Post KU game thoughts

Watched mostly second half. Not really feeling too bad about this loss. Kansas is a good team, especially at home. Obviously our rushing game really, really bad. I think defense just ran out of gas after 6 pretty good quarters last two weeks on the road.
I think we are set up well to really pound on Cinny at home next. 4 and 1 will be a great start.

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The defense lost focus and energy in the 4th quarter. However, the loss was all about turnovers. Turnovers for touchdowns.

They didn’t get any turnovers and gave up two defensive touchdowns and had no running game. That will get you beat nearly every time. I can’t blame the loss on Slovis. He was forced to pass 51 times and when you have no running game whatsoever you are so one dimensional that it is a wonder they scored 27 points. BYU has to fix the running game. After 4 games the O-Line even with all the changes should have figured things out by now. Either the talent on the O-line is highly overrated or they aren’t getting any coaching to speak of. Maybe a combination of both. In the Big 12 they will have to fix that or making a bowl game won’t happen. Kansas is probably just a middle of the road Big12 team so it is hard to say how good they are. They have a good offense for sure. I suspect our offense made their defense look better than it really is.

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I see it a bit differently. Their run defense was elite. They had some holes in their pass defense. But Slovis makes passing mistakes when in the run. A couple of dropped passes didn’t help either.
The tip interception that went for a touchdown was a hold on their defense. He was holding Rex’s left arm down and he couldn’t turn back to the ball.
The hit on Kingston was Kingston’s fault. He never covered up and just ran into Bryant. Uggg!
Two turnovers and they win. I think we win if those didn’t happen.

You are probably right that if not for two defensive touchdowns BYU would have won since the margin of victory was only 11 points but you have to be able to run the football at least a litte.

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Back in the days we were there, late 70’s and early 80’s 400-500 yards passing and not much running won games. But, you are correct about the running. It has to be better.
As a couple on the postgame show said they can do more short passes to make up for that.

I would fire coach Funk on the spot to start with. It is glaring that the run blocking is non existent. Why we start Eiteinne in the 1st place is beyond me. Watching him stand there and not touch a single person play after play is a joke.

There is some poor coaching going on out there. period.

To think we would compete in the big 12 after today makes me laugh.

Cinncy held OK to 20 points, about 30 under their average…hmmmmm sure, their QB will not shred us like Daniels did but how are we going to score on any defense without a run game???

Late in the game, I saw Bywater come out, looked like he jammed fingers or something, not good

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this article by Jay Drew explains things very nicely
BYU football: BYU exposed in first Big 12 game as Kansas wins 38-27 - Deseret News

The fact that with 10 minutes left in the game, BYU was helpless to stop the run while Kansas’s last drive took 9 minutes and a FG, says it all, we were helpless, beat down because our offense could not run the ball and use up clock-giving our defense time to rest. ugly loss

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The good thing about next week is that Cincinnati isn’t very good. They lost to Miami, Ohio. I think BYU wins in a close low scoring game. The Big Twelve
other than OU and TX doesn’t have any teams that BYU can’t beat. I think BYU has a chance to go 6-6. I see two more sure losses to OU and Tx and the rest are tossups.

The last thing about being on the field too long makes a difference. However, with that said, the run game and the time the defense was on the field isn’t why we lost. A bizarre end sweep where the runner doesn’t cover and keeps running full throttle at a defender named Bryant is the first and main reason. 6 points. He has a ways before Kingston is Nacua.
Second is a PI not called ends in a pick 6. Rex left arm was held down and he couldn’t turn to the ball enough. 14 points. Would we have won without those two plays. I think so.
The key is getting LJ the ball in open spaces. Short screens and even in the middle will help.
I’m not down on BYU at all. Welcome to Big12 football! We will continue to get better as time moves on.

  1. You do realize that Kingston is one of the fastest guys on the team?

2.You do realize that in order for the end sweep, the tackle and tight ends needs to seal the lane for the sweep. Which did not happen.

