Pope has his assistants announced


Two of them, I thought would be coming,the other never heard of him.

Almost excited for basketball, but first football. Going to be a long 4 months

his win/loss record at SUU was scary. He’s trying to get the mojo going again after the head coach stint. Has some great credencials outside of SUU.

I read today that Cummard, Quincey and Tim L got their walking papers. Too bad, I liked all three guys.

Yeh I feel bad for Lewis and Cummard

Chris Burgess is an interesting choice. Roger Reid’s infamous “You can’t let 11 million Mormons down” pitch to stop him from going to Duke contributed to his ouster. Burgess did nothing at Duke, did very little at Utah, and was conveniently always “hurt” when Utah played BYU. While I didn’t like Reid’s comments, Burgess’s parents’ public comments in the media were reprehensible, and made me wonder about their orientation vis a vis BYU and the Church. The Burgess “incident” mostly came about because of the gas they threw on the fire, rather than Reid’s comment. Very similar to how Manti Teo’s family trash-talked BYU after choosing Notre Dame, almost like there is a psychological need to tear down in support of a tough choice (and without any unseemly griping on the part of BYU coaches or fans, this time). An example of a good way to go about it would be Jabari Parker and his parents.

Maybe Burgess will be a cracker jack assistant for BYU (and I reserve judgment on this pending results), but his past doesn’t make him stand out to me as an amazing choice. Time will tell.

Well, don’t you think Pope knows all of this? And, everyone believes Pope is the right choice to lead BYU to greatness! I think when it comes to parents and their kids athletics many often have the wrong perspectives about their children and life and free moral agency.

You have to feel comfortable with your assistants. I doubt that Pope’s reason not to retain them had anything to do with their capabilities. Maybe just their attitudes about recruiting.
Hey, you think Worthington will still be a graduate assistant?

Chris Burgess has to go through the same process as Pope to be hired at BYU. I am quite sure that he passed all the tests…

As for his youth playing days, everyone grows up at one time or another.

Hey, if Paul James can come over as a Ute and be the Voice of the Cougars we knew and loved, then there has to be hope for Chris Burgess, too . . . :wink:

Well we hope they do, anyway😶

I think Burgess will be fine and follow Pope wherever he goes until he gets his own coaching gig

I think he will be “fine,” too, but that’s a pretty low bar, isn’t it? What BYU assistant hasn’t been “fine?” And, on what are either of us basing this assessment on, really?

It will be interesting to hear (if we ever do) how Pope, Burgess, etc. pitch BYU to high-star players with Duke/Kentucky/North Carolina/Kansas offers. Why should/would they come to BYU and turn them down, when Pope/Burgess didn’t?

Come to think of it, that would be a great interview or press conference question in general. I would love to hear what their specific answers to that question are, just out of general curiosity (no animosity).

That would be a good question. I think Pope will recruit differently, but never be able to compete with the big bb names. I think we will see more depth on the front lines. I believe Dave Rose when he said he lost his energy for coaching. It showed over the last several years. It showed in his recruiting and who can blame him after the cancer but. Pope will bring energy and intensity. We will see how that translated

He should have each recruit watch the commencement talk by Arthur C Brooks. BYU is special and will prepare them to go out and serve.

I don’t remember Frank Arnold playing at BYU but he recruited Ainge and other great LDS players. Rose didn’t play at BYU but recruited Jimmer. Then, there is Lavell and all the great recruits in football and he didn’t play at BYU.

won’t happen, BYU will always be looking for the player that sticks for the full four years. These one and done players would never choose the Y and to be frank, we can’t use them. The best we can hope for would be to sport good teams that make the dance consistently and a big run when they become seniors.

word on the street…Rose was told, “it’s time”. Pope and Rose are not talking…what does that mean? It means that Rose was not ready to retire but was told, you have to go. Not trying to start anything by saying this and I have mixed emotions about the Rose era ending but to be clear,

Dave Rose has run a clean program (other then Emery and he was blind sided) but Rose was a great asset to BYU until cancer changed him.

Dave Rose had to adjust to the WCC and I have one word for the WCC…Joke. Joke to play in, Joke to recruit to and Dave Rose was blindsided, this I will give him. He did with dignity and no excuses.

Dave Rose left this program in good shape and to that I am grateful. But it was time to go.

Time will tell with Pope but I am excited.

Why would Rose and Pope be talking? Rose is on to his next stop in life and Pope has a lot to do and no time for chit-chat. Pope has enough experience to go alone with this. This is why rumor mongering is forbidden in the Church. It doesn’t help.

I’m excited for BYU and Pope. Not sure what this next year will bring, but whatever the circumstances, this is a good move for BYU

Check out what Luke Staley said about the HC and have his number removed from Edwards stadium