Predictions at West Virginia?

The BYU offense has successfully killed my optimism. I’m still convinced that Rex and Roberts are NFL prospects, but neither has been a significant part of the game plan. Dallin Holker looks like a genius. Our running game sucks but we keep trying to run. I read articles about “progress” last week and “impact” of having Robbins back. He ran for 3.3ypc. Yes that’s terrible. Slovis makes a few good throws but his completion percentage has now dropped FIVE YEARS IN A ROW and I’ve gone from believing he’s a “big get” to seeing a nothingburger on the field. Just meh. So we have a QB unable to take over games, a terrible running game, and a stubborn OC who keeps trying to pound square pegs into round holes.

West Virginia runs the ball like crazy. Their QB is nothing special. Hill will have the D give a good effort but in the end our front 7 is just not very good. The run game will likely result in several long, painful to watch drives ending in points.

West Virginia 31-17. Hope I’m wrong but this offense has been pure and utter garbage.

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yeah, I’m guilty. In the previous week, Robbins gave us something to believe in. The following week, in the few minutes I watched (think it was the TCU game) Robbins ran smack into our flashback, killing the drive and any mo…

Thanks for taking over the scouting report, I have been too busy…and a little down on win prospects to post. WVU got slighted at the begining of the year when the Big 12 ranked them dead last in the league (preseason poll) So they are playing with a chip. I was out there this past week, stunning fall colors at Harper’s Ferry and Valley Forge.

I like a closer game than Texas, but the hype at the years start was just “hype”. It’s tough to bring a qb into the system for just one year and have it work out. WV 38 - BYU 24

I think our defense can keep WV from getting to 28 points. But I don’t think our offense gets us more than 20. Another loss and the cries will get louder for ARod to leave the program.

I’m going with BYU 38 WV 17
We will have a breakout game!

2020: NFL #2 Pick Zach Wilson and NFL OL Christensen opening holes for NFL 1000 yard rusher Tyler Allgeier vs…checking my notes…a JV schedule=ARod looking smart.

2021: NFL starting QB Jaren Hall and NFL 1k rusher Allgeier and NFL leading receiver Puka Nacua beating up on…checking my notes…decent schedule with #21 Pukes, #19 ASU, and always dangerous SC= ARod still looking good, but not AS good as he did the year before vs JV defenses.

2022: NFL QB Jaren Hall and Puka…wait…it’s slipping–ONE quality W (Baylor) and a mid season implosion…

2023: Possibly the worst offense in America vs B12 defenses.

My point: as the competition has risen, ARod’s offense has consistently been unable to keep up. BYU won’t fire him mid season. ARod has a great chance now that so many of us have lost faith in him. He has 4 games to prove he’s more than just a guy who can win with NFL players vs mediocre competition.

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“We will have a breakout game!”…Said General Custer on the way to Little Big Horn.

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I agree with everything you wrote!

Yep. I keep thinking the offense will have a “breakout game” But it was all on paper (the offense is better than last year, per preseason ARod). Arkansas was best game. Kansas actually second best in a loss. As one national pundit said, Byu most fraudulent 5 win team. I think that’s the right word.
Will stick with pre-season pick that this is a BYU loss. Morgantown very tough place to play. Also, reading one article, why can’t we get an OC like WVirginias’s CREATIVE!
So WV 35 BYU 13 in a rout. Dang, I hate typing that!

What did my dad used to say? “Sometimes the truth hurts, but lies always hurt more in the end, so tell the truth and live with it.”

My only goal for the rest of the season is that BYU will play well enough to make the games fun to watch. The problem is that our offense has made me want to blind myself. I think we are a 10 point dog, which is Vegas saying “BYU sucks.” Let’s see if ARod can make BYU relevant. If not they should replace him at the end of the season.

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Here’s a super good article breaking down most of Byu’s problems. Goes into detail about the o line, why we were getting beaten in most offensive positions why we are physical, even though we’re supposed to be physical and lastly rent a QB Slovis.

I had a travel trip today with one of my fishing buddies who is also pretty good BYU fan. The conversation follows, how can you possibly be dead Lasse in rushing in the country. Think about that for a moment. What do you have to do to be dead last in any competition? You have to be so utterly pathetic I mean why can’t you be like in the bottom 20%? Why dead last let that settle for a moment. I would think a lot of this has to do with coaching. look at how stellar Hills group has been on defense , in spite of all these three star recruits in spite of being new to the program in spite of being thrown into the toughest schedule in BYU history. In spite of all the zillion of safeties and DBa that I have been injured, they may be our strongest group. Think about that , I think a lot of this has to do with coaching just by Two Cents.

What? No comment about this?
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BYU will have a new starting quarterback against West Virginia, sources say

We triy to avoid the Salt Lake Tribune. Most liberal newspaper in the country. They are pretty much Utah homers, the Tribune has an entire division set up to write anti-LDS articles, having written 1 million articles against the church.

It makes sense that they will probably start Slovis and bring in Ratliff in the second because red shirts have four games they can play in without burning their eligibility. We will see if it happens one thing I don’t think makes any sense is to replace Slovis as your starter Not when we want to become bowl eligible. He has over 100 starting games under his belt and the freshman has zero D1 experience.

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Don’t think Ratliff in changes my prediction much. I could talk myself into WV 35 BYU 30 only because a running quarterback threat could possibly, big maybe, open up the run game a bit and maybe coverage on our receivers won’t be as tight. But can he pass the ball?
So 35 to 30 is my revised pick.

If we have the ball and score more on the ground then WVU won’t have the ball nearly as much and thus won’t score the same 35 points you had before.

Not sure what the connection is. This is in the sports section.

If my prior prediction was a perfect prediction, I’d agree. But I’ll stick with 35 to 30.

Even if reports are true and Retzlaff replaces Slovis, I’m sticking with 31-17 WVU. BYU just doesn’t win enough 1v1s, and as I’ve said before, if you are losing the one on ones, you can’t win the 11 on 11s.

Well, if you can’t plant and throw properly due to injuries, that would explain the strange weak throws at the beginning of games. And, the throws that were a bit off target. The question is whether Retzloff can throw well at the D1 level.

His running ability could help and increase yardage. Gives us a better chance. Is LJ ready?