  1. You do realize that the sweep was ended with a helmet to helmet contact? The defender Bryant clearly lower his head and first contact was made with the helmet, Classic targeting call and the BIG12 crew missed it. It also took kingston out of the game.

  2. Screens and other gimmicks, do not dismiss the lack of run blocking. Funk is horrible at teaching (at least it appears that way).

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I have had first hand knowledge from past players that some BYU coaches will play their favorites over who is a better player.

My friend’s son was on the team a few years ago, he told me that some of the players on the offensive line was not the best ones, just the one Weber liked more. This kid name I know was in a recent Desnews article about one the best “preferred walk-on” ever at BYU. But yet, Weber decided someone was better?

I was surprised after the whiff’s in the Arkansas game Eiteinne was still a starter. He is not a run blocker.

BYU has some very good players at a number of different positions. I am surprised that the coaches are not utilizing the skill set of these players to help the team be more effective. We have an elite, NFL quality running back yet there is absolutely no run blocking or plan to establish a run game. Way too many pass plays that took too long to develop and gave Kansas time to react. Slovis is not accurate when rolling out of the pocket. They need more quick, short throws and fewer “turn one way and then throw back the other way” across the field plays. Too many gadget plays early in the game were costly, like the sweep play where our dude got concussed.
I thought BYU was the better team in the first half yet we were only up 3. That didn’t bode well. I also thought the officials missed numerous holding penalties on KU offensive line. I wish BYU would have held in similar fashion to see if they could get away with it. I think we had more talent but they had better coaching, home field advantage and were allowed to hold on offense… a lot. The turnovers were the difference in the final score. I saw KU vs. Nevada last week and was not impressed. They are much better at home.
BYU should get back on track at home to Cincy but that is no guarantee. Cincy is better than their record would indicate. Unless the coaching staff comes up with an effective game plan and the play calling improves along with the offensive line, BYU will have it’s hands full.

There was no helmet to helmet contact. He laid his shoulder into his chest and the ball. From the one angle you can see this. Kingston should have covered up. But he just kept running.
By the way, fastest isn’t the best. Quick moves and deceptive moves make the sweep work aka Nacua, Cupp and the guy on BYU that made it work. Uggg. You just want to argue.

We were mostly agreeing during the game. KU was called for 7 penalties for 70 yards. There were a couple key ones. While one angle showed there wasn’t helmet to helmet launching, the shoulder hit was high up. That I thought was also considered a penalty?
Rex was held and that also turned into a pick 6. We played them well. They were better than Arkansas. Cincinnati will be tough defense too.

the replay on sports talk “clearly” shows helmet to helmet.

every sports story that covered the game mentioned it as a helmet to helmet contact. the ESPN annnouncers commented on it.

but yet, you didn’t see it. interesting.

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Correct. Looked like it. But if there was it wasn’t launching or initiated by Bryant. He led with the shoulder, not the helmet. And the shot I could easily see way a sliver of air between helmets.

The offensive line, on paper, should be much better. Samuataia is a future pro. Pay has been a starter for several years. Maile and Etienne were starters on P5 teams and Lapuaho started at USU. I know it is a group that hasn’t played together in the past but after being together all of fall practice, and probably all of spring practice, and for 4 games I would expect better given the alleged talent level. Something isn’t right.

Even in the days when BYU threw forty times and ran about 30 times a game you could still count on about 120 rushing yards a game or more and some years even better. Playing teams like Sam Houston and Southern Utah and struggling to run was a big red flag. Outside Martin’s one big run against Arkansas the running game has been a big zero.

Now that everybody in college football throws for better than two hundred yards a game BYU can’t ignore the running game like they could at times in the late seventies and eighties when most teams were run first oriented. Very few teams were pass heavy like BYU was and BYU was harder to prepare for then. Now everybody throws a lot so just ignoring the run game and slinging the ball around nearly every down won’t beat many good teams.

There wasn’t a sliver of air between the helmets… good grief.

One question:Was Bryant Face-mask, up or down when contact?

this is clear case of targeting…

on this issue, you are clear,y wrong.