Puca Nacua's legend grows

I can’t think of many players that have come into the NFL outside of a RB or QB that have influenced a team more then Puca Nacua
Los Angeles Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts highlights | Week 4 (nfl.com)

He sure looks like he bulked up a extra 30 lbs to play at the next level

Cooper Cupp comes back next week. Hope he’s earned to be the other starter.
There’s been a few that have been real good.

(6) NFL Rookie Watch on X: “Puka Nacua may have just put together the BEST game a WR has had this season: • 10 targets • 9 receptions (led team) • 163 receiving yards (led team) • 1 receiving TD (game-winner) • 18.1 yards/reception Nacua currently has the most receptions in the ENTIRE league. And… https://t.co/2meht8DbMW” / X (twitter.com)

And they went away from him like the last game. Cupp is back next week. Not sure if he can succeed as a wide receiver.

Wilson has improved tonight. Throwing some old time BYU passes against the Chiefs. 20-20 3rd quarter

Hope? Is there any question? He will still get his targets. Of course he has earned it.

Not sure if who can succeed as a wide receiver? Have you watched any of the games? He’s legitimate and the entire team and coaches know it.

Careful, Hopper is baiting again.
Media is on fire with Nacua fever. and the only cure is more Nacua

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He plays the slot receiver. That’s Cupp’s position. Haven’t you watched any of his games?

Hopper hasn’t had enough attention lately so he has laid bait out to see if anyone wants to take it and engage in a senseless argument!

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I would think Cupp has proven he is an elite receiver and the coaches will figure out a way to get them both on the field.

You may now crawl back into your hole or under the nearest rock…

I think you need to answer the question about who you aren’t sure that can succeed as a wide receiver.

In all the years I have been on Cougarfan, never once have I seen Hopper bring useful information of the site. All I ever see is Hopper disparage anyone that does not agree with him. Thawk the latest victim.

I mean, who says crap like that?

I’ve seen him run off a number of contributors because they don’t need to be insulted, so they leave. It’s just sad. So , Hopper, how about you apologize to Hawk?

So sad, so common, just how many times are these posts hijacked with petty insults.

Again, Hopper, it’s about Nacua…stick to the subject matter and leave your personal insults unsaid.

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As soon as Hawk does. He started it with his rude comments. You as well now.
All my posts are full of great incites and useful knowledge.

I think it’s pretty safe to say the leading receiver in the NFL right now can “succeed at wide receiver.” :man_facepalming:

I don’t know. This isn’t College or High School

Hopper, as a narsist, you can’t…just own it

years ago, I flamed Emery, someone said, Bailey, you are above that. I apologized, not because I felt differently about Emery but because I had offended someone. When Jim has crossed the line, I have said something and every single time he has also apologized. That is what normal people do. It is a basic principal of the gospel. Do you have the ability to do that?

Again, I would have to say that most of your posts are full of argument. You may not realize it but you tend to take the opposite view point and when y ou don’t get your way, you personalize it and that is the difference between you and a normal person.

I have a standing rule in life. There are two types of people in this world. Those who unify and those who tear down or create chaos. builders are in my circle.

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What will defenses do with Nacua and Cupp on the same field. Oh My!!!

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So, if I have an opposing view, or simply another point of view, I’m argumentative. That’s being argumentative by suggesting my view is argumentative. I rarely have different views with you. Especially in basketball. And, I often accept other’s views with additional possibilities.

So, I make a legitimate comment that in the NFL, Nacua has proven to be a good slot receiver. That doesn’t automatically mean he will be a good wide receiver. So, what does Twawk write? “Hopper hasn’t had enough attention lately so he has laid bait out to see if anyone wants to take it and engage in a senseless argument!” Then you say I’m argumentative and trying to cause an argument. How is that so?

What is wrong with debating things like can Nacua succeed at the wide receiver position because he is successful at the slot receiver? The Rams have a really good pair of fast wide receivers already. Why can others simply debate this instead of saying I’m being argumentative? Jim is at least giving reasons and examples. He could do so without argumentative snippets. But, that’s kind of what we have been doing. You now have the floor.

Oh, the irony. I think you meant “insights,” but your typo actually works.


I’m glad you got it :grin:
Sometimes we sit on our normalcy biases and refuse to think more on issues. For instance, why would we think that playing wide receiver in college would transfer automatically to the NFL? It’s possible for Nacua to do it. But, the Rams already have speedy wide receivers. Why do Fish, Thawk and Hawks get a pass for attacking me for a simple and appropriate question?
Todd Christiansen was a bruiser runningback for BYU. The Cowboys tried to use him as a RB in the NFL. Didn’t work at that level. But, the Raiders saw him as most of us saw him as a tight end. He became one of the best TE in NFL history.