Prediction: Kalani Sitake will be at BYU for a maximum of 5 years

Kalani Sitake is getting some good recruits, recruits that Bronco probably would not have gotten. Despite this bump in attention, I think he’ll burn out at BYU within 5 years.

You make some good points but I’m curious what kind of “learning curve” you think Detmer needs. The guy was a nfl caliber coach during the time he “played” in the league. He was basically coaching. Also, might you be more specific regarding the great staffers that Bronco took? I’m not sure which ones you are thinking about. The reality is that they all got big raises for being loyal to Bronco… not necessarily a reflection of their coaching expertise, though some might have that.

Also, did you mention where you thought Sitake would be after 5 years?

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I think Detmer will have an ok first couple years, learning the college coaching game. Third year will be his peak and they’ll have a senior QB (definite plus). As for the coaches that went with Bronco, I think they were good, but especially good at recruiting LDS caliber kids that would likely live according to the Honor Code.

I didn’t mention which school he would end up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Utah or Oregon St. where he has coached already.

Oh, okay… :-/~ If he leaves in 5 years it will be because he has an opportunity to coach and earn 5 million a year somewhere else. Burnout??? Doesn’t make any sense or reason…

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I think he is where he wants to be. He’s a long term coach who is a much better recruiter than Bronco. He will get those 5 star LDS athletes to start looking at BYU more seriously. Along with Detmer and other it’s already happening. Bronco got some 4 and 5 stars but most were 2 and 3 stars. I think the current staff will get even more out of 3 star athletes than Bronco did. I’m not worried about it.

As far as Detmer’s learning curve, I think he’s ready right now to make good decisions and corrections during games. The offense will surprise people this first year. Sit back and watch and enjoy!!!

grasshopper - that mentality is not helpful for the Detmer era. People are going to get their hopes up and then be disappointed if it is just an average offense for his first year (which isn’t a bad thing for a new college coach). Everyone needs to say “We’ll have a 6-6 year with these new coaches” and then be pleasantly surprised when they do better than expected. IMO

Maybe I’m different than most fans, but I don’t get so concerned about the record of the team (wins and losses) as I do about how well the team is playing and whether they are competitive. To me that is a true barometer of how they are playing. The 31-0 loss at Michigan was more than just a loss. There are teams with 10-2 records out there that just aren’t that good…

Does that make sense? I would rather have a 7-5 team that plays hard and competes every time they step on the field than a 10-2 team that doesn’t.

Just my opinion…

And I think that is what you’ll get with Sitake. A competitive team. Maybe not one that will give you 10 wins in the first couple years. I’m just imagining Cougarboard in November when the team is 6-6 and they’re beating up on coaches and players for not winning…

Sorry but I’m not a glass half empty guy. If you are more power to me :slight_smile:

Kalani Sitake is getting some top notch recruits because he respects them and what they can do for the program.
Bronco really did not like recruits with more than 3 stars. He would rather develop a no star player into a 3 star player than have to deal with the 4-5 star players.

Sitake will get the maximum out of his 4-5 star player, (if he gets any 5 star players),
to their maximum potential and BYU will reap the rewards of that. Bronco would not take the time and effort to develop the 4-5 star players and they eventually transferred out as damaged goods that could not excel anywhere after their failure under Bronco.

Jim, You said correctly, that which I too was thinking. Detmer spent most of his 14 years in the NFL coaching the greatest NFL QB’s in the NFL. If he was not great with his coaching, he would not stayed in the NFL for 14 years.
His knowledge and ability is among the best in the history of the NFL. His size and weight, kept him more as a coach than a player. His Dad was a very successful high school coach. He, himself, was a very successful high school coach. We are very, very, very lucky to have Ty Detmer. I am not at all worried about his learning curve.

I feel so blessed to get Ben Cahoon back after being fired by Bronco after Ben’s second year. Bronco did not like anyone better than he was as a player. That, for 11 years, put much limitation on what our team could accomplish.

I was never impressed with Bronco’s 11 winning seasons and 11 bowl games. Any coach that is independent, can schedule 6 teams per season that are ranked an average of 100 out of 128 teams to guarantee themselves a winning season and a bowl game. I don’t see that as an honest thing for a coach to do, I see it more as a resumé building
opportunity. Good luck Va.


As much as I want to believe your words, I’m trying to play the content fan. I think leveling expectations (at least the first year) is healthy for BYU. Brandon Doman can tell you more about zealous fans with unrealistic expectations right out of the gate.

Are you suggesting Doman is in the same league with Detmer? I think Detmer’s resume was laid out clearly that Doman is no Detmer.

And there’s the “Some people can play, but can’t coach” view as well. There is a possibility that Doman COULD have been a better coach than Detmer. Time will tell though.

Apparently you aren’t reading what people are writing about Detmer. He basically coached NFL QBs and has been a successful high school coach. Doman had no coaching experience.

I did not find the negative toned article or follow up comments to be interesting or beneficial…well to be truthful, I didn’t even think the responses were honest. Trying to play the contented fan by proactively heaping negativity on one’s team/coaches so one can bring expectations down and level them? Frankly, not even sure such comments are those of a BYU fan. If a Utah fan wrote them then I would understand because I see similar attitudes in comments by Utah fans on BYU news articles. The author probably is a BYU fan just caught up in a negative spell. President Obama has popularized the attitude of self dislike to level expectations (and results) so it is a very popular mentality today thus it is understandable how one could get caught up in it.

A fan is short for a fanatic…typically one who is enthusiastically devoted to their cause. Here is a definition off the all knowing internet:

“A fan, or fanatic, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band, a sports team, a genre, a book, a movie or an entertainer.”

My opinion is we have some fantastic talent and great football minds in football coaching positions today. They need to learn to work together, with the players, and build a team that maximizes the available talent to overcome their foes who are working very hard to do the same and be victorious. I am happy with the coaching staff. I’ll be more happy if they produce results. Prior to seeing their performance, I feel no need to predict their departure or demise. I will certainly comment on performance once there is some. Ok, well their recruiting performance appears outstanding so far thus I feel no need to knock them down to level expectations. I am more content being happy with their successes so far. I am unaware of any failures to date.

If coaches get wooed away by bigger salaries, then more power to them. They must have done something right to get the opportunity to be paid more for their services.

HAHA! Let’s blame it on Obama.

Grasshopper, Two of worst offensive coaches, coached at byu. And guess who they were and one followed the other.

He’s not grasshopper :slight_smile:

20 years or so from now, maybe less… you will be amazed at the number of things going on that can be traced back to this particular president and his failed policies and bad decisions.

Wait and see or prepare for it now…