games playing together isn’t enough for this group. How many do you think it will take? Pepperdine… they lost to Pepperdine.

Also, did you realize that BYU has won exactly 2 true road games this season? One was the miracle comeback against LMU and the other was Pacific. That is it.

HAHAHAHA, The WCC refs., they are the yappy runt dog next door. Always yapping because they are useless.

That’s not the problem. The players simply don’t understand how to properly play defense.
The other problem on offense is mostly the scheme. As you said, where are the cutters like other teams do?
One other thing, why did we wait until only 3 minutes before the end of the game to try full court?

Never heard that one before but it works so why not?

Name another team with mostly white boys on it? We can’t staying front of our man and we can’t play zone. No defense.

Because they kept scoring layups when they did? I don’t know but that’s what I saw.

I don’t think BYU has been this bad since entering the wcc and this is supposed to be their best group of players… ever.

And to me that is experience. They will learn a lot over the off season. They will get stronger (hopefully). Right now we have no seniors and tonight no juniors either. So, if the coaches work harder, we will see a big improvement because we have better talent.

St. Mary’s? and they held San Diego to 27 total points the other night, right? It can be done, that’s for sure.