"Powerhouse" Harvard Defeats BYU

I have posted before that this team has serious problems, but when you lose to what is arguably a horrible Harvard team this year, you are getting close to the bottom of the barrel.

Man, I’m really glad BYU plays volleyball and rugby, because come January/February, this team will be done. And for those who still are in Fisher’s corner, take a look at his shooting today??

No need to rail on them any further. You play slop you lose and today’s game was prove of that again. Are these guys ever going to get serious about taking care of the ball?

Absolutely horrible… and that is not an exaggeration. Poor coaching job, poor defensive job, poor decisions by everyone on BYU’s side of the ball.

Defense…was supposed to be better appears to be worse…will it improve? can it?
Kaufusi was trending upwards at the end of last year…now? Sophomore slump?
Fischer 0-fer and is still playing? is the bench really so bad?
Chatman–looked good but why only 7 minutes?
KD stepped it up.
Emery played his game.
Seljaas played his.
KC basically played his strengths and weaknesses all on display.
Aytes back on the floor. He’s not the savior in the paint any more than Corbin, but at least better than Austin on the offensive end.

Horrible first quarter of the game.
Horrible last minute in regulation. Even worse in the last minute of OT.
Last year Rose appreciated the “toughness” of the seniors. Toughness is what is lacking this year.
The team usually wins the back half of the first half and the first half of the back half. But anything else is pretty random;.except of course, away from the Marriot Center Fischer and the threes disappear regularly.

So far this is the worst team in the Rose era. The talent is close to, if not, the best Rose has ever had.

It is time to end the Collingsworth experiment at point. It is time to end the Fischer experiment period. We need to focus our season at this point on being good enough to win a conference tournament in a one bid league. Fischer doesn’t get us there and Collingsworth at point doesn’t get us there. Starting lineup needs to be Emery, Collingsworth, Seljaas, Davis and Kaufusi. First off the bench needs to be anyone but Fischer. If Collingsworth insists that he needs to play point, bench him.


I don’t know if saying KC is not the point guard with the offense if that will take the ball out of his hand any more than it does now. There will be games where he gets sloppy with the ball. His offense and defense other than that was very good.

Starting line up should change after today. Sometimes it’s helps to mix things up to get players to give more effort at the beginning of games. We suck at it in football and basketball. I hope that changes in football. And, I hope Rose will change some to stop the sluggish starts.

Fisher can come in off the bench. It helped Carlino and others in the past. But, two areas we lost this game when you look at the stats is free throw shooting, again. And, 3 point shooting. Not good enough for major college ball.

Go back and find, “Timing of a Peak” from March of last year on this board. The things we were saying about Corbin Kaufusi. and what we were saying about the future team.

I really think the identity of this team comes from our two seniors, KC and Fischer. (sorry Austin but you don’t count)
KC looks like all he cares about in the next TD. He is not a point. Fischer should do the right thing for the team and sit himself when he is clanking. We have Emery and Chatman that are true points… Fix it now.

What has happened to Kaufusi?
I completely agree that this years team identity is tied to KC and Fischer and so far it has been much more for ill than betterment. KC’s FTs have reverted. I do think his defense has improved. But for team play without the assists as part of the TD things would be much worse.
The off again on again nature of the team’s D though as well as its O has really been about the leadership or lack from Fischer…
More than anything else what bugged me about the Tyler Haws years was that the best player, wasn’t leading. This year the leading is coming but not for the positive.

The saddest thing about all of this is that I (and some others) have been saying all of these things for the past month at least. Now many of you are saying the same things and seeing what I meant. The other sad thing is that there are options and things can be changed up but the longer this goes on, the less likely anything will happen.

R Black is right, SR Burton is right, grasshopper and fish (funny, fish eat grasshoppers) are right. Why are the coaches so stubborn and unwilling to change? particularly when things aren’t working?

I mentioned this on another post

Our FT rate is losing us games. BYU ranks in the bottom 10% nationally. We are missing Haws and his 90% make rate. We have lost 2 games on missed FTs and have about 18 left with a real chance of losing another 5 or 6 games just on missed FTs alone.

