Pro sports are done for me... college could be next

If you want some good information and perspective as to why I, and many others, are done with professional sports read this commentary by Jason Whitlock. I am so glad there are bright, intelligent people out there who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Whitlock is one of my favorites.

I hope you take the time to read this, educational and enlightening. Also, the online journal, Imprimis, is a great one. It is distributed by Hillsdale College in Michigan, I found it by chance, the school where my youngest son girlfriend from high school is attending college this fall. Look into it, there is a lot more to read. It will help clarify and explain a lot of what is going on today in a very eloquent, easy to understand way. Am I promoting it? Absolutely…

A very important article which I have sent to my email contacts. I will never support the Black Lives Matter movement nor anyone or any organization that cultivates it or enables it - including BYU (should that occur). I am all for black lives matter along with all lives matter.

I am done with professional sports including the reporting of professional sports.

Hiilsdale is pushed by Mark Levin as the best conservative college around. Ya, it’s hard to watch sports get involved in belittling the country, the flag, the national anthem. Everything that stopped slavery in the first place. That has given these babies a way out of their misery. Sports should be a place we can go to escape the nonsense of the world.

This is one reason why I can’t understand the politics of some members of the church. I have read several articles in Imprimis and their values are so closely aligned with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it is like they are associated with the church. I wonder what Romney is doing/thinking sometimes… not to mention Harry Reid or others.

I know we are counseled against mixing politics and religion but the two are so intertwined in today’s world I don’t know how a person cannot do that. How do you follow the Savior and a political ideology that promotes abortion, violent protesting and the BLM movement that wants to destroy the basic family unit? It makes no sense.

Actually, the Church doesn’t prohibit individuals to talk together about Church and politics. In fact, as we read the Book of Mormon, what’s going on then is going on today. What the Church doesn’t allow is campaigning from the pulpit or buildings. Like liberal churches do.

We are reading now about defending liberty and freedom in the B of M and Gadianton Robbers. Yet, members side with the Gadianton Robbers today.

Harry Reid was not active in the Church. He was supported by the gambling industry.

Mitt Romney is the victim of the deadly sin of pride and like Lucifer, Mitt has the look and the charm but pride effects judgement. Trump has a thousand flaws but his commitment to America is unfaltering. Just reflect on the impeachment vote where Mitt saw things differently than all other Republican senators including four Mormons.

Reid, at one time, was a Stake President in DC. He then obviously fell as some do. Especially when he stayed affiliated with a Party that was falling into wickedness contrary to the Plan of Salvation. He should have gotten out but like many, think they can straighten out the devil and make him repent.

Black people have been given more from the federal government and the liberal television and radio media than any people in the USA since the 1960’s. The Black Lives Matter is a sham promoted by liberal media and the U.S. government at the expense of other races in our society.

Right on Blue in Provo.

Mitt is a Benedict Arnold. We hate him in here in Utah. I know that Orren Hatch hand picked him as a replacement but I have first hand info that Hatch is extremely unhappy with Mitt and what he has done to Utah and the nation (Orren’s sister is a good friend of mine)

Another scumbag we need to rid Utah of is Ben McAdams. He is a Pelosi Tool

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McAdams is a real tool, alright.

President Nelson is 96. When he passes on, do we need another President Benson who emphasizes the horrors of socialism and communism? Would that help people in Utah vote against commie tools?

Besides you posts being highly offensive coming from someone who lives in a state that produced Pelosi, Boxer, Harris, Watters… I don’t think you have much room to talk about who votes for who.

Next President in Line??? Dallin H. Oaks - Who is a Constitutional lawyer, former State Supreme Court Justice.

Why is it highly offensive? President Nelson hasn’t said squat about the political drive of Democrats to implement socialism and communism. President Benson and others did. Is it time for another reminder that neither is anything like the United Order and we should not be playing with the devil?

Barrack Communist Obama said he was a Constitutional lawyer too. What does that have to do with speaking out about Gadianton Robbers?

McAdams is weak and pathetic. I expect Burgess Owens to chew him up in any debate.

Are you know the one that always spout how we are suppose to go by the constitution?

Elder Oakes is as close to Benson political beliefs as you are going to get in the 12.

They aren’t all of the same political parties. I’m sure they don’t think communism is a good way to be for a country either. But socialism? Not sure. They don’t seem to care about our country’s sovereignty laws when it comes to illegal immigration. Does it? I haven’t heard peep about that nor about socialism/communism. Meanwhile, the flock is diminishing and so are the funds. I’m interested in what the theme will be for General Conference. Freedom of religion is diminished. Freedom of speech is about gone. If you are a Republican and disagree with BLM and Antifa you are a racist and can’t eat out at a restaurant without being attacked. Just saying communism and fascism are now alive in the U.S. Gadianton Robbers!

What’s the point of this comment? Actually I’m not interested in your point but I would suggest you watch your step. Don’t get so caught up in the politics of what is going on in our society and world (or what you think is going on) rather spend more time focusing on your faith and beliefs regarding your testimony. One of those points is recognizing that we have a living prophet on the earth who is the spokesperson for the Lord. Listen to what he has to say and try and follow his counsel and direction. You won’t worry so much about political crap if you do.

I am calling you out because you need it once in awhile and because you know what I am saying is true.

We are reading in our Come Follow Me about the Gadianton Robbers. This is relevant today and the prophets then spoke up against them. Why not now? General Conference should be interesting. I like what BYU did and made up the shirts “Love one another.”