Puca Nacua's legend grows

The Lambs have lost since Cupp came back. So, something needs to change. We will see how they make changes. This isn’t College.

Yeah, I think this discussion is over :slight_smile:

We need a forum for coaches. These wannabes can only rely on stats and can’t understand it’s about winning. Nacua will do well in the NFL. Rams need a RB and will trade Nacua for one.

That was funny! Who said Hopper doesn’t have a sense of humor.
Oh wait…. I think he’s serious……
I’ve never been a coach but don’t need to have been to see that that makes no sense.
Gee, having two stud receivers at the same time - each has been injury prone by the way - and trade One for a dime a dozen running back?
Yeah, put Puka on the block and ship him off and see the blowback. Coaches and organization would get roasted. Every game they lose they’d get hammered.
No real coach would do that to his career.


It was over before it started. Stats don’t lie. Throwing water on this grease fire only makes it grow.

So, living here in Southern California, I was talking with a real Ram fan about his. His take is that they wouldn’t trade Nacua for a RB. But, they really need offensive linemen and that may be something there.



You do realize that Tom was actually “a legit” coach? right?

He is not a wannabe, but rather an actual coach, who I would assume went through various clinics and meetings to learn how to coach.

You are the on the other hand being a wannabe is another story.

This is your exact quote:

That is pretty clear that you thought he could not ”make it”.

As for your thoughts about the Rams not winning, offense is only a part team being able to win a game, if you have a bad Defense that makes winning even harder.

LA’s defensive is one of the worse defenses in the NFL.

Coached high school ball for ten years. You umpired softball.

Saying “Not sure”‘isn’t saying “He can’t” in any event, Ram’s fans think they could get better lineman trading him. Not sure why you feel the right to try and silence opposing thoughts and opinions. You been hangs around too many university Leftist professors lately?

Floyd: thanks the props but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I know more than I do. My coaching career was fun. Where we live, middle school (grades 7-8) football is run by the school district, and I was the head coach, paid by the district just like a high school HC, for many years. I left my office early every day for practice then returned to work late into the night. I loved the kids and the job. I surrounded myself with great assistants, and for the last 5 years, my staff included 1 former professional player, 2 former D1 players, and 2 former D3 players. We spent countless hours teaching, breaking down film, and teaching both technique and more importantly, love for the game and for one’s teammates (I stole the FNL motto, “Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose”). I have had multiple former players on D1 scholarships, including two now, and one of my former players moved to Utah and now has MANY D1 offers (he plays for Skyridge). I think I have a pretty analytical and balanced view towards the game, but there are plenty of people who are more expert than I. For example, I always appreciate your viewpoint as a former official. BTW, I never yelled at officials–I can’t say that of all my assistants, but I CAN tell you that I NEVER EVEN ONE TIME had a player or assistant coach swear at an official. That was hard for some of my guys, but they always respected my no swearing team rule!

Part of the game never took what coaches said personally, always felt it was always done in the “heat of the moment” type thing. That is unless they made it personal, then they were rewarded with an early shower and me writing an incident report.

I can explain rules (which many of my friends like to call up and ask about), how it is applicable in one situation, but not in another. How the rulebook is one thing, but most calls are made by the “Case” book. Which is a book of a lot of situations and how the NCAA or NHSFA wants it called. Sometimes it goes along with the rulebook, others not so much.

Sometimes it even fun to inform friends of the many “Myth” rules that fans think is the rule, but not actually a rule for the level being played.

For example: Pass Interference, what is considered a “PI” in a High School game, may not be called on a Youth level game. What is called a PI in High School, may be called in the College game. What is a PI in the NFL may not be called in a college game.

Each level has their own interpretations of what the rules are and how to enforce them.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into coaching middle school football kids. There is a right way and a wrong way to coach-I appreciate the right way and I’m sure you exemplify the right way. Thanks

For Puka to thrive, he needed a good QB with whom he had good chemistry. Now that Stafford is out, his numbers aren’t nearly as good. Too bad because he was on pace for a record year.

how long is Stafford out?

I believe all year. That’s why they are bringing in a new QB. They should trade for Zac and get him out of New York cesspool.

BREAKING: Rams Sign Carson Wentz In Wake of Stafford Injury (msn.com)

Stafford should be back in a few weeks. Hopper you are just a click away from real information.

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Ya, I saw that earlier today but didn’t remember who it was. I’d like to see Zac get a chance on the West Coast. He is told to be a pocket passer and simply needs to get out of their a lot quicker.

Is Puka Nacua on pace to break these NFL rookie single-season records? - Deseret News

Too bad Stafford got hurt, Nacua was his favorite target

Cupp was hurt yesterday.

I have Puka on my fantasy football team. Neither he nor Kupp did anything noteworthy today. My opponent this week happened to have Kyren Williams on his team. Needless to say I will lose again this week. It has been that kind of year for me in fantasy football.