Our other problem is Assist/Turnovers. KC is close to 2 assists for every turnover and that ranks very low nationally. How about we forget about those triple doubles, have Chatman and Emery run the team and let KC be a finisher. We can change the Assist/Turnover rate but most likely not the FT rate.

BYU has plenty of talent but the chemistry is just not there.

I hate to blame the coaching but Rose is not perfect. He has done such a good job over the years but he is acting like Anae or Bronco right now. Only stubbornness would cause a coach to give big minutes to players who are not performing. Only stubbornness would cause a coach to have players play out of position when it is obviously a mistake. Apparently the feeling after losing, particularly to teams you have no business losing to, is not bad enough to affect some change.

He might as well run Kaufusi at the point and have Fischer play the post or have Davis play the 2 guard and shoot the long range shots. It seems like there are so many bad choices for the positions and minutes that the seniors in particular get that there is no hope for something different. When things aren’t working right they need to change. I agree with everything you are saying but the only question to answer is why isn’t it changing?

Davis play the 2 guard? For the last shot, that may have worked. Davis can shoot the 3 ball with consistency and would have been a much better option than Fischer.
I can see Rose logic in choosing CF. he hadn’t hit one all game and the game before. So, he’s due, right? :wink:

I have been cautioning us all on the status of this team for some time as well. This, right now, is not a team but 5 guys running around individually trying to play ball. A couple of takes on this:

  1. I think losing coach Pope was a bigger deal than anticipated and Rose is having a very difficult time putting it all together right now.

  2. Players don’t seem to be dialed in very well. By that I mean that there is a serious lack of understanding and non-verbal communication and recognition in this group. Player A doesn’t seem to have a feel at all about what player B is going to do in any given situation. I played ball competitively for many years, almost all of it at point guard. After some time together, our various players got a real feel for each other on both ends of the court and where able to adjust almost automatically for what others were doing. On offense, I could have a one second eye contact with a post player and I knew immediately what his next move was, etc. I know BYU runs plays but even with that, there just doesn’t seem to be any real flow between the guys outside of that wasteful weave that they run. On defense, a lot of the time guys just don’t instinctively cover for the overall movements of the ball and players.

It’s really frustrating to watch. These guys need to go back and watch “Hoosiers” about 10 times and get a good understanding of what Norm Dale was trying to get into their heads - you do things together, not always literally but certainly in the head. You recognize what every player on the court is doing and constantly adjust for that. BYU knows this but they are really poor at actually doing it. It’s on the coaches and players both and in my book, both are failing to get it done. It’s the worst overall team play I have seen out of a Rose team.

Being an old BYU fan I can tell you that the best I ever saw of how to play team defense was the 70-72 teams that Watts coached, with Cosic, Miller, Fry, Talstrup (?) and Kelly. They scored but more than that, they moved extremely well on defense as a unit and created havoc for some teams with the defense they were able to apply…


Davis is 80% from distance so far this year :slight_smile:

Of all the guys in the rotation, Fischer has by far the worst % from the field (.373, with no close second), and the second worst 3 pt shooting % (.307) (only KC is worse but has only shot 15 vs Fischer’s 88). So, let’s get the guy who has shot the worst on the team and has missed every shot tonight and run the game-winning play for him. I hope that sounds as weird to the rest of you as it does to me.

Of course the enigma is up to his tricks again as he is hitting from everywhere in the game vs. UNM.

Rose is going to end up in a mental institution after this season.

Tricks? LOL! Some fan you are. Hate them when they lose and when they win. Never happy. Come on. Great game and Fischer showed up.

it was and still is simply mind blowing.
If Fischer were in his on mode then it would have made sense. But he wasn’t.
And frankly, if he had been there would have been no need for a game saver. When’s he’s on the team can hang with most any team in the conference at least…I would really have loved to see Fischer in the on mode against OK… oh well.

Fisher had one of his patented No-pressure-so-I’m-going-to-go-lights-out games. I’m glad he had a great game today. I predicted 30, so I’m not too far off. If he does it again Friday, then I’ll admit I was wrong. I just don’t see him getting more than 12 points in the game, no matter who the opponent.

Team Chemistry and having two seniors who what their own. Rose lets guys get away with too much.Kyrstoviack at Utah would have benched these two long ago and would have not played them until they get the team concept.

Hoosiers or Golden State. learn the game